How was that possible?
Whisked away!
By Hiryo

Begin: 31.12.2001
Revised: 26.02.2013 (Spelling errors courtesy of TheDevian.)

Author Notes:
I thank migele from the bottom of my heart for pre-reading this fanfic. Thank you!

You surely have asked yourself how Ranma maintains through all his troubles a clear head and is always happy with all the trouble that finds him. How he has not exploded from all the boneheads that bother him permanently, all because of misunderstandings, avenging themselves, or simply to marry him because of more stupid promises from Genma . . . .

See for yourself how he did it.


Walking down the street Ranma and Akane walk next to each other. Akane on the walkway stomping like a mad gorilla grips her schoolbag with the power of anger and envy creating a sound of leather short form tearing. Of course, Ranma, as always, walks on the top of the fence ignoring Akane as best as he could. After all, he is still angry at Akane for letting Ryoga bite him. Just for the reason that 'P-chan' was in danger because of him. Not only that, because of Akane the old geezer is even angrier with him and whenever he can, he now torments him. 'I shouldn't blame it all on her, even though she is the cause for the most of it. Nearly everyone here wants something from me . . . nothing ever changes here. Really nothing . . . .'

Closing his eyes for a bit, he enjoys the breeze, the very warm comforting breeze. He now sports a smile looking in the clouds with his hands behind his head while walking on this fence without loosing even his balance a little.

When one looks closer at Ranma, one can see numerous scratches, torn clothes, plasters, and bandages. Though, he wears those battle signs and scars with pride because he won, as always.

Eyes opening they fell onto a little playground with a few trees, a slide, some little funny animal gantries, and a sandbox.

Green eyes
Ranma plays with a girl that looks roughly five years old.
They play in a sandbox that has only greenery around them from where they can see.
Laughing, carefree, freedom, and green eyes that tell you I'm here for you for eternity.

Stumbling on the fence Ranma falls backwards.

Taking that as a sign to vent her anger, "Ranma what did you do now? You want to embarrass me today even more?" Akane yells and throws here schoolbag at Ranma.

He recovers and while still falling backwards he goes into a handstand where he then walks on his balms on the fence while carrying his schoolbag with his feet. "Why I'm just having fun here. Come up here and have some fun as well." After some meters, he enjoys it and then changes from walking on his balms to 'walking on his two forefingers.'

"Do what you like! I don't care!" She stomps back home, before she is out of sight she turns around. "And I can go on the fence whenever I like, I just don't want to!" Stomping even harder she now runs home. Her green monster once more shows its true colors.

However, that's totally lost on Ranma, which again dream walks on the fence still dreaming of the eyes, those green eyes that care.

o0o0o A few days later, Tendo House, Genma & Ranma's room o0o0o

Awakening, Ranma feels a breeze coming from the window. 'Waaa the window is open- Wait! Window?' Looking around frantically. 'Nope no Shampoo and angry Akane in sight! I'm saved!' Letting out the breath, he didn't know he held, he slumps again into the futon. Ranma looks out at the sky not even feeling the cold breeze but instead feels himself warm from the inside. 'Those stars are beautiful today. The Milky Way in the sky looks today very beautiful, especially Venus. I didn't see Venus shining that brightly when I was back in the woods.' Again, he could only think about the dreams he had in the last few days.

'It's always with the little girl I played in the sandbox. She always had that smile on her face, which told you its all ok in the world. Her long hair was done in a ponytail, which reminded him of Kasumi though. Even her character was nearly of Kasumi. Though then again she had her phases like when she shouted that she will get rid of all those bullies when they found some that harassed a little girl. It was so loud that some of the district next to this one could here someone screaming.' Smiling softly at those pleasant thoughts his mind wanders again. 'She was always like sunshine, never letting one down. I felt comfortable, real happy, as well always trusted by her. Then again, when we played she often made a laboratory in the sand and I was her study object. On the other hand, she also did space out sometimes and spoke to someone when there weren't anyone nearby. Hmm...' A broad grin spreads on his face. 'It was always fun then when I awoke her out of this state through tickling her in her weak spots. Wow, now that I think of it once when I looked at her and she didn't thought I see her, she blushed, clapped her hands before her heart, and looked down hiding her adorable eyes.' He chuckles. 'Yup she was quite shy. Whenever I think back on that day I caught her looking at me I can't forget the look in those eyes. She looked at me with her green eyes, which told me she is there for me and she needs me. I hope I had the same look back then as well since I felt the same way. I wonder why those others didn't play with her that much. Even though she was smaller and a little chubbier then me, though I wouldn't have traded her for the world! Ha! We even talked about the most inane things. Like what will happen in the future,' snorting at the thought, 'though I still think Crystal Tokyo is not going to happen.'

Starring at the ceiling, rubbing his chin, he wondered. 'Did she know when I had to go? Just the day before Genma took us we played together when . . . when . . . .'

o0o0o Flashback o0o0o

The girl put her final touch onto the sand castle. Two sticks of the Ice Pops they had eaten earlier one each decorates the towers with a little paper of the ice pop wrappers as flags.

Booth laugh through all of this, basking in the sun, pointing at all those funny people that walk around, feeling that warm breeze against their skin.

'Wow she's so carefree! Why can't I look away from those eyes, these comforting eyes?' To distract himself, doing something instead of staring at his friend, and be embarrassed, Ranma took off one of her sandals from her feet tickling her feet in the process, carefully avoiding the sand castle the both built together with her trashing in laughter. With all her might, she managed to roll Ranma over and briefly was over him, which took advantage of the rest momentum to turn her over. Through his Martial Art, he managed to put her with her belly on the ground and him on her back tickling her still more and more, while having her now in his mercy he presses himself without thinking to her back and whispers in her ear while still tickling her. "You're now mine."

She blushes at those words that now run through her head all because of those words. However, those rapidly dwindle down during the onslaught of tickling until she screams aloud with tears in her eyes and flailing limbs. "Uncle, uncle!"

He now stands up still holding her in an embrace with his left hand, whereas his right hand triumphal holds up the sandal he now got. After the presentable winning pose, he stuck the end of the won sandal into the sand as the door for the sand castle. Still immersed with putting the sandal just the right way, he looks at her without turning his head he sees out of the corner of his eyes how she looks at him with those caring eyes that desire him so much in at the same time.

The feeling that he has now brought him to tell her, "Ya know I'll promise ya that I'll be always there for ya whenever I can. I wanna be near ya and always have fun together." He said whereas grinning his roughish smile.

She looked at him and knew what he felt for her. The words he said earlier coming to her mind making her blush harder. Now knowing what way she will take and her destiny for herself now forever changed. Totally love struck she told him, "I promise you, I'll definitely become your ultimate best girlfriend. The most beautiful, ecstatic, sensual, and powerful women that you will ever find, the girl of your dreams!" With that she stood up and knocked Ranma down into the castle they built together.

Darkness surrounded Ranma for a bit, as the sand buried him. Sitting up, rubbing his eyes out, and looking up seeing her surrounded by the sun seemingly pulsing. Now seeing clearly again he only can look astonished as well genuine caring into her green warm eyes.

"Here something to remember me," thus she kissed him on his cheek. Afterwards with a mischief look in her eyes she took his head in-between her hands and then kissed him quite thorough. After a loud pop, she released the boneless heap called Ranma that now has a silly grin on his face while lying on the remains of the castle.

He has forgotten time, forgotten his father, and even forgotten the Neko-ken. Just basking in the sun and enjoying the warm wind on his skin as well, he couldn't forget how she tasted, how she felt, and just how beautiful her green eyes were. He only heard "Be ready when I'll back for you." And a warm breeze engulfed him in his state of lucidness, all that because he has now true friendship that could be more.

"I still have time and until I go . . . let's play!" Smiling brightly as brightly as her green eyes shimmer, they enjoyed their time together harassing an older couple to treat them some sweets as well how to enjoy the water fountain of a broken hydrant, which they had broken, and then hiding from the police.

o0o0o End Flashback o0o0o

'Sad that we were interrupted, after throwing some sand balls with my friend at that blonde meanie I can't remember what happened afterwards . . . after those sand balls struck her. However, when I woke up in my friends lap, I simply drowned again in her lap and through that, she caressed my hair so lovingly I slept in again. I only can remember the warm breeze then. Only to be rudely interrupted by Genma and jet again I had to leave behind a very good friend. Nevertheless, I still wonder if she is real or not. Are those memories or better dreams, which come up so often lately? Why, because I read so many Mangas or see Animes when I have time? Or even same fabricated memories by one of my rivals? Hmm . . . . Be it as it may, though why have had some sand parts those glimmering surface as if it was like glass in my dreams?'

Still gazing at the stars and the Milky Way drowning in the beautiful stars. 'Even if those dreams and memories are false . . . I like them to much. I don't want to loose the ones which keep me sane and spread warmth from my heart over the rest of my body.'


Author notes:
I expect that little chapter sates your curiosity even if only for a little. ;p Though I hope to get into writing again!