This story is co-written by Manavie

A/N: Muffy Morrigan has been a great friend and support for both of us here on , so we thought we'd surprise her with a story now that she's on the way to the LA con. Through careful, innocent questioning, we found out that she likes vampires and werewolves - and of course hurt Sam and hurt Dean - so here's a story with all of these. Hope you'll like it, Muffy. Thank you for being our friend. Manavie & Abni

A/N 2: This story can be seen as slightly AU, since we're having the boys encounter werewolves during Sam's Stanford years (Dean says in Heart that they haven't seen a werewolf since they were kids).

This is not a deathfic.

The Howling


The full moon was shining down on the forest, its light creating ghostly shadows among the trees. The man was creeping stealthily forward, one step at a time, careful not to give away his presence by the rustle of leaves or the snap of breaking twigs beneath his feet.

He kept his focus on his target – a small clearing a few hundred meters ahead of him. He could see a shadow moving there, circling a dark shape on the ground. Suddenly the shape moved slightly, making the shadow freeze for a moment, then it moved closer to the shape. Seconds later, and ear-piercing scream of terror shook the woods before it was abruptly cut off. Then the triumphant howling of a wolf echoed among the trees.

The man started running towards the clearing, the moonlight glinting off the gun in his hand. He only had eyes for the clearing, everything else faded around him.

He never saw what hit him.

One moment he was running, the next he was flying through the air, stopping only when he crashed into a huge tree, crumbling to the ground beneath it. Before he could catch his breath, a lithe figure jumped towards him, landing on his chest. He managed to twist his hand and fire a shot at point-blank range, the bullet piercing right through his attacker.

It had absolutely no effect.

"Surprised?" The woman smiled at him, a wild, pleasure-filled look in her eyes as she saw the surprise and subsequent terror in his eyes. "Takes more than silver to harm someone like me…"

Her long dark hair flowed around her face as she bent her head and kissed him. He was unable to move, struggling to draw breath into his lungs, unable to do so because of her weight on his chest.

"So easy. Walking straight into our little trap!" she purred, then kissed him again as the two shapes from the clearing came bounding towards them, stopping behind her, wolf's teeth glinting in their humanoid faces as they smiled down at the hunter.

"This is the end, hunter!" she whispered before she pulled away the collar of his well-worn leather jacket and plunged her fangs into his neck. As the light slowly dimmed in the man's eyes, the wolf's triumphant howling once again shook the woods, this time joined by a second voice whose howling sounded eerily close to a human laughter.

A few moments later, the terror and pain in the man's green eyes turned to emptiness.

To Be Continued