How was that possible?
Whisked away!
By Hiryo

Author Notes:
What happened to the disclaimer? What you threw it away?! Why just it's always the same, a simple pointer to my profile isn't reason enough for throwing it away, because the reader already knows it . . . . Man now I can write that disclaimer again. :p

Many thanks to migele and TheDevian. Without them, this wouldn't be as correct as it is. XD

Epilogue (Chapter 2)
The Revenge

o0o0o Nekomi, Nekomi-Shi, Chiba-Ken Temple, Kitchen o0o0o

Two bleary eyed masses of something staggered like zombies into the kitchen, only when they grabbed the coffee pot at the same time, their bloodshot eyes met.

On the left side, Keiichi in full bed hair, still in partially ripped pajamas. His arm seems to strain in vain against the might of the other zombielike person. 'Can . . . it be . . . the height, it should . . . be her. Though . . . her hair . . . she can't be . . . it. . . . . The clothes . . . of a . . . beggar . . . but she should . . . oh there are her . . . eyes . . . the familiar . . . glint . . . Skuld.'

Not faring better on the right side, Skuld. She is straining as well, to get her gears running again so she can plot the ultimate plan. However, until then, it's complicated. 'Domo-kun . . . kitty-attack . . . with iiiiceeeee-creeeeeeaaaam . . . panties . . . with itching . . . powder . . . Gan-chan . . . cheese . . . torpedo . . . . I . . . neeed . . . iiiiiiiiiceeeeeee-coooooooooffffeeeeeeeee!' One eye not covered by the mess of her hair glints, the other stays hidden. "Rasafrasaspinachtomatorectum extraction!" A blue glow envelopes her debugging hammer, and she slams her debugger onto Keiichi's head.

The result was Keiichi flattened, like in Tom & Jerry, when something heavy lands on Tom, while looking up, a plate of something. "Greeggglp!"

"Keiiiiichiiiii!" There comes Belldandy running, "What happened to you?"

"Grgggulggg gilg gggee." The flat mess of something named Keiichi gargles.

In the background, Skuld now with the steaming pot in her hand heads for a drawer then stops halfway. Grasping with both of her hands the pot, she drinks greedily the energizing java.

"I'm back and you'll get it my fiendish sister, for keeping me awake the whole night, with your vile carnal acts!" cue blue lightning.

Belldandy in thinking pose, with her forefinger at her delicate chin. "But Urd and Ranma had this wonderful aura of love and happiness. They didn't do anything vile."

Prompt a face faulting Skuld and Keiichi with crossed eyes. [How Keiichi did that in his flattened state? Ask him that yourself. I've stopped wondering long ago in such instances.]

Getting to her senses first, Skuld jumps up. "That's it! I go work on my newest Banpei project 'Extract the perverseness'!" And as soon as she said this, she storms off into her room.


"Oh my! Keiichi sorry I'll help you now" With that she rolls up Keiichi like a carpet and carries him into the living room.


o0o0o Nekomi, Nekomi-Shi, Chiba-Ken Temple, Urd's room o0o0o

The sun shines into Urd's, no, the new couple's room. The sunrays reveal a blanket on an unusually positioned sleeping couple. There is Urd, with a content smile on her face, with one of Ranma's feet on each side of her head. Mirroring her Ranma lies there in the same position as Urd, sporting the same content smile. At the same time the two of them scratch their bellies, then tenderly hug the foot on their right side and shower it with gentle kisses, then relax there longer, rather content and happy.

The familiar sound of Skuld's debugging hammer stirred Urd's mind to wakefulness. With the urge to scold her younger sister she immediately tried to stand up, only ending up with Ranma and herself entangled and rolling off of the bed, finally facing the window. Sitting up carefully now and stretching, a feeling of happiness increasing because of the warm sun shining and the leaves dancing through the air outside, with the fresh smell of grass coming in through the window. Below her, something stirred. Then remembering what lay below her. 'Ranma!'

Still sleepy, Ranma opens his eyes and turns left to see what has wakened him. He is greeted by the mesmerizing sight of Urd's profile. First and foremost again the eyes that care that catch his attention, followed by the silvery hair twirling and dancing through the air like a mane of a wild horse, free like the wind and the leaves in the sky, and as if to agree him, the sunshine envelops her in its own warm caress. This picture burned is into his mind for all of eternity, alongside so many other memories, even if they have only shared such a short time with each other, he already has more treasured moments with her, then with any other being he has ever been with. Reaching out with his hand, to feel that she is truly real and not figment of his imagination, he comes a bit short.

As if silently answering him, she turns right in this moment to face him, her face in shadows, yet illuminated by the sun her silvery hair seems to glow. Taking his fingers in her own, she slowly brings them to her mouth kissing them lovingly. "Good Morning anata(1). Let us begin the day then. I'll bring something to you in bed. Just lay there I'll back in a few." Standing up fully she grabs her bathrobe. Her mood goes up as she thinks 'Anata, I definitely am already used to this.'
(1) Anata = Dear/Darling.

During the process of Urd dressing herself, a look at her behind for the first time, he sees a 'G-tattoo' on her right butt cheek. Moving over to her and tenderly tracing the tattoo. "Did it hurt when you got this tattoo?"

"Absolutely not, it's a stamp from my sister." Giving him a hungry look, "it shows that I belong to heaven." Blinking at him, practically bursting with joy she continues. "So go back to bed, I want to pamper you for a bit."

Infected by Urd's joy, he lies back on the bed, "yep, definitely looks like an angel." Laying there ironically just as a cat does.

Carefully putting the blanket over him, she then leaves their room.

Jolting up again. "What you mean belong to heaven?!" 'Well I'll know then when she comes back.' With that, more relaxed, he enjoys the warm morning rays and comfy bed.

o0o0o Nekomi, Nekomi-Shi, Chiba-Ken Temple, Kitchen o0o0o

Seeing the bolt and Skuld screaming, Urd goes to Skuld and pouted "Moe. Sis, you're stealing my thunder," said Urd blushing. "We weren't that loud." Cue Urd's 'cute face with weaving eyebrows' appears.

"Yes you were." Skuld appears seemingly out of air next to Urd and glares at her.

"No we weren't." Crossing her arms and nose high away from Skuld.

"Yes you WERE."

"No we WEREN'T."








"NO, NO, NO!"

Both now have each other's eyes dead center white glowing bright lines of thunder meeting in the center to hit the other and send the other into oblivion. If looking at someone could burn . . . .

Seemingly, by invisible hands both sisters are transported a few feet away from each other and hold on this place tight.

Brought out of her quarrel with Skuld. Looking at the responsible person to disturb her ple- dispute. Goosebumps run up and down at the sight of Belldandy displeased. Even if only her eyes and aura shone in a different light. 'Uh oh, we've done it again.'

Still in her displeased aura added with displeased tone "And when did you both decide to help me with Keiichi?" Nodding into the direction of the still flattened form of Keiichi.

Hastily they scramble away from the abomination of life that is Belldandy's displeasure. Still shaken from Belldandy's frightening expression both search high and low the entire temple without success. Then they begin to call for Keiichi and finally they hear him gargling back to where they begun to look for him.

Seeing Keiichi, Urd can't help herself and breaks out laughing at Keiichi's expression and form of an impromptu tablecloth where his face is folded over the border of the table. "Bell . . haha . . . bell . . huhu hahah . . . hahahahahah . . dandy . . . huhuhuh lai . . hahah . . . ." trying hard to contain her laugher. "Belldandy laid you out quite well." Seeing the responding look like a kicked puppy from Keiichi Urd can't stop herself anymore and begins on the floor laughing uncontrollable.

Next to Urd, Skuld's left corner of her mouth twitches at first though seeing Urd laughing so hard and the exuberating and helpless look of Keiichi helped only to increase the twitch.

"Garggugle ge." Keiichi gargles with his deformed mouth.

That was the clincher and Skuld cracks up laughing as well.

A few minutes later both sisters sit finally exhausted holding their sides from laughing back to back.

Getting her bearing straight Urd calmly says, "So let us help Keiichi."

Replying just as calm Skuld says "Let's."

Turning again to Keiichi the serious expression on them only remains for not even one second before they crack up again.

Keiichi exuberantly only says "gragls gru graggl!"

Finally, both can contain their mirth and begin to take on the challenge of getting Keiichi back to his normal form.

Nodding to Skuld, "let us get our things then."

o0o0o Nekomi, Nekomi-Shi, Chiba-Ken Temple, Living Room, a few minutes later o0o0o

Looking at the laid out Keiichi on the table raises the corner of Urd's mouth a little bit.

Keiichi on the other hand looks terrified with fitting dinner plate eyes at Urd with all her pill- and potion-rack in her arms then switches to Skuld as she brings her machines with her. Keiichi only noticing one particular machine with many mechanical grabbing arms of all kinds.

Skuld looks triumphantly and beaming, first at her machines then at Keiichi. "Let the operation begins."

Keiichi frightened eyes almost take up the entire surface of his plate when he sees those mechanical grabbing arms begin to move.

o0o0o Nekomi, Nekomi-Shi, Chiba-Ken Temple, Living Room, a horrifying hour for Keiichi later o0o0o

Urd stretches and looks at Skuld "I need a break! After all that work, he is back to the form he was in the beginning. I'll join you later and help you with Keiichi."

Skuld still working on different machines "Is ok it's just you're lazy. I'll finish this."

A little irritated about being called lazy she wants to retort but remembers her Ranma. "All right, I definitely need to grab something to bite." With that, she saunters into the kitchen.

"Hmpf!" Sad at not getting some rise out of Urd she continues at the task with Keiichi.

o0o0o Nekomi, Nekomi-Shi, Chiba-Ken Temple, Urd's room o0o0o

"Anata here a little breakfast for you." Urd comes into their sleeping room with a bed tray full of pancakes, orange juice and an assortment of syrups.

At the word 'breakfast', Ranma's stomach responds immediately. Urd lays the bed tray where his tights are, Ranma can't resist and hugs her and nibbles a bit on her ears. Then whispers into her ear, "I trust you can handle yourself against those fiancées; however, I really want to help you handle these and will spar with you a bit." At her cutely arching eyebrow he continues, "Well I saw that you underwent some training. How you moved and reacted before told me all that. I want us to stay sharp and help us to reach higher and higher."

So that Ranma stops talking for a bit, Urd feeds him one syrup coated pancake after another. Impishly she licks a spilled syrup drop from his face and prolonged how long they took for eating.(2)
(2) No one ever expected a Saotome to be capable of eating so slowly.

o0o0o Nekomi, Nekomi-Shi, Chiba-Ken Temple o0o0o

Winking Belldandy on the way outside, Ranma follows Urd to where they will spar. Seeing Urd tapping her finger on her chin he asks "What is it Urd?"

"Hmm, don't know it just seems like I forgot something." In a split second a naughty grin forms and she shouts "An opening!" With that, she tickles Ranma on the right side.

Not to be outdone and rising to the challenge Ranma builds up his follow up move. And then when he saw the opening he needed. Jumping over her with a half somersault, his head moving a little bit next to her and a hint of a kiss on her neck followed with a whispering of "got'cha!"

This resulted in Urd squealing and holding her hand on her mouth. Seeing him laugh with her, she continues giggling.

Continuing this a bit Ranma loves this and when he sees here deep caring eyes he reminds how Urd looked with her glowing hair in the morning and how she grasped his hand. The feeling getting more real as he really finds his hand grabbed along with his ass.

"Got'cha back. What got you so distracted anata?"

Now Ranma grins impishly, catching Urd off guard and falling carefully with her on the ground "I'm at the top."

Urd rolling a bit farther with Ranma in tow she lands now on top "Now I am." Grinning like she won the lottery.

And so the who-gets-to-be-on-top-war began.

Belldandy hearing them so carefree laughing thinks 'I'll ask her afterwards. She deserves the happiness and it's great that she is in such a good mood.'

After some tumbling, both end up side to side grinning, and holding a hand intertwined. Ranma seeing the clear blue sky and some skylarks flying from tree to tree says "I'm glad you got me out of there. It's so good finally to be with you." With that, he squeeze her hand a bit.

"Me too." Squeezing Ranma's hand back. "Let us continue."

And so he began in earnest again with their spar.

Belldandy, not hearing their laughter anymore, deems it safe to call Urd and not be interrupting anymore "URD! Are you done now? I need your help still."

Smacking her left fist in her right open hand "Oh that was it what I forgot!"

"An opening," with that Ranma holds with both hands her hands and kisses her again.

After finishing that delightful kiss "I need to help Keiichi, he has some problem currently . . . oooh!"

Ranma took her in his arms and then carries her inside like a Princess. "So let us help him then."

'Not bad at all and it's even better then I've imagined' with that Urd leans in closer to him.

Ranma only flushes a bit more as her prominent attribute presses into him.

o0o0o Nekomi, Nekomi-Shi, Chiba-Ken Temple, Living Room o0o0o

After witnessing of how higher beings can twist and reform a normal being he asks "And how did he get like this in the first place?"

Seeing Skuld fidgeting Urd decide to be nice to Skuld "Well Keiichi got in-between Skuld and her ice-coffee . . . as end result he was on the receiving and of the debugging hammer."

When Ranma hears her hammer, he remembers what happened to him. "Hmm, why not try to hit him again. It did help once in my case," smiling embarrassingly.

Whispering "Hit him again?" Skuld looked at him disbelieving.

"I remember, maybe that will help here as well." Urd envelopes Ranma from behind.

"Hit . . . him . . . ." mouths Skuld.

"Well, we didn't try that yet . . . ." Urd said, remembering the actual event seeing Ranma from afar.

o0o0o Flashback o0o0o


Sitting on the terminal Urd balls her fists, and leaving on both sides of the terminal depressions from her fury. 'That damn brat . . . she is much worse then a demon . . . one day I'll get her good . . . hmm leaving her naked sounds fun.' "Fu fu fu," nearly inaudible she laughs. 'Though, I need to help my anata. I definitely have to help him!'

o0o0o A few hours later o0o0o

'Please let that finally work . . . .' "ARGH! Why are they always interfering? Damn as if there is a demon behind this . . . ." Tears fall down towards the ground, all at first slowly but steadily growing with electric power. A fury developing in her stomach like none before. 'Mara isn't even like that brat . . . nothing like her . . . Mara is my . . . my . . . my . . . ' seconds trickle by and her fury growing even larger and the electricity affecting the store's television equipment she came out to 'supervise' the events happening around Ranma, "my . . . friend." Realization hit her, what the shortest route to success will be. Her green eyes snap open, head goes straight like in the military, killing intent slowly developing in her now pinprick like green flickering flame like eyes. "I'll fry that brat, and then help Ranma . . . ." Her goddess marks dangerously flickering, nearly bursting apart . . . .



A few feet before Urd a lightning struck the ground through the roof of the building.


The build up of Urd's lighting now found a release and all televisions around Urd bursts by the combined power.

Urd's goddess marks are still flickering, eyes narrowing, and then began reading the message from Kami-sama in golden letters of the language of gods.


Eyes widen and her marks gain focus until they are as they were before her fury. 'The ultimate force is there in effect. I need to stay strong and better myself still . . . . The time is nearing . . . anata. Not much longer . . . .' There as if by a miracle a monitor is still functioning, although the picture quality leaves a lot to be desired. Through that monitor Urd leaves to Asgard with a trail of tears that all will be alright.

A man runs to the disaster. "Is everyone all right? What happened here?" Eyes widen, a shudder runs through the man, and comprehending what happened there. Feeling miserable, the storeowner slumped forward onto his knees, and then nearly screams, "Damn . . . my insurance doesn't cover that!"

o0o0o Flashback end o0o0o

Leaning her delicate chin on his shoulder, while squeezing him tighter in her embrace she whispers in Ranma's ear, "I wont let such a thing happen again to you anata."

Ranma heart is nearly bursting from all the love and warm feeling as he heard in that exclamation from Urd.

Giggling manically "Hitting him!" With that, the manic eyes of an overprotective sister line up to her target of evil. 'Finally I can get him . . . yes finally!' Her mallet materializes in her hands, which go up and behind her head as usually designed for debugging.

Keiichi's eyes are really frightened, 'is that a hellish aura around the hammer?!'

Urd's arms go up as if to stop her sister and stop since she can't go further with Ranma in the way.


Ripples like a stone thrown into water go from the epicenter of the still in pancake form that is Keiichi. Both of his eyes are clearly X's as he is now unconscious.

"Ha . . . . . . . ha . . . ." Ranma chuckles weakly as he feels responsible for the pain inflicted on Keiichi. His mouth still runs though, "maybe hitting him from the opposite will d-"

Urd covers Ranma's mouth in an attempt to halt him.

Too late, . . . the flaming stars of righteousness are ignited in Skuld's eyes. With that, she throws the pancake that is Keiichi into the air directing all her anger of him stealing her big sister from her into the one spot and her strike flies . . . .

"Don't! Keiichi doesn't deserve this!" Belldandy runs into the room trying to stop Skuld . . . . Nevertheless, too late for that.

The strike hits true and the pancake cracks open the ceiling. Slowly like pancake dough, from the cracked open ceiling, the form of the pancake goes downward, seemingly wanting to drop onto the floor. Finally resolving into the familiar human form of Keiichi, his head still stuck into the ceiling. "That hurts! That hurts!" Both of his hands tried to be in two places at the same time. His sore behind, and the now hard to reach spot on his face where Skuld hit him before. [Skuld, not knowing that with the emotion as high from Keiichi getting in-between her ice-coffee and getting in-between her sisters love were matched, solved the mystery of how to turn Keiichi back.]

All stood still and stared at the situation.

Keiichi's unto Newton's law of gravity, and the help of his hand trying to reach his sore spot on the face, fell down onto the floor. As his head hit the floor . . . again sweet unconsciousness claimed him.

Storming to Keiichi's location and kneeing besides him, cradling his head on her tights stroking his hair carefully. Her eyes gaining hardness, not known until now, then turns to all participants of Keiichi's pain. "No chocolate pudding for all of you!" With that, Belldandy takes the still hurting Keiichi to her room to nurse his sore behind.

Leaving behind the now three stone statues.

"No chocolate . . . ." It seems as three souls leave behind the crumbling stone statues, when all fell onto the floor.

The chocolate going in the back of his mind, Ranma's thoughts gather onto the warmth still beating along with Ranma's heart in his chest. Suddenly, there is motion. With a dancer quality, he glides from lying on the floor, until he jumps out of the door with Urd yet again in a princess carry.

"Eeeek!" A surprised Urd gives out.

Skuld ears twitch a little.

Less loud "Eeeeek!" since farther away this time Urd's voice fade into the background.

"Urrrd" slowly her sister's name comes out of her mouth full of melancholy. Then Skuld looks into the direction Urd was taken away. Sitting up and then holding moving her chin in-between her right thumb and forefinger of half-hardy formed fist thinking. "Hmmm . . . ." Her eyes then go up into the sky following a pair of clouds. "Hmmmmmmmmmm . . . ."

o0o0o Nekomi, Nekomi-Shi, Chiba-Ken Temple, Garden o0o0o

Feeling the wind rush bye still in Ranma arms, pressing herself nearer to him to melt away the time they were apart, to connect with him more . . . . To be one in body and soul. 'Yep, definitely can get used to be carried like this.' As soon as Urd finished that thought, they land up in the tree, Urd now in his lap of his outstretched legs and not even a problem with them balancing on that branch. Her heart beats faster as his arms encircle her stomach, pressing herself to his chest; she feels his hard muscles and reacting with arousal. She remembers 'He has so much stamina . . . . Yum!' As there is no advancement, she feels him looking in the sky, with him raising his head. She feels his heart beating faster, syncing with hers, as if it meant to be linked for eternity. More warmth goes up in her body through the shining sun.

A little sparrow sings it song.

As if a breeze of a wind, Ranma exhales. "I lo... think you are great! You're the sun for me sending me light, and I can't go on anymore without you."

Now a soft breeze flows over them and all leaves rustle a bit.

Her beating heart gallops by leaps and bounds following his rush. Closing her eyes, relaxing in his arms, and trusting him to hold her without hesitation. Slowly taking his right hand from his hold, guiding his inner palm to her head, and kissing it slowly and long. "I love you too."

He looks away blushing in embarrassment.

Another sparrow answers and joins the first sparrow in its song.

Guiding again Ranma's hand to her stomach, "If you feel pain, so do I. If you feel joy, so do I . . . . . . I'm yours for eternity to enjoy." Stroking his palm, "Let me protect you, as you protect me. I'll be there for you whatever you need."

Minutes go by without anyone saying anything. Little movement, pressure, breathe, and feeling of the heartbeat does the talking instead. Both content that the other understands and trusts the other, while enjoying the nature around them. The heartbeat still synced with each other. Then they begin to talk about nonsense, content that they are connecting at their pace.

'You really found happiness, Urd.' Skuld throws both her hands up into the air after finally coming to a decision. 'Yosh! Urd, here I come!'

o0o0o Nekomi, Nekomi-Shi, Chiba-Ken Temple, Garden, hours later o0o0o

Yes, Skuld was happy for her sister and as well content that she found her soul mate. Nevertheless, her patience runs thin . . . . 'Not only did I have to search for hours after her, now I've been calling her for minutes and she doesn't react . . . ' now shouting "Uuuuuuuuuuurd . . . ." still no reaction.


One nearly could hear as Skuld's patience snapped and veins full of anger pump on her forehead. Exhaling slowly then inhaling very deep. She shouts at the top of her lungs "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AG!"

Only the sparrows still sing a song, another song showing their irritation in it.

Then Ranma's voice booms from above in sharp words. "Never call her old hag again . . . . But what is it what you want?"

Breathing in and out to calm her mind, and getting to the goal she set herself. "I need to talk with Urd a bit." Looking up into the three, "ACK!" She throws her hands into a classic surprised pose where here palms are straight on her right side above her head as well here right knee raised to her right side as well elevated. There stands Ranma right before her, with Urd in a princess carry snuggling into Ranma. Now again she breathes in and out slowly this time to calm her mind further. "So let get it straight . . . . You fell in love with him, and got your brazen, easygoing, lazy-"

"Heh, I'm not lazy, I just want to go here and there to kick back and enjoy life!" Urd exclaims, still molding herself to Ranma's side.

"Anyway, you granted Ranma a wish? Why?" Skuld arched an eyebrow.

"Because he is what I knew even back then what I'd like to treasure forever." Urd smiles more as she feels Ranma's hand grips her a little bit more. Yet again, showing her he understands her, and feels the same way as herself. Then Ranma's hands stiffen.

"What did you mean by 'wish'?" Ranma pause a bit to look more deeply in Skuld eyes.

Skuld flabbergasted 'Ranma doesn't know about the wish?'

'Hey, wasn't there something in the morning about belonging?' "And what does 'belong to heaven' mean?" To emphasize again he gets to feel the exquisite breast pressed against his chest then he grips her tight ass cheek with the G-stamp on it with his other hand. "You said something about it with the stamp . . . ." His eyes show how he is at loss of words.

Urd getting excited again. "Oh you just know how I like it." Going out of his hands, she stands again on her own feet, ignores the blushing Skuld, looks over her left shoulder, and traces the G-stamp with her right hand. "This little thing," turning aroundshe continues to advance in the direction of Ranma until they end up against a tree, "and the wish are related." Looking deep into Ranma's eyes with fondness and contentment.

Ranma is bound yet again by the deep green eyes that care and even more understand him.

"I'm Urd Goddess of the Past, Second Class, Limited. The marks on my face and the G-stamp on my butt-cheek mark me as a Goddess. They show that I belong to heaven. As for the wish, you know how the sand went to stone that was part of the power that was channeled through me when I granted you this wish."

Ranma remembers that after the kiss he slipped onto a flat surface.
Urd helps him out of the castle
Flash, flash, flash,
. . . ultimate best girlfriend.
Flash, flash, flash, flash, flash

A soft touch of Urd brought him out of his state into reality. Only to loose himself into her deep green eyes that care coming closer and closer. Feeling as her nipples bore into his skin and then her perky soft breast take up more and more surface upon his chest. Making him close his eyes to have this moment for eternity. As if by command when he close his eyes his other senses work overtime and he catches her free smell, "haaaaaaa," of wonderful wild flowers taking him back on the trip he had with his father and inhaling it deeply and suddenly snapping open his eyes and mouthing quiet slowly "the . . . girl . . . of . . . my dreams!"

'She wants my touch and exhilarated in the morning when I traced her G-stamp.'
Then Ranma is totally overwhelmed by her entire presence ultimately catching him yet again.

Ranma's world existed only where he could feel Urd, especially where the tongues met. Nothing else mattered anymore besides those silken like lips, tongues dueling and yet yielding, to share each other's breath. The next moment where his thoughts are lucid enough again he spoke again feeling her giving herself to him freely, yet though wanting to be with him and captured him in a hug, "I'm glad that it happened then. It worked out great!"

Seeing Ranma's heartfelt smile without a burden on it lifted up her heart, skipping more and more. "Me too-"

"WORK! Sorry, I have to continue with a project of mine, later!" With that waving after them Skuld runs back into the temple leaving the couple with each other.

'Wow, I caught a goddess for myself.' A cocky grin rises, 'Ha, and my now ex-fiancées can never compare to her. Already I can't imagine anymore being without her at my side.' Remembering as she looked at him with all those feelings, he realizes something. 'I love her too(3)!' After a few seconds, he looks after the leaving Skuld disappearing into the temple, "heaven, what is heaven like?" With that one of the many mysteries Ranma always wanted to know the question where opened.
(3) Typically realizing things really late.

With that, they talked a lot about Heaven and what it's like.

o0o0o Nekomi, Nekomi-Shi, Chiba-Ken Temple, Garden, nearing sunset o0o0o

Finally content and feeling even more connected he looks at the colors the setting sun offers to the watchers, with that Ranma asks his final question. "So what was the most fun you had in heaven?"

Looking as well into the setting sun then turns around a little shy then covers with her hands Ranma's ear and whispers her answer into it.

Eyes widen, Ranma then turns to Urd with a huge smile forming "let us do it now!"

"But we can't . . . ." knowing what will happen if she does, yet her heart beating faster.

"Let's!" taking Urd hands within his.

Doki, doki(4)
(4) Doki = sound of heartbeat

It seems like one can hear Urd's heart beat.

o0o0o ?, sunset o0o0o

Doki, doki, doki, doki

Urd's heart beats faster then before. The sunset is even more wonderful then ever before, a kaleidoscope of colors dance on the clouds. It seems as if the sky displays her feelings of the wonderful evening.

Fast winds accompany the laughs of Ranma and Urd.

Urd hugs Ranma more to herself, laughing even more.

The winds go faster and faster by them on the clouds, a little horde of angry gods and goddesses run screaming behind them.

Ranma turns with a wide smile back to where the others are screaming, happy with their accomplishment. 'I'm glad that I could bring happiness to her. But damn is that awesome to ride this horse Sleipnir and we even ride on the clouds! Simply wonderful!' "Yeeeeeehaaaaaw, faster, faster, don't let them catch us!"

Urd's heavenly giggling disappears into the darkening evening sky as it transcends into a clear night.

o0o0o Next day, Nekomi, Nekomi-Shi, Chiba-Ken Temple o0o0o

"Yep definitely worth it." Ranma remembers how while really flying and staying above the clouds, some of the gods and goddesses after them, became similar as in Nerima, collateral damage for the more determined 'hunters.'

Chains from heaven now bind both of them for a few days so they can't touch each other.

'Yep that was a nice ride! I still love it, when he said to Aphrodite that I'm a far better catch then her any day.' Flushing at the thought, a small smile appears, "yep, so worth it." Still she yanked as much as allowed on the chains of heaven, put on them by Aphrodite, so she can get nearer to him.

o0o0o A few days later, Nekomi, Nekomi-Shi, Chiba-Ken Temple o0o0o

'Argh with them always being so loud and soooooooo distracting I can't finish my project!' Turning around the corner, she finds the source of her distraction. 'I can understand that they are nearly inseparably after finally able to touch each others. Yes they are even closer then before.' "Can't you two stop even for a few minutes here? I'm trying to work here."


Urd removed her mouth from Ranma's. 'He sure learned to kiss and how to keep holding his air.' A little irritated, "Aww, is poor Skuld not able to get a boyfriend of her own?"

"This is not about my lack of relationship; it's about you two disrespecting other spaces."

Standing up and turning now fully to Skuld, "Respecting other spaces . . . HA! You're just jealous of us."

Flushing a bit and looks behind her left shoulder. A little bit mumbling she replies, 'I loved how the relationship between us sisters and especially Belldandy was before your boyfriend showed up.'

Hands on her hips Urd bows down so she is on eyelevel with Skuld she pronounces, "J…E…A…L…O…U…S!"

Throwing her hand into the direction of Urd's face Skuld screams, "YOU BIG COW!" Then Skuld stomps off to Belldandy.

'Reminds me of Nerima,' Ranma's first thoughts after the meeting. As Urd comes nearer and he get a wonderful display of her panties his eyes widen. "How did she cover your body and even there," pointing at the panties, "with the words 'Big Cow'?!"

Sighing in irritation, "When she is agitated she usually is able to . . . ." smirking a bit and feeling proud "and she gets better too."

Soft steps come near to them until Belldandy stops before them. When they look at her she begins, "Urd you know how Skuld is. Don't provoke her needlessly, more so since you have a boyfriend of your own. Showing him up before her-"

"Oh relax, it's all in good fun Belldandy . . . ."

At that, Ranma clinked out of the talk. 'Hmm I wonder how far Keiichi went with Belldandy. I never noticed them when I was so distracted with Urd. I wonder, . . . ' with that looks to and fro from Belldandy and Urd, 'yes I wonder what Belldandy showed Keiichi.' With that Ranma opened his mouth, "Belldandy, did you already show Keiichi some sexy lingerie like Urd has shown me?" Insert whole leg. With that done, he waited for her response.

"…riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight." Belldandy OS stuck at what she heard. Slowly but surely her skin flushes red and more and more red flushes from her neck until it reached her forehead.

Urd looks awestruck at Ranma how he easily made some progress between Keiichi and Belldandy's relationship. 'Oooh we sooo belong together,' with that she begins giggling again.

'Oh I love it when she giggles.' Then Ranma is again distracted how cutely Belldandy still flushes.

Slowly OS Belldandy boots up again. Blinking her eyes to moisten them, slowly turning around and going into the kitchen. "I think I need to lie down for a bit."

Urd yells after Belldandy, "you can come over when you're feeling better and choose some lingerie to show Keiichi!"

Bump, clirr

Belldandy, even redder then before, quickly with her magic, makes the bowl, which holds a few flowers whole again. "Sorry my dears," then hurries quickly to her room.

"Cute sisters you have there." With that, he initiates the kiss this time and totally ignoring the words "Big Cow" still written all over Urd.

o0o0o A few days later, Nekomi, Nekomi-Shi, Chiba-Ken Temple o0o0o

Urd hits the floor a few times with her fists, "bwa ha ha haha ha ha! There I'm a few days away and that happens to you! Wahhhaha haha haha ha ha!"

Ranma comes back from a training trip hears a mad laughing Urd. Grinning a bit to himself at the thought what Urd set off to laugh like that and imagines a few such scenes. He definitely didn't expect that Keiichi now sports boobs, of course not as large as Urd and his, and looking quite girlish. Barely suppressing his guffaw, he explains, still chuckling "Wow, there's now someone else, who can understand my situation . . . ."

Cue all but the laughing Urd blinking a few times confused.

"I mean now you get the chance of the lifetime to see what works best for your girlfriend." With that said, he looks out of the corner of his eyes and hints with his head nodding at Belldandy's direction. Adding to the confusion of the now blushing couple.

Urd seeing the added complication and knowing what Ranma meant ends up rolling on the floor laughing "Mhawahaha bwahahahahHAHAHHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHA-" hiccupping and continuing laughing while rolling laughing on the floor and bumping against a nearby table.

Cue cold ice-tea meeting Ranma, Ranma-chan meeting ice-tea all over her leg and her bare feet.

Well now, some crickets chirp in the background and the statues of Keiichi, Belldandy, and Skuld making some ominous breaking sound, while cracks go all over those statues.

"We better leave them be," with that Ranma takes Urd hand and goes outside. "How about we check this district out? I only ever saw that district from far above."

Still giggling Urd just nods a bit and gives an arm around Ranma's waist. "Let's go to some Game Arcade."

"Sure sounds good."

o0o0o Nekomi o0o0o

Daydreaming boys and girls are left behind the couple.

"Quite calm neighborhood you got here what do you do here to liven it up?"

Some blushing girls are now fans of Ranma as he cheerfully winked back to them.

"Well," moving softly with her right-hand forefinger over her lips, "we have here a lot of machine competitions where Keiichi builds some."

"Woah really? Him?"

"Don't sound so surprised, Keiichi is a good kid, else he wouldn't have my approval." Nodding to that solemnly Urd then glances to Ranma. "Oh and then don't forget that there is always Marller the Demoness. Blond haired woman, looks like she isn't from Japan, and has marks like these on her face." With that, said Urd traces the markings on her face.

Ranma following these fingers gets a little distracted by her eyes and thinks more onto the fingers. 'Hmm I surely need to taste these when I get back.' Getting out of that line of thinking, "well I'll look out for her then. Any Martial Arts contests nearby?"

"Not that I know of. Hmm . . . well we can look another day then, today we go to play in the arcade!" That said she drags him further in the direction of the arcade.

Of course, there are as well some jealous people as if they could have been in his shoes. "I'd like to have such a beautiful girlfriend drag me all around town."

The friend next to him looked at him frightened, "y- y- you don't mean that! Your current girlfriend already does that and you tell me that sucks." Rubbing with his forefinger and thumb his chin. "With her we can make an exception."


Still chin rubbing he turns around. A now white hand taps on his friend's shoulder.


"Leave me alone . . . let me enjoy that ass!"


The white as a sheet hand now forcefully turns around his friend's soon-to-meet-his-fate face and forcefully turns him around to see that friend's absolutely hellish furious girlfriend.

At that sight, he, along with his friend, flattened completely into a white paper silhouette. "IAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…"

o0o0o Nekomi, Arcade o0o0o

"Hah! Got you good this time!"

Ranma looks up at her and already by looking at her brightens up, "I'll get you next time!" Smirking at her, he inserts another coin. Surprised as he sees, somewhat behind Urd, a girl checking the goddess out. Smirking at the girl, he winks at her. "Hey, Urd there is someone familiar from before checking you out."

Like a seductress she gently brings her left side hair behind her ears, "She just can't resist looking at such a beauty as I," then looks back just to notice the blushing girl hide behind a pillar. "Oooh, she was checking you out as well." Gazing back at Ranma then smirks promising. "Want to have some fun?"

o0o0o Nekomi, Nekomi-Shi, Chiba-Ken Temple, Entrance o0o0o

"That was so 'wow' back there." Ranma blushes at the memory. "You just had to seduce her so much she was blushing red and just before you touched her you snag me for a good make out session before her eyes. I can understand that she watched rooted on the spot a beautiful 25 year old goddess making out with a mortal."

Urd flinches then sweatdrops at that. "Eh eh he . . . ."

Feeling with a certainly something is not right; Ranma looks assertive into Urd's eyes.

Urd as well feels something although more like being pierced by those wonderful eyes of Ranma. Seconds tick by until she can't hold it any longer. "Well . . . it's like this I'm a tiiiiiny bit older then that."

"Wow, for thirty you look quite beautiful."

"Erm . . ." looking left up into the sky, "well how should I say it . . . ." getting an idea she looks again back into Ranma's eyes. "The time in heaven goes different than the time on earth."

"Ah come on, you can't be older then a century."

Silence answered

More unsure, "a few centuries?"

Cough, cough

"How many more?"

"Eh ehheh, well it's funny that you ask it's around eight hundred years BUT you won't get my exact age." With that said, she has a dead serious face.

Noticing that look, 'I won't ask more about her age. Damn she still beats all other women in the looks department despite her age.' "And I thought the Amazons can hold up well to aging. The old ghoul doesn't have anything on ya!" Embracing Urd, and holding her close to him, then giving her a hot searing kiss. A few minutes later coming up for air. "And, hah hah," he pants in-between the kiss and another short kiss. "How old were you back then when we met?"

"Haaaah," slowly inhaling and exhaling, "five years old as you were yourself back then." Again the overwhelming need to connect oneself with the other overcame her and kissed Ranma again."

"Hah haaaah haaaah," a bit short on breath Ranma continues, "then how?"

"Simply… time runs differently in heaven then here in Midgard."

o0o0o Nekomi, Nekomi-Shi, Chiba-Ken Temple o0o0o

From above two goddesses observed as the two at the entrance, connect their mouths again and again illuminated from the setting sun behind their backs. Skuld stands up intended to go down there.

Belldandy's hand holds Skuld in place.

Skuld looks back at Belldandy, through her negatively shaking head told her not interfere with them. Sitting on the wooden floor, she looks longingly at Urd, a little envious at Ranma, and then back at Urd only softly she speaks two words, "big sister."

o0o0o A week later, Nekomi, Nekomi-Shi, Chiba-Ken Temple, Living Room o0o0o

"Take it like a man!"

"Noooooo!" Keiichi runs as if his life depended on it.

Probably it did.

"I won't let that near my Anata!"

CRAAAAA-BOOOOOOM! As she is known for, Urd just created a huge hole into the wall.

"Look what you did." Skuld rather agitated screams at Urd.

"Heh! I didn't do nothing." Screams Ranma of course believing that the blame was falling on him for what happened. Going back to stand now straight again compared of the C-shape of before avoiding the lighting blast radius zone.

Urd naturally answers, "It's your fault that this happened. Who knows what your machine would do to my anata."

"Don't blame me for what you did to the wall." Skuld screams right back at Urd.

Belldandy's serenity voice cuts yet again in both of their states. "Calm down, now. And I mean both of you." Looking disappointed into both of their eyes.

Both of them along with even Ranma who wasn't directly involved begun to feel guilty.

"Urd, you could have talked to Skuld some more instead of resorting to this method of getting your point across."


"No buts Urd," turning to Skuld, "however, as well you need to accept others decision."

Behind Keiichi nods to all of that. 'Good that I got Belldandy to stop further damage.'

Ranma suddenly jumps before Urd as if to protect her from the blame. "Then it'll be no problem at all when Urd and I make some money to pay for the damage." Thus acting on what he said, taking Urd's hand and leading her outside of the shrine.

o0o0o Nekomi, Nekomi-Shi, Chiba-Ken Temple o0o0o

She still blushes a bit. 'Feels good that Anata is so protective of me.' Noticing that Ranma wanted something from her, "What did you say?"

"Well what was that anyway with your sister?"

"How to put it . . ." thinking for a moment she then address Ranma, "it's like this with sis. She loves to build machines and that is one of the reasons she can tolerate Keiichi. That and Belldandy's wish to stay at Keiichi's side."

One grand facefault from Ranma later, he picks himself up 'I should have expected something like this.'

"Ranma here is a job made just for us."

Urd's excitement urges him to look where she pointed at. "Huh a Karaoke bar? Sure why not I've been to weirder."

o0o0o Afternoon, Nekomi, Shopping District, Karaoke Bar o0o0o

Ranma shakes his head while he smiles affectionately. 'I wouldn't have guessed that gods have weaknesses as well. It's good that I hate Enka's as well.'

Ding, ding

'I hope that these aren't the same blonde girls from before.' Looking up from the desk, he sees a tall blonde woman entering the establishment alone. Relieved he looks down again at his manga. 'When she wants something she comes here anyway,' ignoring the nagging feeling of his consciousness.

"Hey you! Look up! Damn it I'm here a regular so goddamn it pay attention to your customer or else . . . !"

Glancing up he finally notice her face. 'She is just like way back.'

Both suddenly recognize each other jump up and with finger pointed at each other loudly yell. "Stud boy!/The blond meanie!"

o0o0o One Minute later, Nekomi, Shopping District, Karaoke Bar o0o0o

Marller has Ranma cornered and eldritch energy crackling in her hand. "So finally I can pay you back for what you did!"

"Hey, we were kids back then, no reason to get that serious!" Then muttering under his breath, "why is it that I always get so many crazy chicks after me?"

Tick, tick. Apparently, he was heard as Marller's ticking eyebrows indicates. Near inaudible. "Crazy chick . . . ," getting louder and louder, "crazy chick . . . . I show you a crazy chick." The crackling eldritch energy gaining purple hues and intensity.

A door of one of the karaoke cabins opens and over the loud background music Urd screams, "Ranma can you tone it down a little, we hear it even here-" Urd froze at the sight that greeted her.

There Marller danced to the disco music from the room Urd was just in and the little wisps of energy where all that remained and disappeared in the next second. "I can't stop shaking." Surrounding her is the remains of the room after all those near misses by Marller.

Ranma incredulous takes in the sight of Marller now dancing to the tune. "Crazy chick indeed."

"You won't hurt my Ranma! URD'S BOLT!"

Marller while still dancing can only look with terror at the blast coming from Urd's outstretched hands.


At the epicenter of the blast, Marller lies sprawled on the floor, the luster hanging with the cable down and smashed on her face. Electroshocks going through her body even though it still urges Marller to spasm to the disco music in the background. "Please… stop… music." Then sweet unconscious finally claimed her.

"What's going on here?" says a voice from the background.

Both Urd and Ranma survey the destruction around look then at each other. "Hahahaha." Then with hope in their eyes at the clock miraculously still working, then nod to each other. With that, they run where the voice came from. "Boss!" All of this in total synchronization.

Reaching him Urd begins to put her assets into perspective and with a cute voice, "boss. Today we are done. So we get the pay and we are away."

As any hot blooded male the boss nods in tact and without looking away pays the exact sum. Luckily, he had the sum already prepared, else he would have handed all of his money over.

With the money in their pocket, they run outside of the shop from the backside.

As the Karaoke bar owner comes into the main hall, he stays rooted on place for a few seconds. "Noooo, nooo, nooooo! Not again! First my Television shop, now this." Finally noticing the downed person, he goes over to her. Feeling for her pulse . . . . "Phew . . . waaa! So it was her!" Fixating on her he bends down and 'loots' her money. Looking into the money pocket. 'Not much in there.' Then went back to starring at Marller. Stare, stare . . . (redefinition of stare:) e.

o0o0o A Quarter of an hour later, Nekomi, Shopping District, Before the Karaoke Bar o0o0o

"Damn first that woman from before and now that ass." Friend One, with a very glowing hand shape on his left cheek says, "But what a fine ass! I wonder though, how she got there, drunk as she is."

Friend Two, with a definitely lighter glowing hand shape, this one as well on his left cheek, answers his friend, "Let us go, even I have to admit, we don't get to see such fine asses often. However, we need to go! Your girlfriend is dangerous! I don't know what she will do if she caught us red-handed a second time."

"Hrrrmghmpf." Marller grumbles into the ground, scratching her behind half asleep then wakes promptly up. Standing up the damaged luster falls from her head on the ground splintering into many shards of glass. Then she notices that she has only her underwear on, that snaps her awake instantly.

A pan out to a satellite of Skuld in orbit over Tokyo.


o0o0o Nekomi, Nekomi-Shi, Chiba-Ken Temple, Garden o0o0o

Laughing out loud, "We could have done that much easier."

"What do you mean Urd?"

Conflicting emotion play on her face. "We could have repaired that simply with magic."

Surprise gave way on Ranma's face, which was replaced by a grin, "Doesn't matter. This way we have some money to spend instead of relying on Keiichi."

That remark soothes those conflicting emotions and left her smiling. "That's wonderful, but I'm hungry now let us go inside."

Staying behind Ranma marvels at the now fixed wall without any indications that it was once damaged. 'There is good magic as well, I never would have thought.'

"Ultimate Perversion Annihilator Gun Mk I!"

Urd releases an anguished scream. "AAAAaah!"


o0o0o Nekomi, Nekomi-Shi, Chiba-Ken Temple, Garden, Above o0o0o

„Argh, that hurts and I just conjured myself some clothes." Due the heated blast, Marller is again with tattered clothes and underwear, which seems to fall off when one touches it.

o0o0o Nekomi, Nekomi-Shi, Chiba-Ken Temple, Garden o0o0o

Fast turning around Ranma felt something hot going past him up into the sky.

A heated air path leads from the sky to Urd. "Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurd !" Fear for Urd spread in his heart and fast caught her before she fell down. Looking angrily at Skuld. "What did you do?!"

Taken aback by Ranma's raw emotion she backs up quite some steps.

Behind their backs, Urd's form shimmered a bit then slowly split into two. One had half of the clothes so that these barely hid anything in black. The other one had the other half of the clothes as well barely hid anything in white. Both stood groggily up from the porch outside and stumbled into the garden.

"Excuse me? Is that the Tendo Dojo?"

The white and black clothed seemingly twins of Urd turn to the sound in-between them.

Squish Squish

'What's that pleasant feeling?' Both of them look down into the face of Ryoga armed with the stupidest grin they have seen so far. And they had seen many. Both think 'Of all the people why is he between my breasts.'


The last connection of thoughts between those two disappears.

White clothed Urd. 'Eww he drools.'

'How dare he!' Black clothed Urd whacks Ryoga's back of the head, which does not budging even an iota. "Go away. Ranma doesn't need his rival here-"

Ryoga begins to tremble.

They both look at each other, and then run into the temple. "Out of the way!"

Ryoga trembles more and more, his skin gets whiter and whiter. "Mhwaaaaa" echoes around the Nekomi-shi and a gigantic fountain of blood sprays into the air.

o0o0o Nekomi, Nekomi-Shi, Chiba-Ken Temple, Garden, Above o0o0o


Driven up by the pure strength of the fountain one can see Marller's white blinking eyes and the rest of her body is obscured by the blood.

o0o0o Nekomi, Nekomi-Shi, Chiba-Ken Temple, Garden, Backside o0o0o

#...Found irregularity#
#Identify: …...Demon#
#Target: …..…Locked#
#Attack: …..…Special#


The red target along the huge blood fountain was spread even further and higher into the air.

o0o0o Nekomi, Nekomi-Shi, Chiba-Ken Temple, Garden, Above o0o0o

"This sucks!" And Marller blasted off again, high into the sky.

o0o0o Hokkaido, Furano, Hotel o0o0o

"Dear, what is it with the Japanese, fireworks at this time of the day? Though I wonder how they got the watery effect done."

o0o0o Nekomi, Nekomi-Shi, Chiba-Ken Temple, Garden o0o0o

White clothed Urd peeks out into the garden. "Oh dear the poor soul need some medical attention."

On the other side, the black clothed Urd peeks out. "Pish posh it will be done in a jiffy." That said taking some clamps for the machines and picks the now white as a sheet Ryoga up, with him she runs to the running TV and just throws him through it. "See done easy," grinning triumphantly at the other Urd.

o0o0o Nekomi, Nekomi-Shi, Hospital o0o0o

The news about the huge red fountain is shown above the reception. "And here again the footage by one of the bystanders-"

At that point, Ryoga comes through the monitor and lands directly onto the receptionist below.

The woman in formerly white now blood drenched clothing. Feels the head of Ryoga in-between her breasts. "Hentai!"

Slap*Slap*Slap*Slap*Slap*Slap*Slap* Slap*Slap*Slap*Slap*Slap*Slap*Slap* Slap*Slap*Slap*Slap*Slap

"OhMyGod! Help me! Help me! There is a hentai!" Holding the still white as a sheet Ryoga before her in the air and continues.

Slap*Slap*Slap*Slap*Slap*Slap*Slap* Slap*Slap*Slap*Slap*Slap*Slap*Slap* Slap*Slap*Slap*Slap*Slap

"Heeeelp me!"

o0o0o Nekomi, Nekomi-Shi, Chiba-Ken Temple o0o0o

Skuld and Ranma stand unmoving, still shocked, they watch all that transpired.

Ranma turns slowly to Skuld and pinches her cheek.

"Ow!" Snapping out of the funk. "Why are you pinching me?"

"Oh good, I thought I was seeing things."

"That still doesn't give you the right to pin-" Skuld stops in mid-sentence at the gaze from Ranma. Guilt spreading a bit because of what she had done.

Black clothed Urd now focused on Ranma used the opportunity to get him.


"Let us do it here. I want and need you." Black clothed Urd rubbing herself all over Ranma. Licking his jugular up then nibbles on his ear. "I need you so I can forget what Ryoga has done to," looking at the white clothed Urd then back into Ranma's eyes, "us. I need too forget that."

"What did he do?" hollers Ranma.

Feeling turned on by Ranma's assertiveness, black clothed Urd rubs her special place in need running up and down his length. "Forget it, I've taken care of it, and will soon take care of you . . . now!" The need of Urd spread fast and the half clothes begin to rip at strategically places due her own assertiveness. Kissing Ranma harder and harder. Her hard nubs rubbing through the sheer material teasing Ranma with the wonderful feeling. Pressing herself more into him as if to crawl into his skin to feel him more.

Skuld wanted to disappear; on the other hand, she wanted to stay here so they didn't do anything improper. 'Oh my god they didn't moan like that during the night.'

Compared to Skuld, white clad Urd moved to the making out couple. Looks down at them then presses her forefingers together. Harder and less hard, harder and less hard, . . . A little bit uncertain if this is the right way, "can you do that in your room?" Still white clad Urd pushes hard and less hard her forefinger together.

Black clad Urd just looked up at her alternate persona, while keeping up her feeling up of Ranma. Raising a delicate eyebrow, "wouldn't it be better," Urd slides down on Ranma's right side and hooks her own right leg into Ranma's own right leg, "if you join us?" Even now, she keeps up her ministrations of Ranma. "After all you're a kind of me as well." Giving her a wink of the eye.

Not even a second after she heard that, she was on the opposite of the black clad Urd. However, compared to making out she is cuddling Ranma.

Skuld mumbles to herself, "I should have expected that."

"Oh you got even harder then before Ranma," rubbing with her knee Ranma's currently most wanted part, "Oooh you got that just for us."

In contrast to her, white clad Urd was content to be next to Ranma. Only rubbing her cheek on Ranma like a cat marking her territory.

Ranma couldn't help himself any more, he was mad with lust and began groaning and feeling up his goddess(es). "I love you Urd."

As they heard Ranma's exclamation both parties enthusiasm rose.

Onto this scene, Belldandy enters. "What ever did happen? There was quite a commoti-" A bright blushing Belldandy stops what she wanted to say, unable to continue.

Black clad Urd peeps at Belldandy then turns fully to her. "By the way Bell-chan you need to do this to Keiichi-kun if you want to proceed with your relationship." Somehow she got white clad Urd to give Ranma a thigh-pillow, and her hand stroking the hair of Ranma. While she all but impale herself on Ranma's hard as diamond maleness.

That scene got enhanced via white clad Urd stealing sweet little kisses from Ranma.

Grabbing Belldandy under her arm Skuld flees the scene. Then she pushes Belldandy into her room and closes the door behind herself. "Help me Belldandy! I don't know how I can reverse that . . . ." 'I can't let Urd infect Belldandy with that . . . perverseness!'

o0o0o Nekomi, Nekomi-Shi, Chiba-Ken Temple, Entrance o0o0o

Keiichi finally comes in the garden bugged eyed he yells. "What kind of voodoo ritual happened here in the garden?"

"Keiichi come here, fast!"

Keiichi sees Skuld winking from the window. 'Hmm better I get there fast. It seems urgent.' "Coming." After climbing in he closes his eyes so he isn't blinded by Skuld's working light. "Please turn off the light I can't see."

'Turn off the light . . . off the light. Turn off . . . .' Jumping up and hugging Keiichi. "Thank you I finally got what I needed!" Then she goes of to work again on her Ultimate Perversion Annihilator Gun Mk I.

Keiichi seeing Belldandy standing there unusual with a dreamy expression. "What happened Belldandy?"

"Hmm…?" Coming out of whatever she dreamed she looked at Keiichi then looked down blushing a bit.


"See now since this is off, Urd will be back to normal in 3…2…1…. Now!" Then she contemplates her creation 'Without Keiichi I wouldn't have gotten so far. He can be quite nice . . . .' Clapping herself on her cheeks. 'No no nonono! I can't think about Keiichi.' Looking up and seeing them she jumps in-between them. "Didn't I tell you Keiichi, don't stand that near Belldandy."

o0o0o A few days later, Nekomi, Nekomi-Shi, Chiba-Ken Temple o0o0o

Tink, tink, tink.

Urd looks fondly upon the sleeping Ranma, 'I'll do it, from now on I'm prepared to be a first class goddess. I'm finally prepared for it.' Cupping gently Ranma's cheek within her balm, "For you I'll become a goddess first-class license."

Tink, bompf

"AAAAaaauuuuu!" hurried steps close in, the door loudly opens. "You're serious Urd, what brought that on?"

"Shhhhhh!" After making sure that Ranma is still fast asleep, Urd then drags Skuld outside, without protesting. [After hurting herself with the hammer Skuld has now a glowing red finger, which Urd now use to drag her outside of the room.]

"Ah stop, stop! Stop hurting me, I'm coming already."

Only after an imploring look into Skuld's eyes, she let go of the finger.

"So you're really serious and won't lie anymore?"

Urd's eyebrow ticks once, 'If only you knew what really happened . . . ' a few seconds go by, "yes I'm really serious."

"Why the change Urd?"

"Counter question, do you know when was the last time I drunk something?"

"Um-," 'when was really the last time I saw her drinking? Was it really so long ago . . . ?'

"I see you didn't get it yet why I usually drink. Hmm… how about I tell you a little story from way back that might give you a jog for your memory?"

o0o0o Flashback o0o0o

Urd at 5 years old, a little cubby child with dead eyes looks in the direction of the sandbox. 'I'm left alone by all of my friends because of my looks, because I'm not interesting enough, becau-'

"Do you want to play with me?"

Blankly as if not comprehending that someone was talking with her without making fun of her, she looks at the other 5 year old."

The boy looks into her eyes as if reading her soul, "Just a moment, be right back."

As the boy disappears so does her joy of having a first friend. 'He surely will disappear like all the others." With that, the dead eyes began to come forward again.

Suddenly something orange and green appear before her eyes, "Surprise!"

Scared she fell from the bench only to be caught by Ranma.

"So what ice you want, the orange one or green one?"

" . . . Green . . . . I love green." With warmth and hope, she looks into his eyes.

"Yeah fits to your beautiful eyes." The boy charmingly smiles at her.

"Beautiful . . . ." a true smile blossoms.

"Yep, you'd be my firstest girlfriend ever."

"Girlfriend . . . ." there stars appear in her eyes looking at him adoringly, while still in his arms.

Grinning from ear to ear, "What is your name?"

"Saotome Ranma of Anything goes Martial Arts! And I'll become the bestest Martial Artist!"

o0o0o Flashback end o0o0o

Skuld eyes then widen considerable, "Because of Ranma you want to become a first-class goddess!? Wa- wa- was that the reason why you got so serious that you finally want to be a first class deity?"

A somber mood spreads from Urd, "Yes indeed, because now I'm ready for him, now I can become the best of the best just for him and most importantly we are together now." A bit quieter, "I want to protect Ranma..."

"Big sister!" and catching Urd in a hug.

Calming down from her outburst, 'She is really serious this time, Ranma really turn her around.'

Urd still thinking back, 'I don't want anything to happen to him . . . again.'

o0o0o Flashback o0o0o

'There that jerk kissed MY Ranma, I'll get back at you and you will hate it! You womanizer will rue the day when you did this!'

o0o0o Forward to when Happosai and the woman repellant o0o0o

'Ohohohohoho, that's it, that's it! That I get a solution from, of all people . . . Happosai. I would never would have guessed it.'

o0o0o One day after o0o0o

Mumbling to herself a Chibi-Urd puts two pills on a table nicely presented, "Presto 'Urd's Anti-Pervy X-candy' and 'Urd's Anti-Pervy X-Antidote-candy'. Whereby the cute one is the antidote. Prepare at optimal time." then hid herself behind a table napkin. 'Great timing'.

Azusa saw the cute candy grabs it. "Cecile, oh my dear Cecile now that I've found you again, I'll hold you dear to me and never let you go!" and holds it to her breast, while throwing away the 'uncute' candy.

Unfortunately for Mikado, he was just turning around and nearly suffocated on the thrown candy before he downed it.

Chibi-Urd grins in victory. 'Now whenever Mikado is near a woman who was not Azusa, they react to him like the women did whenever Happosai with the woman repellent got near the women. Nice going Urd another job well done.' Forming an evil grin, 'and they do deserve each other. A match made by heaven."

o0o0o Shiratori Residence, Secret Basement o0o0o

'Cecil' is currently with a lot of many other 'cute' things at Azusa's home.

o0o0o Flashback end o0o0o



Shaking her head, "Hmm, what is it squirt?"

Skuld releases her grip on her sister's shoulder and fumes a bit about that remark by Urd, she collects herself again, "So Ranma was the reason why you stopped drinking?"

"Yes, I only drink because of how I missed Ranma or when I need my powers back." Urd looks down at Skuld then back in the direction of the room were Ranma sleeps in then back at Skuld. "Yep we will find you a boyfriend."


And the sister quarrel began anew.

o0o0o Nekomi, Nekomi-Shi, Chiba-Ken Temple, How it continues with Ranma and Urd o0o0o

Though cooking he does for them. She definitely isn't cut out for cooking (besides pancakes). However, that simply made her even more perfect for him. Because they fit together like the sea and the beach molding together though staying still themselves.

Yes, even physically they fit perfectly together, never minding who was on the top, the bottom, the side or whatever position they used. There was always passion, always lust and always their love shining through.

o0o0o Nekomi, Nekomi-Shi, Hospital, How it continues with Ryoga o0o0o

Two game nerds talk and wildly gesticulate to each other.

"And wouldn't you believe it. Right out of Warhammer 40k they did it in real life."

"I wonder how they gathered the blood? But I believe it's more like Vampires. They did a cult to revive them all!"

o0o0o Nekomi, Nekomi-Shi, Hospital, Room #24 o0o0o

There we see Ryoga lying on the hospital bed with a red wall behind him. An IV dripping blood into him where 20 blood packs are hanged together.

Mumbling, " . . . Ranma . . . . . . luck . . . . . . devil . . . . . . seducing evil minxes" And again he paints the ceiling red and sweet unconsciousness claims him.

Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeee . . . .

o0o0o Nekomi, Nekomi-Shi, Hospital, Nurse Room o0o0o

That's the fifth time today, again that problem patient in room #24. If he continues like that, we may have to paint the room in red since else we won't get that blood color off.

o0o0o Nekomi, Nekomi-Shi, Hospital, Room #24, Outside the Window o0o0o

From outside of the window Marller looks into the hospital room. "Stud boy will pay . . . yes he will pay," rubbing her hands, "and that boy will be my revenge . . . . Although I have to desensitize him first." An enormous sweat drop runs down Marller's hair.


Authors note:
Here it is now a good ending, besides my muse went *puff*. Feel free to write from this point on. However, when you write talk with me about it. And I want a copy of it! ;)