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Summary: When Bella Swan transfers to Twilight Academy and meets Rosalie Hale and Alice Cullen as her roommates and, Emmet, Jasper and the gorgeous Edward Cullen she finds herself in the academy's confectionary competition to win first place and also win the heart of Edward Cullen. All Human. Please Review!

"Bella be careful you're at this academy. I don't want any thing happening to you." My father Charlie told me as he drove me on the high way to my new school.

"I know dad. For the millionth time I'll be careful you don't have to worry." I told him. He was so protective of me being in a school with dorm rooms… He thinks that bad things will happen to me there.

"Well I'm just warning you Bells that guys only want one thing…" I cut him off be for he could finish. "NO! I don't want to hear it1 I don't NEED to hear you told me already!" I screamed I didn't need to hear The Talk again.

"Okay, but make sure nothing happens t you." Charlie told me.

"I know dad NOTHING will happen." I reassured him for the millionth time. I leaned against my dad's car window. I was going to be transferred to the extraordinary Twilight Academy located in Forks, Washington. I was going there because I was recently moved from Arizona so my mother Renee and her new husband Phil could go on they're honeymoon.

"Well, okay. Bells will be at the academy soon." Charlie told me and I nodded.

In a matter of minutes of Charlie pulling off the high way and in to a short forest we were finally in front of the academy. The academy was huge and I was only at the gate. When the gate opened I got a better vision of the front of the large campus. The academy's walls made of hard cement of the big center building which I figured was the main building. There were about 21 steps leading up to the main entrance with hedges surrounding the outside with small patches of flowers around.

"Okay Bella this is your stop." Charlie said with a little smile.

"Okay, bye dad. Take care of yourself." I said as I hugged him tightly. I got out of the car and took at my 2 suitcases from the back seat. I shut the doors and waved my dad off as he drove away waving good bye. When he was out of sight I took a deep breath and made my way to the entrance of the academy.

When I made it up the stairs I headed for the giant wood doors and opened it. When I entered I was in a long hall way with wooden cases of awards and trophies the academy had earned. I walked to a door labeled Administration. I opened the door and there was a desk with a woman in about her thirties typing away on her computer. I walked to the woman's desk and started to speak.

"Um, excuse me?" I asked her in a soft voice hoping she heard me.

"Yes, how may I help you?" she asked. I read her name plate it said Mrs. Adrianna Marker.

"My name is Isabella Swan and I'm transferring here today." I answered politely. Mrs. Marker nodded and started to type on the computer looking for my name. When she stopped on one of the pages she got off her seat and headed to some cabinets. She came back with some papers and a key with her.

"Here you go Miss. Swan here is your schedule, map of the school, and key to your dorm room." She said as she handed me everything. I nodded and took everything from her.

"Welcome to Twilight Academy Miss. Swan." She welcomed me kindly. I thanked her and walked out of the room down the hall way and out the door. When I got outside I was amazed at how big the rest of the campus was. It was a large lawn with trees, flowers, sidewalks, and students walking around. I took it all in for a moment and looked at the map trying to find out where the girl's dormitory was. The map showed that it was the large building far off to the right of me.

When I got there it was a lot bigger than I thought of off in the distance. It looked like there were many rooms since almost the whole dorm was covered in large glass window. I opened the door and entered in to another lobby with covered in teal blue carpet. I saw 2 elevators. Amazing this place has elevators in their dorms. I pressed the button and waited as the elevator stopped at the lobby as I stepped in. I pressed the 5th floor which was the floor of my dorm.

I looked at some of the papers apparently I had 2 roommates some girls named Alice Cullen and Rosalie Hale I hoped they were nice people. When the elevator stopped I ended in yet another lobby that looked mostly like a hotel than a dorm room. I stepped out of the elevator and started looking for room 563 and great it was at the end of the hall.

I stopped in front of the door labeled 563. I took a deep breath hoping that my new roommates were nice. I put the key in to the key hole and turned the door as it unlocked. I opened the door slowly and when I did the room looked like an apartment room than a dorm room. I could see a large living room and kitchen and the only thing I could see the rest looked like it was down 2 hall ways going to each side of the room.

When I opened the door more suddenly a beautiful girl with short black spiky hair popped out. I gasped in surprise as she smiled.

"Oh my god! You must be Isabella Swan are new roommate! Yeah!" She cheered as she pulled me and my luggage in to the room as she shut the door behind us.

"Hi! My name is Alice Cullen! Nice to meet you!" She said enthusiastically as she hugged me tight. She was very friendly.

"Hi, Alice. Nice to meet you and call me Bella." I said nervously. I was a little shy.

"Oh don't be nervous Bella we're going to be the best of friends!" She cheered. Her voice like wind chimes. "Rosalie! Come out here!" She called to another room.

Alice was still hugging me as I heard foot steps coming from the left hallway and out stepped another beautiful girl. She had long blonde hair and had the body girls would kill to have, just like a model.

"Is that are new roommate?" she asked Alice and she nodded happily. The girl called Rosalie came closer and all of a sudden started hugging me!

"Hello Bella! I'm Rosalie Hale also nice to meet you!" she greeted me as they both hugged me tighter to a point I couldn't breathe.

"Hi… I… can't… breathe…" I tried to breathe. It seems that hey noticed I couldn't breathe and let me go and smiled.

"Sorry, we got carried away." Rosalie said as she apologized. "Welcome to Twilight Academy! We can help you with your suit cases and talk a little and get something to eat!" Alice exclaimed.

"Okay!" I said happily. I was so glad that they were such nice people. We we're about to go to my room when there was knocking on the front door. Alice skipped to the door in her black tank top and jeans. She opened the door and 3 guys stood there.

The guys were all good looking especially the guy with brown reddish hair with topaz. He was absolutely gorgeous! His body looked well toned underneath his long sleeved white shirt and long black pants. The other guy was the biggest who had a lot of muscle. He had short curly dark hair and also topaz colored eyes. He also had long dark pants and a gray shirt with a puffy coat. And the last guy had blonde hair like Rosalie and light colored eyes also like hers. He too was well toned he wore a white shirt and coat with dark pants.

"Jasper! Emmet! Edward! Come in and meet Bella Swan who is our new roommate!" Alice said as she pulled them in as she hugged the blonde hair boy and kissed his cheek.

"Hi Bella! I'm Jasper Hale Rosalie's twin and Alice's boyfriend!" Jasper greeted and extended his hand while Alice still hung on to him.

"Hello Jasper. Nice to meet you!" I smiled. It looked like the guy with curly dark hair was next. Since Rosalie gave him a small kiss on the lips. I blushed at the sight. "Hello Bella! I'm Emmet Cullen Alice's brother and Rosalie's boyfriend!" He smiled as I also shook his hand.

"Hi Emmet! Nice to meet you!" I said happily and now I would finally find out the gorgeous guy was.

"Hello Miss. Bella. It's good to meet you I'm Edward Cullen Alice's and Emmet's brother." He said in such a smooth voice just like silk. He bowed and shook my hand.

I blushed a little at his soft touch on my hand it was so warm and comforting.

"Hello Edward. Nice to meet you as well." I said politely.

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