Title: Dangerous Miracles (2 of ?)
Author: Lindyrb
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Mick/Beth
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: CBS owns Moonlight. They've got all the neat stuff (like Alex's phone number...)

From last chapter:

Suddenly, Beth stopped speaking and stared at Mick, a stunned look on her face.

"Beth? What's wrong," asked Mick, leaning forward with concern.

Beth's eyes dropped from his face to stare at his hands, then snapped back up in shock.

"You…..you're eating my fries!"

Part 2:

Mick's eyes dropped to where his fingers clasps three half-eaten fries then back to Beth's wide eyed stare. Suddenly the noise and bustle around them seemed to disappear. Mick could feel the salty taste of the fries in his mouth and the warmth of the freshly prepared fries in his fingers.

"I… didn't even know I was eating them. They just…smelled good and suddenly I was hungry and…" Mick looked at Beth with a mixture of distress and grim understanding.

"In the crowd. When I was walking thru the crowd on my way here I felt sharp poke in my right arm. I just figured it was something pointed that someone was carrying."

Beth grabbed her purse and quickly fished out enough cash to cover her tab and dropped it on the table. Sliding out of her seat, she already had her phone in hand and had hit speed dial. "Hey, Steve? I'm sorry, but I've had an emergency come up. Can you call the office and see if Mark or Sherry or one of the other reporters can cover the rally tonight? Thanks."

Mick slowly stood up and grabbed his jacket. Folding it over his arm, he subconsciously rubbed the sore spot on his arm with his free hand. It was happening again. Human.

Quickly ushering Beth out of the restaurant, they headed towards the parking garage. Mick could feel the changes throughout his body, noting that the still-bright rays of the sun now warmed rather than pained him. As they wound through the crowd, he allowed himself a moment to appreciate the evening, turning his face up toward the warmth. Quickly deciding to leave Beth's car for now, they slid into the Benz. Mick headed for the nearby onramp to the 101 Freeway and after a brief discussion, decided to head for Josef's house.

Twenty minutes later, the Benz was parked in Josef's drive and Mick and Beth had headed up the stairs to where they knew Josef would still be busy conducting business. After all, the Nikkei was still open.

Josef turned and smiled, seeing the two of them, but his smile faded at the worried expressions on his friends' faces. Walking towards them, his step faltered as he looked in surprise at Mick.

"Yeah, we know," Mick said with a grim smile. "It just happened."

Josef quickly led them down to his private study, and closed the door behind them. Even as he turned around, Mick was stripping off his Henley. As Mick gave Josef a summary of what had happened, Beth quickly found the puncture wound, still red and inflamed.

Beth wrinkled her forehead and looked from Mick to Josef and back. "Injected? I thought the cure was a botanical paste?"

"To this point," Josef nodded, "it always has been. Obviously someone is continuing to develop and refine it. What's even more disturbing is that someone clearly targeted you, Mick. Someone followed you, took advantage of the crowds and had the foresight to inject you with a needle large enough to pierce your duster and deliver a sufficiently large dose in less than a second."

Mick nodded, understanding the implications of what Josef was saying, but his concern was more on the Cure itself. "Josef, it happened really fast. Maybe because it was injected, but when Coraline rubbed the paste into the cut on my arm, it was nearly 15 minutes before I really felt any major warmth whatsoever, and it took more than 30 minutes for the full change. This time it was less than five and there were no warning signs, no rush of warmth or anything. I just was suddenly…eating."

"So if the Cure is now in a liquid form, how else is it different?" Beth added, "It may be more concentrated, have other components, even side effects." She turned to look at Mick. "What if somebody found a way to make it permanent?"

The three of them stood in silence for a moment. "Let's not get ahead of ourselves," Josef said quietly. "Now, there are some things we need to do." Crossing to one of the comfortable chairs, he dropped down and motioned for the others to sit.

"We need to find out not only how this compound is different, but we need to determine who gave it to you and why." He held up his hand to stop their comments. "As much as I understand your concern for Pinocchio here, Blondie, he seems to be fine for now. I've got a vamp-friendly doctor that we'll have take a look at Mick within the next day or so. But my main concerns right now have to be whom, vamp or human, is in my territory with a supply of a potentially dangerous drug, what their plans are, and why they've chosen now."

Mick looked levelly at Josef. "You know, Josef, I never asked what The Council did about DuPre and Coraline. Are they still….is it possible they could be behind this?"

Josef grimaced and shrugged. "I figured you'd ask sooner or later. DuPre was…eliminated. He had obviously gone insane and was judged to be a dangerous threat to the tribe. They really didn't have a choice. But Coraline…" Josef glanced from Mick to Beth as he spoke. "Coraline is still considered royalty. And her actions were ruled to be based on personal issues but not a threat to the tribe overall. Instead, she was permanently banned from North America and restricted to her family's estates in the Loire Valley of France. She's not even allowed travel within Europe without Council approval. Oh," Josef added, "she's also forbidden to have any contact with you or Beth either directly or via others."

"Still," Mick said, shaking his head, "I wouldn't put it past her to find a way. And DuPre's family might want some kind of revenge as well."

"Coraline would be a fool to think she could do something like this without getting caught," snorted Josef. "And DuPre's family should have figured out that any kind of revenge would just further reduce their influence within the tribe. They not only lost DuPre, but his uncle on the Council was shipped off to some Siberian outpost. It's not smart to piss off the Council," Josef added with a grin.

"However," Josef continued more seriously, "if Coraline or the DuPres are being this, the Council needs to know. Which means," he said, reaching for his secure line, "I guess we need to fill them in on the situation."

Mick grinned and shrugged. "Alexander is planning to come out for the wedding. If I'm still human, I think he'd notice."

His Excellency Alexander, Chairman of the North American Council certainly shared their concerns. Speaking to the three of them on Josef's speaker phone, he assured Josef that he would immediately check with his contacts in France as to Coraline's location and alert the Council's investigative arm as to the situation. He spoke with Mick and Beth and was reassured that Mick felt no side effects yet but that he would see a doctor soon. He signed off, telling them that he was looking forward to seeing them at their upcoming wedding, no matter whether Mick was vamp or human.

The wedding! Beth turned to Mick, "I'm supposed to meet with the caterer tomorrow morning at 10:00 to try out the different entrees and deserts! I suppose I can try to reschedule."

Josef waved his hand, dismissing her concerns. "Go ahead. No reason not to go. You can even take the groom with you. At least he'll be able to taste the samples." He jotted down a note in his Blackberry. "I'll make Mick's appointment with the doctor for 2:00PM and text you the address. The doctor's name is Dr. Ross. He's a doctor and a vamp, but his primary job is running the night shift of some biotech medical research lab out in Thousand Oaks."

Mick and Beth followed Josef back upstairs to the door. "So," Josef grinned, "Call me if anything weird happens. You know, changing into a bat or something."

Mick flipped a hand gesture to Josef as he slid into his car. Josef laughed as he closed the door then turned and strode back towards his tech center, shouting for his staff. They had a lot of work to do.

Mick turned the Benz towards their home. A quick check of his watch showed that it was just after 8:00PM and he quickly pulled into the parking lot of a grocery store. Thirty minutes later, a bemused Beth followed Mick back to the car with a shopping cart full of bags containing steak, salmon, two types of rolls, four types of cookies (including three bags of Double Stuff Oreos), two flavors of ice cream, a pack of hot dogs, a 12 pack of Foster's Lager, a variety of fruits and vegetables (Beth insisted), and a gallon of milk.

They nearly got out of the parking lot when a lit sign caught Mick's eye and demanded another stop. Ten minutes later, he was back in the car with his Large Quiznos Prime Rib Cheesesteak sandwich with everything plus double mushrooms, a bag of BBQ chips, and a large soda and finally got on their way.

When Mick wanted to drive through a KFC, though, Beth vetoed it. "Mick, we have a week's worth of groceries in the car and you have a huge sandwich too. You have to pace yourself! The last time you were human, you gained a whole pants size before you slowed down."

Mick grinned sheepishly. "I guess I am kind of overdoing it. It's just that everything looks and smells so good." He laughed and turned to Beth. "You're going to have to keep me from pigging out and losing my girlish figure."

Back at the apartment, Mick and Beth moved around the kitchen finding places for the new groceries, pausing to brush shy kisses and teasing little nips on each other as they worked. Sliding past each other, one or the other would 'accidently on purpose' press the other against the counter or frig, allowing hands and lips to roam at will.

Beth laughed as she presented her neck to Mick's insistent ministrations. "A little randy tonight, aren't you?"

"No," Mick replied, feigning innocence. "I'm Mick…who's Randy?"

"Smart ass," she snorted slapping his hands away as she reached to put the cookies on a shelf.

"Look on the bright side," Mick grinned, nibbling on Beth's ear, "I don't have to climb out of your nice warm bed to go crawl back in my freezer."

Beth appeared to consider his statement. "Well, I don't know," she said, batting her eyes, "if you're going to stay all night, we're going to have to discuss you hogging all the covers."

"I don't hog the covers!"

"Oh please!" Beth turned to look at him, laughter in her eyes. "For a guy who sleeps naked in a freezer, you certainly like to wrap yourself up in all the blankets you can steal!"

Mick stubbornly replied, "I do not!"

"Although," she continued, ignoring his outburst, "when you bury yourself under the comforter, it does make it easier to ignore you when you start to snore."

"I don't snore!" Mick waved his arms emphatically. "Some nights I don't even breathe!"

"Well, you will be tonight," she quipped, sliding her arms around his waist and feeling him melt into her embrace.

Mick chuckled and slid one hand down the back of her jeans and cupped her right cheek. "Then I guess we better make sure I'm tired enough to sleep really soundly."

Beth pressed herself against Mick's growing bulge, causing him to moan and rock against her. Reaching up, she sensuously licked his neck, drawing him toward the stairs.

"I think we can arrange that."