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Today I woke up from a horrible nightmare. It was about them. They took away what normalness I had; it was because of them that I always cried myself to me to sleep and woke up screaming. This time it was as worst as the last; not so realistic. There was merely screams, blood-curling screams but never the less screams. The one before held memories of gruesome images of children being murdered; they were doing all of it. Their blood-coated bodies were self-explanatory and the bodies laying a skewed surrounding them.


It was crimson everywhere. Just as I look towards them again, I see figure behind them; a young girl. I realized that the girl was me. Keyword: was.

Short bluish-gray hair and black clothes mattered in blood, then she began to kill more of them. Her eyes, instead of the normal gray-blue; one eye was pure opal and the other was crimson red. On her back are wings, white wings.

Suddenly, I felt blood spray my clothes and red cloud my vision. The next thing I know I am on the floor with the blanket draped over me. The sweat drenched my nightgown making it stick to my body. Every time I have this dream something devastating occurs. The last time was the war starting again after about one year of peace. I can't believe it will happen again . Her bloodlust rising with each dream is the cause of my solitude.

I, Meer Campbell have subjected myself to solitude because of my alter ego. I am an assassin for my "so called creators" to do their dirty work so they themselves are not dirtied.

I will be killing once more, today my prey is myself once again. Over the years I have learned that simply making a shallow yet deep even cut near a vital organ that her blood lush will diminish after a few moments. She can't live without my own conscious being alive.

In one dream she told me her name; it was Hikari. How ironic her name means light and yet she is the opposite.

With a few discussions with her, we have decided to compromise in trying to split ourselves a part. After 9 years of research and study I will be able to have us separate by the time I turn 17.

Because of my voice I have been asked to be Lacus Clyne for Gilbert Durandal. I know he is using me like all the others he treats as pawns. My adopted mother once worked for him and she got kill a few years after witnessing a murder. Her spirit sometime visit me in my time of need and once told me of the murder. It was Gilbert Durandal that murdered her after he killed one of EAF soldiers. All the police told me was that she got in the way of the fire. I mean how could you explain to a 9 year old girl that her mother was killed and because of having no relatives that she was going to either live by herself or go to the orphanage. I decided to live on my own, with my own limitations I would hinder others and could possibly kill those in the orphanage.

Now that I am Lacus Clyne, I must use her ways as well as my own to pursue peace in non-violent ways. Yet, I still need to fight my own demons and myself from losing who I truly am; not Lacus Clyne, not Meer Campbell but Meer Peacecraft. One of the last 2 female Peacecrafts in the entire world. My ancestor Relena Peacecraft became Queen of the World at the age of 15 and I wish to continue the path of "total pacifism" in a similar way.

And so my journey begins with a wish for freedom and peace.