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Previous chapter:

"What you said before…near the fountain, did you really mean it?" Mikan asked nervously. Natsume stared at her as she closed her eyes, trying to not make eye contact with him. Natsume sighed. He stood up and walked towards her direction. Mikan thought he might do the same thing again, but in the end, he walked passed her and left from where he came from and closed the door leaving Mikan all by herself. She then went to the window and stared at the moon and suddenly, a tear dropped down from her eye to her cheek which caught Mikan of guard. Soon, more tears started to come down. Soon, Mikan started to cry, not knowing why, but she kept crying and crying. On the other side of the room, Natsume stand behind the door, slowly slide down and sat there. Then he took something out from his pocket. He lifts his arm and looked at what he took out which is a gold necklace with a golden heart key. The heart shows a beautiful ruby right at the center of the heart. Natsume stared at the necklace and then kissed the necklace gently.

-Few minutes after Mikan fell asleep-

Mikan slept soundlessly on her comfy, queen size, bed. A black figure soon showed up from the window. The black figure knocked on the window, but Mikan was dead tired to hear the knocking. The black figure sighed, teleported himself in the room, and kicked Mikan to the floor; however, she did not move at all. The black figure sigh again and used his alice on her which caused her to flinched and nullified it. She glanced at the figure, sat up, and stretched.
"Hey! Why did you kick me, Persona? I was sleeping, you know" Mikan said as she got up from the bed and walked towards Persona.

"Have you forgotten about something? You should have known today is an important day" said Persona as he walked, looking around the room. He stopped, picked up, and analysis the vase.

"Hm, your birthday?" Mikan asked, pointed her index finger on her chin while looking up. Persona twitched. He threw the vase, but of course, Mikan caught it.

"No! You have a mission and do you remember what that mission is?" Persona asked

"Uh-oh. I'm sorry, Persona! I forgot about the mission! I was so focused on the party and got tired" said Mikan while she apologized continuously.

"You were too busy thinking about the prince and you forgot about the mission" said Persona.

"I'm sorry! Uhm. Natsume, he…" Mikan started to mumbled. Persona turned around and looked at her, then raises an eyebrow.

"He what?"

"Nevermind. Shouldn't we go and save Aoi?" Mikan asked as she went to the bathroom to change.

"Once you finish changing. So hurry and change" said Persona as he gets impatient. Mikan came out wearing a black outfit with her mask on.

"This is pretty stuffy" said Mikan, stretching her outfit.

"Deal with it. Let's go before I run out of patients" said Persona as he walked towards the window.

"Okay, okay, Mr. Impatient" said Mikan, rolling her eyes. Persona looked back, glared, and went ahead followed by Mikan. They left the castle without anyone realized they were gone, or so that is what they thought. A black figure walks out from the tree's shadow, and eyed at Mikan and Persona as they continued jumping on the trees.

"What is Persona up to this time? Why is she with him?" said the figure. Before he was about to followed them, the king appeared and called him.

"Natsume, what are you doing this late at night?" the King asked, walking towards Natsume.

"Shoot" thought Natsume, he turned around and bowed at his father.

"Just having some fresh-air, father" said Natsume as he walked away. When Natsume disappeared, the king glanced at the moon.

"Sato, come out" said the king. Megumi then came out from the shadow and walked towards the king.
"Your highness" said Megumi, she bowed at the king.

"What's the analysis?" the king asked.

"It seems that Yoshinda-san and Persona are going to a mission. I believe they are trying to rescue princess Aoi" said Megumi

"Hm, I see. Yoshinda, who exactly are you…" said the king, he looked at the moon again.

-Back to Mikan and Persona-

They started jumping trees; hide away from the security, and teleported places to places.

"Persona, are we almost there?" Mikan asked as she jumped from tree trunks and then another one.

"Just a little longer", said Persona after jumping some more trees, "We're here." Both of them stop on a tree trunk and saw a factory. The factory was full of people moving around, taking boxes into the ships near the ocean.

"Mikan, use your alice to see where is an open spot for us to get in" said Persona. Mikan closed her eyes and activated her alice and scanned through the factory. While scanning around the factory, she saw a girl in a room, sitting in the corner. She realized that was Aoi. While searching for an entrance, she noticed the window. She pointed at the window.

"There! We can enter through the window using teleportation and once we get in, we can go down, and go right. She should be in there" said Mikan.

"Let's go" said Persona as Mikan teleported both of them into the building. They secretly and quickly ran towards the room, but before turning right, Persona pulled Mikan. Mikan looked at Persona with a confused face.

"Shhh, two guys around the corner" said Persona. Mikan used her x-ray vision and saw two tall, muscular, guys.

"Shoot, big tall guys. Oh, just great!" Mikan whispered. Persona took out a picture of a mid-age guy with red hairs wearing fashionable clothing. MIkan looked at the picture closely catching every detail and transformed herself like the guy in the picture.

"Tell the guys to move and get inside. Once you are in the room, get the girl, and teleport yourself out of there. I'll meet you in the room where we were in. Now go!" said Persona as they both separated from each other. Mikan turned right and then walked towards the two big guys.

"I need to get in ask her some questions relating to the palace. Move aside" said Mikan with a guy's voice then she glared at them. The two guys flinched. One of them moved aside while the other one opened the door. Once Mikan stepped inside the room, the door closed. She saw the girl Aoi, sitting on the bed locked up in a cage.

"Are you Aoi Hyuuga?" Mikan asked as her transformation disappeared. She is now wearing her black outfit with a mask. Aoi looked up to see the figure. Mikan was shocked to see her with mud and bruises on her.

"Y-Yes. Who are you?" Aoi asked while her body started shaking.

"Do not be scared. I am here to save you" said Mikan as she revealed her face a little and smiled. Once Aoi saw her smile, she had a feeling she is one of the good guys.

"Please, save me" Aoi whispered as she teared up.

"Come here and hold my hand. Quickly! The guy will come back any minute now" said Mikan as she walked towards the cage.

-The other side of the door-

The two guys were still guarding the door when suddenly, Rio showed up. The guys looked confused and then looked at each other.

"Well? What are you looking at? Open the door" said Rio, looking impatient.

"But, sir, we just saw you walked in there not so long ago. You haven't come out yet" said one of the guy.

"What are you talking about? I was in my office the whole day" said Rio. The guys looked at each other and tried to open the door. But the guy dropped the key.

"You idiot" said the guy and smacked the other guy on the back of his head. Then he broke the door and saw Mikan with her mask on, holding hand with Aoi.

"Hey! Imposter, stop!" said the guy as both of them ran towards the two girls, but were too late. Before they were able to reach them, Mikan teleported both of them in the room Persona and Mikan was.

"You idiot! You lost them!" said the guy.

"Me? You were the one that was not quick enough!" Soon they started pushing each other. Rio got annoyed and used his alice.

"Stop!" Rio shouted at them. Soon, they both stopped pushing each other.

"Instead of acting like kids, act your age", said Rio, "Now, let's see who that imposter was. Let's go check in the security room. Luckily there is camera in here. Let's go." Rio left with the guys following him.

-Back to Mikan-

Persona looked at his watch and started jumping tree trunks to tree trunks. Then a figure showed up.

"Hey! You could have at least waited for me" said Mikan, carrying Aoi on her back.

"Well, I knew you were coming so why not go ahead" Persona said casually.

"Thanks…" Mikan said with sarcasm.

"No problem, let's hurry before they might catch up" said Persona.

"Hai!" said Mikan as they speed up their pace. After a long journey, from jumping trees, they made it safely to the castle in Mikan's assign room. Mikan sat on the chair and took her mask off.

"I'm going to take Aoi back to their parents" said Persona as Mikan nodded. Mikan looked at Aoi and smiled.

"Aoi, do not tell anyone who save you and who I am, okay?" Mikan asked Aoi as she patted her head

"Hai, Onee-chan!" said Aoi as she gave Mikan a smiled. Persona walked towards the window with Aoi. Before they were about to leave, Aoi waved good-bye to Mikan. Mikan waved good-bye before Aoi and Persona's figure disappeared.

"I wonder what her parents' expressions will look like" said Mikan, smiling. She looked out at the moon, closed the windows, and went to back to sleep.

-Next morning in the dining room-

"Good morning, everyone! Eh? Where is everyone?" Koko asked himself as he rushed inside the room, but found no one there. Then Anna, Nekome, and Nonoko walked inside the room. Koko turned around and smiled.

"Good morning, everyone!" said Koko, smiling.

"Oh, good morning, Koko" Anna smiled which made Koko blushed. Nekome nudged Koko and smirked. Koko gave Nekome a glare. Then the princes and princess came in.

"Good morning everyone" said Ren. The two girls' awed at him while the two boys and Ran glared. Ren noticed this and sweat dropped.

"Good morning Natsume" Hanako smiled at Natsume, but he ignored her and sat down on the chair. Hanako walked and sat next to Natsume. Everyone sat down waiting for the foods; however, the foods are not being served to them.
"Why are they not serving us food? I'm starving" said Koko bluntly.

"In this castle, everyone must be present before we serve the foods" said Megumi

"Who is not here?" Nekome asked. Everyone looked around except for Natsume and Hotaru.

"That baka" Hotaru whispered.

"Oh, Mikan is not here" said Anna

"You're right. Should we get her?" Nonoko asked, but Ren got up and started walking towards the door.

"Hey Ren, where are you going?" Ran asked

"Waking the princess up" Ren turned around and smiled then walked away.

"Ren! We can ask the maids to do it. Ren!" Ran shouted, but Ren was already gone. Ran gripped her hand with frustration.

"Oh, does Ren still like Mikan?" Nonoko whispered to Anna

"Who knows, just maybe" said Anna. Ran glared at them which made them shrieked and silent themselves. Hanako glanced at Natsume to see if he cared, but only saw his eyes closed as if he is sleeping.

-Back to Mikan-

Knock, Knock


Knock, Knock, Knock

"…" Mikan moved to the left.

Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock

"Hmmm" Mikan covered the blanket over her head.

Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock!

"Urgh!" Mikan got off the bed, slowly walked towards and opened the door. The person that knocked on the door was Ren.

"Good morni- ugh? Mikan imouto?" Ren looked at Mikan's zombie-face.

"Oh, is that you Oni-chan? I could not recognize you. Heh…" said Mikan, rubbing her eyes.

"Uhm, Mikan imouto, have you been sleeping well?" Ren asked.

"Huh? Why do you say that, Oni-chan" Mikan asked

"Because of your dark circles and eye bags, not to mention your gloomy aura" Ren sweated dropped while looking at Mikan.

"Ugh…you can say that" said Mikan, not wanting to tell Ren what happened last night.

"You should sleep early, Mikan imouto" said Ren, then he patted on Mikan's head

"Thank you, Oni-chan! I will. By the way, why are you here? Not to be rude, but do you need something?" Mikan asked

"Oh, right! Everyone is in the dining room waiting you. They can't eat unless everyone is present. You should get ready" said Ren.

"Okay! Uhm, Oni-chan, can you wait for me? I think if I am to walk to the dining room, I think might get lost" said Mikan, sweat dropped. Ren smiled at her then patted her head again

"Okay, I'll wait for you" said Ren.

"Thank you, Oni-chan! I promise I won't take that long" said Mikan as she ran towards the bathroom, brushed her teeth, took a quick shower, put on her uniform, and tied her hair in a pony tail.

"Sorry to keep you waiting Ren! Let's go eat! I'm starving" said Mikan, she grabbed Ren's wrist which made him blushed and started running.

-In the dining room-

"Ugh, what's taking Ren so long? I'm starving" said Koko while laid his chin on the table.

"Koko, be patient" said Anna. Koko sighed while holding his stomach to prevent it from growling.

"I'm so hungry!" Nekome cried.

"Nekome, you too should be patient!" said Nonoko. Nekome sighed. Hotaru sat on her chair silently. Natsume looked outside the window, placed his elbow on the table, and laid his cheek on his palm. The door opened, everyone turned around and saw Ren with Mikan.

"Sorry everyone! I kind of overslept. Heh" said Mikan, placed her hand behind her head.

"Next time be on schedule" said Ran while glaring at her. Mikan sense her glare and looked down.

"It's okay as long as she's here then its fine" said Hanako. Mikan looked at Hanako who smiled. Mikan gave her a smiled and then walked towards the empty seat next to Anna and sat down. Megumi and Hayato walked inside the room with other maids who are carrying dishes with foods. The maids placed the foods in front of them while butlers bring in drinks. Most of the people awed at the foods, ready to attack them. Everyone started eating and had a smile on their face because of how delicious the foods are.

"Hmm, this is delicious" said Koko; he took a bite on his omelet.

"Yum!" said Mikan as she continued eating. While everyone continued to eat, the door opened. A little 5 year old year, wearing the uniform, ran towards Natsume and hugged him. Everyone was shocked, even Natsume.

"A-Aoi?" Natsume stuttered

"Oni-chan!" said Aoi as she continued to hug her big brother.

"Sorry prince Natsume, she got too excited and ran here" said Aoi's maid.

"Aoi how did you…?" Natsume looked at Aoi with a confused expression. Aoi smiled at her brother.

"I'll explained later" said Aoi, she turned around and looked at everyone then smiled.

"Hello, my name is Aoi Hyuuga. I'm the princess of the fire kingdom. Nice to meet you" Aoi introduced herself to everyone.

"Ohh! She is Natsume's little sister?" Nonoko asked

"I didn't even know he has a little sister" said Anna. Everyone introduced themselves to Aoi except for the princes and princesses since they already know her. Then suddenly, Youchi walked inside the room.

"Aoi, you should not have ran inside like that" said Youchi

"Sorry Oni-chan, but I got too excited that I couldn't wait" said Aoi, still hugging Natsume. Youchi sighed, looked around, and saw Mikan.

"Onee-chan!" said Youchi as he ran towards Mikan and hugged her.

"Hi Youchi" said Mikan, hugging Youchi back. When Aoi saw Mikan, she smiled and went towards her. Natsume looked at them and raised an eye brow.

"Mikan Yoshinda, right?" Aoi asked

"Yes, princess Aoi?" said Mikan. Aoi looked and down at her. She then looked at her face which made Mikan blinked. Aoi then smiled and hugged her.

"I like you. Can you be my Onee-chan?" Aoi asked, then grabbed bother of Mikan's wrist.

"Okay!" said Mikan, smiling.

"Yay! You're the best!" said Aoi, and then she hugged Mikan as she hugged back. When they depart, Aoi winked at Mikan which made her giggled.

"Aoi, do you know that old hag?" Natsume asked which made Mikan vein popped

"Old hag? If you're saying I am an old hag, what are you?" Mikan asked with anger

"A better person than you that's for sure" said Natsume as he smirked. Ran then giggled, but tried not to laugh too loud. Ren then glared at her.

"Oni-chan! Be nice to Onee-chan" said Aoi, pouting. Natsume didn't say anything while Mikan looked away. Everyone sweat dropped and sighed.

After eating, everyone started chatting. Then suddenly, Koko thought of something. Koko smirked

"Hey everyone! Let's go the beach!" said Koko bluntly.

"Oh! The beach sounds nice" said Anna

"Natsume, doesn't your parents have their own island around here?" Ruka asked

"Yeah" said Natsume

"Oh! An own island? Let's go!" said Koko

"I agree, it is pretty warm and I don't mind getting some fresh air. What do you think guys?" Ren asked

"If we go to the beach, I might kiss Natsume and he can be all mine" Hanako thought, smiling.

"If Ren goes, then I'll go too!" said Ran

"Beach! Let's go! Wait, what about you Hotaru, Ruka-pyon?" Mikan asked

"I don't mind if Imai is going" said Ruka while blushing. Hotaru took a picture and smirked. Ruka gasped with his mouth opened.


"Making extra money" said Hotaru

-Twitch, Twitch-

"Imai! You're a princess! You have money, why bother taking pictures of me and selling them!" said Ruka with embarrassment.

"This is business Nogi, so back off" said Hotaru

-Twitch, Twitch, Twitch-

"Imai!" Ruka shouted

"Ruka! Stop flirting with my lover!" Raikou shouted, gripping his fist

-Baka, baka, baka-

"Hotaru-chan!" Raikou cried, having big bumps on his head

-Baka, baka, baka-

"Don't call me that ever again. If you ever call me like that, I'm going to use my latest weapon on you which you never wish to see" said Hotaru glaring at Raikou with her deathly glared which cheeped most of them.

"Anyways, I'll go if there are sea foods" said Hotaru, changing the subject.

"Oni-chan! Can I go?" Aoi and Youchi asked

"No, mother and father will not allow this" said Natsume. When both sibling heard this, they gave him sad puppy faces.

"But…" both siblings started tearing. Natsume sighed

"Fine, but your maids are tagging along" said Natsume as both of the young sibling cheered and hugged Natsume

"Thank you, Oni-chan!" said both of them. Natsume slightly smiled. Everyone did not notice except for Mikan.

"Awh, that's a rare sight" thought Mikan. Natsume looked up and saw Mikan looking at him. Their eyes met which made Mikan blushed. She looked away, trying to avoid eye-contact.

"So then, is everyone going?" Ren asked. Everyone agreed that all of them are willing to go. Natsume sighed

"Hayato, can you get a limo bus the jet ready for us?" Natsume asked

"Yes, princes Natsume" said Hayato as he walked outside the room. Everyone became excited and started talking about the beach event.

"Wait, but I don't have a bikini" said Mikan with a sad face

"Don't worry Onee-chan, we can go buy some" said Aoi, smiling

"Yeah Mikan, I need to get a bikini too" said Anna

"Same here" said Nonoko

"Okay!" said Mikan, smiling at them

"I guess it can't be helped. I guess all of us are going shopping. Let's meet downstairs at the lobby" said Ruka

"All right! Let's go shopping!" said Anna

"Yeah!" said the four girls

"Oni-chan, let's go shopping!" said Aoi as she ran towards Natsume, pulling his wrist.

"Oi, Aoi" said Natsume as he was being dragged outside the room

"Onee-chan, you too!" said Aoi, dragging Mikan as well. Youchi followed them leaving the group. Hanako glared at Mikan while Ren sighed. Aoi smiled holding hands with Natsume, Mikan, and Youchi. Natsume next to Youchi while Aoi next to Mikan. Both of them walk Mikan and Natsume's room. When they reached to their room, Aoi and Youchi said bye to them and gave both of them a hug before they left. Mikan watched them disappeared and walked inside the room. Natsume looked at Mikan and then went inside his room.

-In the lobby-

Everyone is presented this time. The limo bus arrived, everyone got inside. The bus driver took them to the Central Town and dropped them off. The girls and guys left to do their own things. Natsume went to the sakura tree and took a nap. Mikan, Hotaru, Anna, Nonoko, and Aoi went to the bikini store to find themselves a bikini. Hanako and Ran went to a famous brand store looking for their new bikini. On the other hand, the guys were messing around, talking and hanging out.

-Inside the bikini store-

"Wah! Kawaii!" said Anna as she saw a pink and white stripes bikini

"Look Anna! There's a blue stripes one, too! We can match!" said Nonoko as she took the blue and white stripes bikini

"Yay! Twins!" said Anna and Nonoko as they cheered while the other girls sweat dropped. Aoi looked around with Mikan and Hotaru. Aoi suddenly saw a yellow daisy one-piece. She grabbed it and looked at Mikan

"Onee-chan! Look! Do you think this will look nice on me?" Aoi asked.

"Yup! Why don't you try it on?" Mikan asked

"Hai!" said Aoi as she went inside the changing room. Mikan and Hotaru looked around some more. Hotaru was able to find a plain dark-grey purple bikini. While Mikan, on the other hand could not find one. None of them suits her taste or at least could not catch her eyes. Everyone was able to find their bikini except for Mikan.

"Onee-chan, let's check over there, maybe we can find something inside there" said Aoi who is pointing at this clothing store. Aoi dragged Mikan to the shop, following with the girls. Then Natsume happened to be walking by the store and saw them. Natsume decided to follow them and checked out inside. When they went inside, it was amazing. The store was very modern-like and fashionable. Mikan awed at the interior design and looked around as well as the other girls.

"EH? 20,000 yen for a scarf!" said Anna

"This place is expensive" said Nonoko

"Onee-chan, I'll pay for you, after all…" Aoi came closer to Mikan ear and whispered, "…you did save me life." Natsume wanted to listen to what they are hurry; however, they are too far for him to hear their conversation.

"Just when I need Koko, he's not here. Hmm, I wonder why Aoi is so nice to her when they barely even meet each other" thought Natsume, starting thinking. Then suddenly, something appeared

"Wait, last night, Persona was in the castle with her, could it be that they saved her?" Natsume asked himself while staring at them.

"But, Aoi, it's okay! You don't have to. Plus, I feel bad" said Mikan, feeling guilty. Aoi pouted

"But Onee-chan, please?" said Aoi with a puppy-face. When Aoi uses her puppy-face, it's irresistible. Mikan sighed and nodded which made Aoi cheered. Mikan was dragged around the store, trying out the bikini, but none of them caught her attention.

"Mikan! Nonoko, Hotaru, and I are going to a snack shop to get food, we'll see you there, okay?" Anna asked

"Hai! See you guys!" said Mikan waving good-bye to them.

Mikan looked around some more and saw something that caught her attention. The bikini is light pink two pieces with a bow in between the breasts, and then on the bottom part has one bow on each side. Aoi looked around to find Mikan, she paused and saw her looking at a two pieces bikini. She smiled and walked towards her.

"Onee-chan, do you like this piece?" Aoi asked. Mikan didn't say anything, meaning she doesn't like it. Aoi smiled, asked her what size she is, and grabbed the piece and her to the fitting room. Natsume continues to eye on them. Aoi waited outside, with Natsume in the men section waiting for her to come out.

"What am I doing? It's as if I am stalking them. I should probably…" Aoi caught him off-guard and tugged his shirt.

"Oni-chan, what are you doing?" Aoi asked

"Nothing particular, just looking around" said Natsume looking through the clothes. Aoi looked at Natsume, and then smirked

"You were spying on us, huh?" Aoi asked

"Shit…" thought Natsume, trying to think of something quick

"Tch, I didn't even know you guys were here" Natsume lied

"Liar! You like her" said Aoi smiling at her brother

"Yeah right, why would I like that baka" said Natsume

"Who are you calling a baka" said Mikan as she stepped outside the fitting room.

"Onee-chan! You have a nice body! Especially up there" said Aoi, staring at Mikan. Mikan stands there, tried to cover up, and felt uncomfortable especially when Natsume is right there.

"Hmm, her body has grown nicely compare the time I last saw it" thought Natsume while smirking.

"What are you smirking at?" Mikan asked, glaring at him

"Nothing, it is just that you haven't grown at all, small size" said Natsume which ticked Mikan off

"Why you perverted bastard!" said Mikan, all fired up

"Oni-chan, stop being so mean to my Onee-chan! Anyways, Onee-chan, you should get it!" said Aoi, smiling

"If Aoi likes it, I guess I'll get it" said Mikan

"Despite on how much it shows my chest" thought Mikan, crying inside.

"Yay!" said Aoi. Mikan went back inside to change back to her old clothes. When Mikan stepped outside, she hand the bikini to Aoi, but before it landed on Aoi's hand, Natsume grabbed the bikini and went towards the cashier. Aoi and Mikan became shocked.

"Oni-chan! I'm paying it for Onee-chan!" said Aoi, whiling pouting

"It's okay, she is my partner, so I guess I'll pay for her" said Natsume as he got his card back

"Natsume…" said Mikan. Natsume handed the bag to Mikan. Mikan just stood there, silent.

"Why did he pay for me? Usually he's not like this…" thought Mikan as she spaced out.

"What? No thanks?" said Natsume, staring her. Mikan snapped and looked at him and then the bag

"Thank you" said Mikan

"Hm, let's go. They're all waiting" said Natsume, headed towards the door following with Aoi and Mikan. They walked towards the limo bus where they were dropped off. Everyone was there and waiting for them.

"What took you guys so long?" Koko asked

"Oni-chan bought Onee-chan something" said Aoi, smiling. Everyone's eyes widened

"Wah? Natsume, you actually bought something for Mikan? That's a shocked" said Koko

"Seriously? Natsume? Buying things for a girl? Ohh" said Ren, making fun of Natsume.

"If you guys don't shut that mouth of yours, I'm going to burn you two" said Natsume, giving Koko and Ren a death glare which made Koko backed away while covering his mouth and Ren just stood there with big eyes.

"Mikan! I want to see!" said Anna as she walked towards her and see what's in the bag.

"Oh! That's really cute!" said Nonoko

"Expensive too" said Anna as she glanced at the price. Everyone went around the two, except for Hanako and Ran. Hanako gripped her bag with anger. Ran looked at the bag where Hanako gripped and then at her.

"Hanako?" Ran called her

"Mikan, why? Why is it that you always get his attention?" thought Hanako

"Let's go inside Ran" said Hanako as both of them went inside the limo

"All right! Let's go everyone! It's BEACH TIME!" Koko shouted with Nekome as most of them cheered as well.

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Sneak Peak:

"Ran, use your water alice to create a wave around Aoi" said Hanako.

"It will be my pleasure" said Ran, using her water alice to create a wave surrounding Aoi.

"Huh? What's going on? Hey! HELP!" Aoi shouted for help as the wave crashed into her.

"Someone! Help me!" Aoi shouted again, hoping someone heard her. Mikan sensed something, she turned around and she saw waves crashing at Aoi.

"Aoi!" Mikan shouted, ran towards the water and started swimming.

"Help! HELP!" Aoi continued to shout. Mikan continued to swim towards Aoi, but Aoi is running out of oxygen and started drowning.

"AOI!" Mikan shouted when she arrived at where Aoi was at. She dived in the water, and swam towards Aoi reaching for her. She grabbed her and swam towards the dry land. When they landed, Mikan checked her heart pulse and gave her CPR. After a couple of times, Aoi coughed out water and opened her eyes. Mikan hugged her while Aoi hugged her back and cried.

"Onee-chan!" Aoi cried.

"Got you, Yoshinda" said Ran as she used her alice to make a bigger wave than before and aimed it towards Mikan. Mikan sensed something strong behind her, she pushed Aoi away from her. Everyone arrived and their eyes widened at the waves. Before Mikan ran away, it was too late. The waves swallowed her. Aoi eyes widen especially Natsume.

"MIKAN!" Natsume shouted

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