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Here is the conclusion to Addicted. There are two reasons for this being posted.

1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHAZ! I love ya girl, and next year we'll celebrate in person.

2. Jeff returned last night, so this felt right. Damn you for getting an awesome present from Vince...

I hope all of you like it, and thanks to all of you who reviewed :)

We managed to get Jeff into a rehab center close to home the following day. He had a few days before he started, and there was so much to do. He was trying so hard this go around—not like before when he refused to go to rehab. As if things weren't bad enough already, Jeff's house burned down a few days after his final match. We were both out at his doctor's office talking about physical therapy options for the pain management when he returned to work. Matt called us panicking—he thought we were inside and had tried to go in after us. I thought for sure Jeff was going to forego the rehab then. His dog Jack died in the house fire, and he took it pretty hard. That was his kid, and it had been a long time since I'd seen him cry that hard. He swore he was still going through with everything though—that he had to get better so he could fix things.

I drove Jeff the hour's trip to rehab and promised to write, call, and visit him when the doctors said it was okay for me to do so. Mat let me stay with him while I worked on getting what was now our house rebuilt. Matt got over the initial hurt/shock of the situation and now supported Jeff as well. I think the fire really freaked him out in more ways than one. He was back on Smackdown house shows, and it was really good for him.

It's been five weeks, and I'm sitting in the car waiting for Jeff to walk out of rehab. The doctors think he's ready to face this head-on without them now. I remember crying on the phone with him a week ago when Jeff told me he needed me to get through it all. I am suddenly aware of a rainbow-haired man walking through the front doors, and I'm jumping out of the car to get to him.

Jeff dropped his bags as soon as he saw me running towards him. I jumped into his arms and he twirled me around like we were in some kind of movie. "Jeff…" He silenced me with a long, passionate kiss as he put me down to grab his bags. "I just want to go home, Char." I smiled and nodded, figuring we would just talk later.

Matt called on the way back home and said he had some time in between shows. He's back on full show schedules now. Jeff and Matt were always really close, and I knew it would be good for them to talk and hang out. I hung up with Matt and told Jeff. He looked so at peace now. Something in me knew that Jeff wasn't going to fall again—I just knew it.

Jeff spent a week dealing with the house details, making sure everything was the same as before. I worked on getting new ring gear for him. I don't think anyone realizes just how hard it is to get Hardy ring gear. I packed Jeff's bags for him. I always have to do that, too. He used to do it, but even though he's the world-traveler, Jeff would forget a lot of things. Seriously, how can you forget underwear or a toothbrush? Well, Jeff can.

This week I've seen a totally different Jeff Hardy. He's been using some of the techniques the rehab doctors showed him to deal with any pain, and I've noticed a big difference.

It's been six weeks, and tonight Jeff is coming back. The fans have no idea so it should be interesting to see their reaction. Jeff is ready. Vince has been really supportive of the whole thing and actually added someone to the medic staff to strictly deal with the guys' pain. He thinks it is a proactive measure to prevent stuff like this from happening.

Jeff actually gave me a promise ring tonight. "Charlie, I love you. Not too many girls would have been as supportive and understanding. You've always been there for me and know me better than anyone else. I promise you that one day you and I are going to get married and start a family. I also promise you that you won't be disappointed in me." I was crying so hard as he was talking. I have more faith in him than I have in myself sometimes.

It's been five years, and Jeff is doing better than ever. He and I are married and expecting our first child. Jeff was the WWE Champion for 9 months a couple of years ago. Vince wants to set him up for it again after we have the baby. All Jeff can talk about is how he wants to make the baby and me proud. His father jokes about how long it took for Jeff and me to get together. We always just shrug and say it took a bit longer for us to discover our addictions.