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Chapter 1: Ghosts of the Past

They say that pain heals over time, that old wounds close and then everything goes back to normal. How wrong were they. Wounds are always, constantly re-opening, the pain returns and it's a continuous cycle. Kind of like life and death itself. Some people believe in re-birth, a second chance, but in the eyes of others it's just rubbish. You've got one chance in life – make use of it. There are times in life when one feels the need to jump off the highest cliff, the urge to reach the stars.

Once upon a time, David Beckett had lived like that, enjoying everyday of it and 'saving the world'. But all that had changed for him and he has been nothing but a fisherman for the last eleven years of his life after he had been… betrayed.

David shut his eyes and tried to block out those unwanted memories from his mind as he shifted so that he was in a more comfortable position on his bunk. He, his wife and two other men were currently on the English Channel in their medium- sized fishing boat. It was fast approaching twelve midnight and he still hadn't managed to get any sleep. His shift was in less then an hour.

David sighed and slowly pulled himself into a sitting position, on the opposite side of the cabin was a mirror and he could see his face fairly well as he stared at it. For a man in his late thirties, David looked more like he was approaching the age of fifty. His auburn brown hair showed hints of blonde at the roots and he made a note to get it re-dyed, it wouldn't help if the other lads started to notice. The matter of his hair aside, his face had several lines and the bags under his eyes made him look older then he truly was. A barely visible scar ran in a jagged line down his cheek and his brown eyes were void of emotion as he stared at his appearance.

Ruffling a hand through his hair, David tore his eyes away from his image and opened the door so that he could step outside onto the deck. He had, however only got to take a couple of steps before a smaller figure almost crashed into him.

David looked down and smiled at his wife, "What's the rush, honey?" He asked, David had a rather distinct cockney accent having spending more then half of his life in London before he had moved to France.

Hannah looked back up at her husband. Unlike him, her appearance was more suited for her age, she had bright blue sparkling eyes and her hair was of a reddish-brown colour, similar to her husband's. However at the moment, her blue eyes were no longer sparkling, her expression was one of horror as she clung onto her husband.

"Pier and Paolo found a… body." She squeaked, "They're bringing… it… in now."

David's smile was quickly turned upside down. A body? This far out in the ocean? From his calculations, it was probably the body had been floating around for days and was probably in the first stages of decomposition.

"Is that wise?" He asked, sounding tensed. The last thing he needed was the police on his back for finding a body.

"They wouldn't listen to my arguments." Hannah replied mournfully, "Y-You should help them." She muttered before pulling out of her husband's grip and retreating into their shared cabin.

David stared at Hannah's retreating back before he headed towards his mates. As he approached them, he saw Paolo and Pier hauling in one of the larger fishing nets and sure enough, there was a body twisted up in the netting. David winced and quickly ran over to help his friends.

Quickly and efficiently, David untangled the body from the net and gave the two men quick orders in French to turn on the lights. They obeyed as David bent over the body which had been rolled over so that he was now presented with its back. A couple of minutes later, the lights were switched on and to David's grim surprise, the shirt of… whoever it had been, was soaked in blood.

David carefully rolled the body over and was shocked to come face to face with the face of a boy who barely looked of the age of fourteen. In the dim light he could tell that the boy had fair coloured hair. David thought he was hallucinating as he stared at the boy's face. It was like looking at an old friend from the past. It took him a moment to get over his shock before he pressed his two fingers against the boy's neck to check for a pulse.

"He's alive!" David said in French as the two men scrambled over to him. "Help me carry him into the cabin."

Paolo, the stronger one of him and Pier, grabbed the boy's legs while David carefully grabbed the boy's armpits and together they carried him into the cabin where Hannah was.

"Hannah! He's still alive, but I think he's been shot." David said in English as the brang the boy in and placed him gently on David's bed. David rolled the boy onto his stomach and glanced over at his wife.

Paolo excused himself as Hannah looked up and rushed over to the sink, grabbing a first aid kit from it. Before they had 'moved' to France, she had been a nurse, a fully qualified one.

"Are you sure?" She asked as she walked and laid the first aid kit next to her as she sat on the edge of the bed.

David nodded, "I checked." He muttered as he stripped the boy's blood-stained shirt away from his body. "Hmm… Body armour. " He commented as he took that off too, he was a little stunned at this, why would a boy in his early teens be wearing body armour? "It's probably what saved him." He said, looking at the two wounds. It seemed that the armour had slowed the bullets down enough so that they had only managed to just pierce the skin, both bullets were visible.

Hannah gritted her teeth and nodded as she pulled a pair of white gloves that you would see at the dentist and grabbed a set of tweezers from the first aid kid. "Get off the bed, hon. I need some room." She said gently.

David looked reluctant, but let her have her space anyway, "Tell me if you need anything." He replied as he stood up and walked the length of the room, settling himself on Hannah's bed, with questions filling his head.

Who the hell was the kid? Why had he been shot? Why was he wearing body armour? Did he know he was going to be shot?

Why? Did he work for anyone? Did he work for them?

The questions continued as David put his head in his hands. Was his past catching up with him already? Did they know that he was still alive? Or was this just pure coincidence? There were just too many unanswered questions. David moaned, "I need some aspirin."

His wife obviously didn't hear because she was focused on removing the bullets from the boy's body. David shifted uncomfortably as he watched her work, memories long forgotten flooding his mind as he did, but they weren't of his brunette wife, no, instead it was the same person, but instead she had flaming red hair and a child…


-More then a decade ago-

"Are you sure this is going to work?" She asked her eyes wide as she tried to calm down the wailing baby in her lap. The baby had to be around a year old, with brown tufts of hair on his head and the widest set brown eyes ever.

"Yes." He replied firmly, "It has to."

"You do know what we will be giving up, right?"

He nodded gravely, "I know, I've thought it all through and it's the only way… The only way we'll be able to live a normal life." His forced a smile, "I would do anything for your safety, him as well." He continued, looking down fondly at the boy.

"We'll be a family."

David blinked back tears that had threatened to spill as he recalled that particular memory. His… son had been taken away soon after that conversation and the people he'd worked for had refused to let David and Hannah see him. Back then, he'd had a sneaking suspicion that they had known what he was planning to do and he had known that for the safety of his wife they just had to disappear into the background, with or without his son. It had been one of the hardest decisions in his life as he remembered bitterly, and one that he wished he could turn back the clock and do it right again.

"David… David dear, can you get me a container filled with water?"

David snapped out of his thoughts, realising that his wife had been calling him for some time already and nodded. He headed over to the sink and quickly filled a container with water and walked over to his wife.

"Took your time didn't you?" She commented as she dropped the two bullets into the clear water. After a moment or so, the water turned a distinct colour of blood red as David swirled the container around. Hannah then handed him the pair of tweezers with a knowing look in her eyes, "You go look at the bullets if you want, I'll bandage up our patient here."

"You know me too well." David said with a grim smile before he retreated back to the desk in the corner. He set the container on the desk while he opened one of the drawers and rummaged around for a magnifying glass. He then used the tweezers to pick up one of the bullets and held it underneath the magnifying glass and sighed, shaking his head. The bullet was too modern for him to tell what sort of gun it came out of, but he could make out a serial number. Shrugging, he dropped the bullet back into the water and glanced over at his wife.

"You should get some sleep, we're heading back for shore tomorrow." He said, noticing the tired look in her eyes as she finished applying the bandages.

Hannah gave him a small smile, "I'll try." She said not so convincingly, "Now help me roll him onto his back, we can't have him suffocate himself against one of the pillows."

David walked over and helped his wife as they rolled him onto his back.

Hannah stifled a gasp when she saw the boy's face, "Oh my god, David he looks… looks just like…" She trailed off as her eyes started to brim with tears.

David nodded, "Maybe it's just a coincidence…" He said quietly, staring at the various scars on the boy's bare chest. He didn't mean to stare, but this was the sort of thing that was hard to… well, turn your eyes away from. "Is-Is that what I think it is?" He asked, pointing at the very obvious bullet wound just centimetres above the boy's heart. From what David could tell, the scar was old, yet recent enough that he had a feeling that it had only been several months since… whatever had happened.

Hannah tore her eyes from the boy's face and stared at where David was pointing, her face going white "Yes." She whispered faintly.

David put his hands protectively on her shoulders and forced her to stand up, "And now you're going to bed." He said, steering her to the other bed without any fuss. "I can do the rest." He assured her.

"Alright." She murmured sleepily.

David smiled and planted a kiss on her forehead before straightening and walking over to his bed. He checked the boy's pulse again and then grabbed the thermometer, just in case the boy had suffered from hypothermia, which was unlikely because it was mid spring and the ocean wasn't so cold.

The thermometer beeped, and flashed a number. It was several degrees lower then David had hoped, but it was to be expected after they had pulled the boy out of the ocean. David then pulled his duffel bag out from under the bed and went through it, picking out several pieces of clothing. Slowly and carefully so that he didn't disturb the bandages Hannah had put on, David dressed the boy, replacing his wet clothing for dry ones.

Once satisfied that he had done all that he could, David looked at the boy's discarded clothing and wondered what he was going to do with it. The blood-stained shirt was obviously going to be thrown away, the pants needed to dry, but what to do with the body armour? David inspected it, and that was when he noticed the gun holster. And it wasn't empty either.

"And look what we've got here." David muttered to himself as he drew the gun and immediately recognised the model, it was a Glock. Again he had a flood of memories his mind as he held the gun, none of them quite so pleasant. David sighed, he's been having way too many memory flashbacks lately and he was starting to think whether or not he'd missed his old life. It certainly beats being a fisherman that's for sure.

He then glanced warily at the boy, the gun just added a whole new level of mystery surrounding him.

David didn't know how long he sat there lost in his thoughts, it must've been hours because the next time he stood up to move, the sun had just started to appear in the horizon as he went outside to check up on Paolo and Pier.

"Thanks for taking my shift." David said as he joined the two men who were watching the fishing baits in the water.

"Anything for a friend. How is the young lad?" Pier replied in rapid French.

"He's lost blood, but Hannah's stiched him up. He should be alright."

"Is he awake?" Paolo asked curiously.

"Unfortunatly, no."

David left the two men after he helped them haul in their third catch of fish and went back into the cabin. Hannah was still fast asleep, the boy still hadn't moved. David sighed and rubbed his eyes wearily, and hadn't gotton any sleep at all the previous night and had a feeling that he was going to awake for the whole of that day.

He wandered over to the boy and stared at him curiously. David had thought long and hard about what the boy could've been up to before he was found by Pier and Paolo, but none of the scenarios seemed possible. The boy's appearance confused him as well. If he hadn't known better, he would've swore someone decided to turn the clocks and sent him from the past.

Ah, you're going crazy old man. David thought as he hesitantly reached over the boy to brush the hair from his face, it was like staring at an old friend.

A hand shot up and caught him by the wrist.

David started to pull is hand away, but stopped when he noticed that the boy's eyes were open.

"Where am I?" The boy asked, sounding harsh as he released David's wrist and pulled himself up slowly, he had no distinctive accent so David couldn't figure out his nationality as he studied the boy carefully.

"You're on a fishing boat. We found you in the ocean with two bullets in your back." David replied shortly, after he had recovered from the shock.

The boy rubbed his back, wincing as though he had just realised the injuries were there.

"What is your name?" David inquired, curiously.

The boy opened his mouth to answer, frowned, and closed it again as though he didn't know what to say. Brown eyes met brown as he seemed to struggle with David's question. Finally, he opened his mouth again, a small smile pulling at his lips,

"Y'know, I was hoping you could answer that."

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