AN: Okay, so this chapter is going to be Ella's first birthday party. Keep in mind when reading this that two months have passed by since the last chapter and I'm trying to stick somewhat to the real movie, Look Who's Talking. Ha. I'm on a roll. I did research for this chapter too! I'm proud of myself (: Anyway, on with the chapter!

It was time for Ella's first birthday, and Brooke was running all over the house, trying to make sure everyhing was perfect for her daughter's birthday. Plus, she had a little surprise of her own for Lucas later that night when everyone was gone. She sent Lucas out to hang out with the guys while she, Haley and Peyton were looking over Ella and Haley's son, Jamie, who was about three years old. The three had been working all day to get read for the little girl's birthday, and decided to take a break, which was when Brooke was running all over the house, rechecking everything, with Ella toddling after her.

"Ma! Ma!" Ella squealed. "Pick me up. I don't want to walk anymore!" The only words Brooke and Lucas had taught Ella were Mama and Dada, so that was all she said.

Brooke stopped walking around the house and turned around to see her one year old running after her. "Yes Ella Bella?" She smiled warmly down at the baby.

The little girl thrusted her arms upwards in an effort to get Brooke to pick her up. "I'm sick of walking! You carrying me is more fun mama"

Brooke leaned down and lifted her daughter onto her hip. "You know Ella, you're one now. Soon, you'll be two, and then three, and soon enough, you'll be 17, and your daddy will have to buy a shot gun with all the boys who will be knocking on our door, right?"

Ella gave her mother a confused look. "What are you talking about? Daddy wouldn't ever hurt anyone" With that thought, her face changed to a smile. "Mama! It's daddy!" She looked over Brooke's shoulder and pointed, giggling as Lucas and Nathan walked into the house all sweaty from their basketball game.

"Aw, come on Ella. You ruined my element of surprise" Lucas laughed, kissing her on the forehead.

"No offense or anything Luke, but with that smell, your element of surprise was already spoiled without our one year old" She scrunched her nose, hitting his chest lightly. "Go shower stinky" She turned around with a smirk on her face "Hey Nate!" She called back to her brother in law as she walked back to the living room where her friends were.

"Daddy!" Jamie called, running over to his father.

"Hey son" Nathan smiled, lifting Jamie up onto his back as the little boy ran into him.

"Did you beat uncle Lucas bad?" Jamie asked, holding onto his father's shoulders.

"Hey now J Luke. I beat your dad LOADS of times. And today was no different" He threw a confident smile over to his brother and nephew.

"Yeah, yeah. My back was hurting. You had an advantage" Nathan shook his head and put Jamie back down on the ground.

"Excuses, excuses little brother. Just admit I'm better than you" The blond walked into the kitchen, grabbing a water and throwing another one to Nathan.

"You just wait until next time. I'll get Jamie on my team, and we'll beat you so bad" Nathan caught the water bottle with one hand, putting the other down for Jamie to slap.

"Nate, let's go home. We have to get ready for the party" Haley smiled, walking in between the two brothers "You two can continue this never ending fight later" She smirked, patting Nathan on the chest as she made her way towards the door.

"Yeah, I should probably get home too. See ya later B" Peyton called, walking out after Nathan and Jamie

"Okay, see you guys later!" Brooke called, shutting the door after them and turning around. "Luke?" She called up the stairs, figuring he already went to go shower. "Ella? Sweetie? Where are you baby?" Brooke called into the living room, when she heard a giggle. "Oh, we're playing hide and seek huh? Okay, I'll play with you" She smiled, tucking her hair behind her ear.

From behind the couch, Ella giggled. "Mama will never find me here!"

Brooke followed the giggle she heard, looking behind the couch, seeing her daughter sitting there in her pink dress, her dark brown hair atop her head, with her finger in her mouth. She reached down and lifted the girl into her arms.

"How come she stopped looking?" Ella thought since she hadn't heard her mother's footsteps. She put her fingers in her mouth, squealing when she felt someone lift her up. She looked up to see her mother smiling down at her "You scared me mama!"

"Mama!" Ella squealed, putting a hand to her mother's face.

"I know baby, you're a good hider!" The young mother smiled, sitting down on the couch. "Ella baby, you would look so cute with that bow daddy bought for you in your hair. Why won't you let me put it on?" She asked, holding her little hands in her own.

"Yuck!" Ella thought, making a face. "That bow is itchy. I hate it mama"

Brooke laughed when her daughter's face changed. "Okay, okay. I won't put it in. You look cute anyways" She said, leaning in and kissing her nose.

"Of course she does. She's my daughter, after all" Lucas smiled, walking in and sitting down next to his wife and daughter as the doorbell rang.

"Well here, why don't you take your daughter, and come with me to see who's here?" She smirked, handing Ella to Lucas and getting up, her family following behind and opening the door. "Naley! That was a quick change for you two" Brooke smirked

"We decided to save water" Nathan smirked, getting a slap on the chest from Haley and a fist bump from Lucas.

Brooke laughed, walking back into the living room. "Who else is coming anyway Brooke?" Haley asked, sitting down and putting Jamie down next to Ella.

"Mama, I don't wanna play with Ella. She's a girl" Jamie said, making a face

"Jamie, girls aren't all that bad. Just go play with her and you'll find out, alright?" Nathan said, turning Jamie around and guiding him toward Ella.

"But girls are gross" The little boy said as he turned his head, looking back at his father.

"Come back to me with that statement when you're 13" He smirked back at his son

"Go Natey" Brooke laughed "Well Hales, Peyton's coming, and Bevin and Tim with Nathan, Skillz, Mouth, Chase and Rachel, and unfortunately Karen and Deb couldn't make it, so that's it"

"I still think it's creepy that Tim named his kid after you Nate" Lucas noted

"Yeah, me too. But then again, I'm pretty sure Tim doesn't even remember that my name was Nathan first" He smirked

As the party went on, more people came, bringing all their presents for Ella, who got passed around the party her own fair share before being back in her father's arms. Surprisingly, Rachel held her a lot, which was fine with Ella, who had taken a liking to the redhead. During the cake blowing, much to Brooke's dismay, Ella decided it would be fun to take the cake and smear it all over her dress and face and hair, which, of course, Lucas got a picture of. After she was cleaned up and changed, she was fed her cake, and then the party went on. Towards the end of the party, Ella fell asleep in Brooke's arms, so that was when everyone started leaving.

Once everyone was gone, Brooke changed Ella into her pajamas and put her to bed. She walked down the stairs, sitting down on Lucas's lap on the couch as he leaned forward, putting his hand on her back and looking up into her eyes. "Poor girl. She must've been pretty tired" He said, removing his glasses, and putting them on the coffee table.

Brooke nodded "All that passing around must've tired her out. Did you see Rachel with her though?" She had a soft smile on her face, and her dimples showed just a little bit, which Lucas loved "Jeez. You'd think Rachel would hate kids, but the way she's with Ella, I think she might have gotten soft in her age" She smirked

Lucas nodded, agreeing with his wife. "It sucks she's growing up"

"Rachel? Luke! I didn't know you had a thing with Rachel staying young" Brooke smirked, laughing a bit

"No! Ella" He rolled his eyes and shook his head, rubbing up and down his wife's back. "Seems like just yesterday you were breaking my hand" He gave her a small smile, leaning up and kissing her lightly.

"Well in about six months I'll be breaking your hand again Broody" She smiled, turning so that she was straddling him, and putting her hands around his head, running them through his hair.

"You're..we're" He couldn't seem to get the words out

"I'm pregnant Luke" She smiled

You'd think a writer would be able to express his happiness in having another baby with his wife, but no. He couldn't. All he did was get a big goofy smile on his face and lean in to kiss her with all the passion he could. Brooke's hands moved down to his neck. She pulled away when air became a problem "So I'm guessing from that goofy smile on your face, you're happy?" She asked, giving him a half smile.

"Of course I'm happy pretty girl!" He couldn't seem to stop smiling from this one. He and the love of his life were having another baby! His joy just couldn't be expressed. "Wow. We're having another baby" He leaned back, finally with a content smile on his face. Brooke turned in his arms and leaned back against his chest. His hands moved down to her stomach, resting them there comfortably as she rested hers on top of his.

So this was it,

...the feeling that nothing could bring you down.