Title: Dangerous Miracles (Pt 1 of ?)
Author: Lindyrb
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Mick/Beth
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: CBS owns Moonlight. They've got all the neat stuff (like Alex's phone number...)

Finally! Here's the third part of my trilogy. If you haven't read Moonlight To Dawn and Blood Feud, I'd recommend it since certain characters and situations are introduced in those stories first. This story picks up immediately following the end of Blood Feud and YES, it includes Mick and Beth's wedding (sheesh…thought I was going to get staked for not including that last time!). Enjoy!

Part 1:

Beth sighed with relief as she slid into a booth at The Daily Grill. Quickly ordering a cheeseburger and fries, she checked to be sure she had a clear view of the front door then relaxed and peeked at her watch. 6:50. Mick was due to meet her for a quick dinner before she headed over to Northridge to cover a political rally and he went out to Pasadena to check out a suspicious arson site. Just a typical day for them.

She played with the ring on her left hand and smiled. As with everything else, Mick had gone overboard, but for once she hadn't complained. The square cut 1 ½ carat diamond was set in a wide platinum band flanked with baguettes on either side and accented with a small flawless emerald (her birthstone) nestled on either side of the main stone. Her girlfriends had nearly fainted the first time they'd seen it and she'd grinned at Steve's jokes about the blinding glare reflecting at the camera. Her mother, on the other hand had just smiled and complimented Mick on his good taste – then made sure the ring was clearly showing in their engagement photos. That and described it in great detail to each and every one of her friends.

Well, in 24 days, all the chaos would be over and she and Mick would finally be Mr. and Mrs. Michael Patrick St. John officially, legally, and in the eyes of the Church. The dress had been fitted, the flowers ordered and the reception planned to the last detail.

Beth had spent weeks trying to decide on a location for the wedding. Outdoors was too risky since a number of vampires would be attending. But Beth hadn't been a regular member of any congregation in years. It wasn't until one day when she and Mick were driving through Santa Monica that she found the perfect solution.

Mick turned west on California Street, heading through one of Santa Monica's older sections. "I haven't been thru this neighborhood in years," he smiled.


"Yeah. This is the neighborhood we lived in when I was a kid," he explained. "The house we lived in is gone, but some things have stayed the same." Pointing to a large church on their right, he smiled. "That's St. Monica's. That was our church. I was confirmed there – I was even an altar boy for a while."

"Wow," exclaimed Beth. "It looks familiar for some reason."

Mick nodded. "It's been used for a lot of movies. I remember when they were filming "Going My Way" with Bing Crosby. I got to be one of the extras in a couple scenes."

Beth was quiet as she watched Mick's face soften as he remembered his childhood.



"Do you think we could get permission to be married there?"

One day and one phone call later, the St. John – Turner wedding was booked at St. Monica's Catholic Church. Alexander had assured them he'd handle not only permission to use the church, but even knew a highly revered vamp-friendly priest who would be glad to perform the ceremony. Reluctant to push someone else out of their already-booked time, Beth had enthusiastically suggested a romantic, candlelit evening ceremony to be followed at Josef's home (at his insistence) by an exuberant reception.

So…Stunning ring, check. Breathtaking dress, check. Flowers, food, and reception details taken care of courtesy of one Josef Konstan, check. And the perfect church, check. Beth smiled and took a sip of water. Life was very good, indeed.

Mick wove his way through the crowds milling along the Universal CityWalk towards the restaurant where Beth was waiting. The May evening was unseasonably warm, even with Mick staying in the lengthening shadows of the tall storefronts lining the promenade. A group of giggling teenage girls jostled him as they hurried by, paying scant attention to anything other than their conversation. Two small boys nearly collided with him as they darted among the groups of patrons and Mick sidestepped to avoid getting run over by a wheelchair coming around a corner. Now within sight of The Daily Grill, Mick found himself boxed in by families and groups squeezing by a hotdog vendor's cart. One woman murmured an apology as she stepped on his foot while another person elbowed him and Mick felt a sharp jab from something in the arms of a couple laden down with packages .

Rubbing his arm where the package had jabbed him, he finally reached the restaurant and gratefully plopped down across from his fiancée. Shedding his coat, he pushed up the sleeves of his Henley and grinned at the beautiful blonde.

"Am I late?"

Beth smiled and shook her head. "No, you're right on time, but I didn't think you'd mind if I went ahead and ordered."

"That's fine with me," Mick smiled, rubbing his arm, "although I was nearly trampled and poked to death getting here."

Beth wrinkled her forehead. "What happened?"

He shrugged. "Nothing much. Just a lot of people in a fairly small area with elbows and packages." He leaned back against his seat. "It's really warm out tonight."

"You ate before you came, didn't you?"

"Yeah, but it's got to be over 80 out there this evening."

Beth nodded and took a bite of her dill pickle. "Good thing you just finished…'cooling off'…before coming here," she said with a smile.

"So what's so exciting about this political rally that BuzzWire wants its star reporter to cover it?"

An enthusiastic Beth launched into an explanation of the angle she was pursuing about this candidate. Mick watched, loving the energy and drive that both made her a good reporter and made her the woman he loved.

Suddenly, Beth stopped speaking and stared at Mick, a stunned look on her face.

"Beth? What's wrong," asked Mick, leaning forward with concern.

Beth's eyes dropped from his face to stare at his hands, then snapped back up in shock.

"You…..you're eating my fries!"