Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Fast and the Furious characters or any of music featured such as Destiny's Child's "Temptation", or Soulja Boy's/Crank Squad's "Crank Dat Robocop". I just own Cassie.

Chapter 1

Another day. Another night. Another race. Another breath of life in the Tokyo underground. The neon lights of the streets illuminated the city and strutted a sense of rush throughout the air.

Han breathed it in and popped a gusher into his mouth as he leaned against his newly buffed Nissan. It was about the only thing he could use to keep his mouth busy ever since he stopped smoking. Music blasted all around the suddenly occupied parking lot.

Sweet, sweet, sweet

sweet sweet, sweet sensimilla

"Hey Han!" It was that damn cowboy accent.

Han tilted his head back. "Yo," he grinned seeing Sean, Neela, Twinkie, and a girl approaching him. His eyes widened as he straightened up.

She wore a white, silk tube top, a plaid mini skirt, and a pair of snow boots. Her short hair was a strange sensation of black and brown, with ember eyes. And she was… a black girl. She was strangely but beautifully pale.

Han ceased his stare and focused on Sean. "Whattup? You feel for a little racing?"

Twinkie smirked. "That can wait, but first you just GOTTA meet my younger sister Cassie." He gave Han an encouraging wave of the hand to the shy-looking girl.

"People on the racing block call her Benz. She is usually up in Hawaii livin' with my gramps, but she's gonna try it out here. Ya know, see what it's like…"

Cassie bowed. "I'm pleased to meet you Han-sama."

Han bowed back and gave an amused look. "You're a girl that really knows how to keep the respect, huh?" He hadn't even noticed that everyone but Cassie was beginning to leave.

The caramel-skinned girl gave a small smile. "I've got to get someone to call my lover, baby." The foreigner turned around and walked off following her older brother.

Han gave a confused look and called after her. "You don't like answering questions directly?" Cassie glanced back and winked.

The driver smiled as he followed the wandering group. Guess you're not all that shy after all.


Han couldn't keep his eyes off of Twinkie's younger sister. She looked young but her grown face said so much more. Sitting beside Twinkie on his new Ferrari, he realized that the girl looked nothing like her sibling. She was a little full, in the body and in the face. Her thighs looked sexy curved on the smooth surface of the car. She really has all the guys staring, Han thought as he noticed the racers passing by gave Cassie's healthy figure intent gazes.

I know you see me watchin' you
and I see you watchin' me
cos boy your bodys calling,
the temptation is killin' me

I know you see me watchin' you
and I see you watchin' me
cos boy your bodys calling,
the temptation is killin' me

Cassie caught Han staring at her and looked directly at him. "You have a problem Han-sama?"

"Isn't it past your bedtime?" He started walking towards her.

"I don't give a damn about curfew. Besides, as long as I'm with Twinkie, our dad doesn't care."

Twinkie gave Cassie a serious look. "You know that ain't true. You ain't never stopped causing a player trouble. Getting mixed up with that guy in Hawaii, whoever the hell he is."

Cassie rolled her eyes and hopped off of the car. "You don't even know what the hell happened."

"I know that you was being stupid." Twinkie folded his arms and looked directly at her.

Cassie's eyes darkened. "I don't want to talk anymore. I'm gonna see what cars are around here." The female strutted off in a huff. Twinkie frowned and shook his head. Han sat beside Twinkie and chewed on a Gusher.

"She always like that?"

"Only when she realizes how much of her life isn't in her control. Spoiled chick."

Han tilted his head indicating that he wanted to hear more.

Twinkie nodded his head to the pulsating music.

Crank dat Robocop

Crank dat Robocop

Crank dat Robocop

I did it nonstop

Watch me do it

Watch me do it

Watch me crank dat Robocop

Crank dat Robocop

Twinkie hopped off of the car. "Look man, all I have to say is that she's been through a lot." He looked the other way. "Please, I got some merchandise to sell to some chicks. Just uh, you know, keep an eye on her…"

Han raised an eyebrow and stopped chewing. "You want me to baby-sit?"

"Naw naw naw, man. I'm ain't telling you what to do. She just seventeen, and a brother sometimes worries. I just mean, you kno -"

Han gave a small laugh. "Fine."

The black youth gave a look of shock. "For real?"

"For real. But don't expect me to be some bodyguard."

A huge grin appeared on the youth's face. "Yo, thanks man! You are awesome," he said running off with some Japanese girls.

Twinkie turned around. "One more thing Han…they don't call her Benz for no reason. Just don't let her race. She's insane on the road."

Han smirked and popped another Gusher into his mouth.