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A single lone tear.

It was something they weren't expecting; and all because of one single question "How does she know you?" Then the blonde spoke, "Mia is an old friend that we know, and is my's distant cousin." Gasps were heard omnipotent.

"Does that mean she is also my cousin?" questioned Kira.

"Yes and no."


"By law Mia is technically our cousin but by blood she is not. Because she is a Peacecraft and those descended from Peacecrafts are the Atha's. Certain individuals chose to become Athas because when being a Peacecraft, pacifism and peace is the up most priority to consider. Even if you must give up your own life to fulfill that one ideal. As an Atha you must have the influence and strength to uphold your political position in the government of the country as well as creating peace for the people. The idea to obtain peace by your ancestor Relena Peacecraft was using non-violence as a way for the people to once again believe that even after 15 years of there not having peace, during her time that is, that it would come again."

She paused to survey the group since it seemed that the atmosphere in the room was getting denser, that was until Lacus started to talk.

"Mia may have impersonated me but there was nothing wrong with that. Simply, simply because Cagalli and I told her to do so," The grasps increased. "Due to the fact that she is Cagalli's cousin and has the same voice as my own; she was the perfect undercover spy. No one knew she was Cagalli's cousin but due to the circumstances that she contained, it was essential. Her own abilities had assisted our plan in infiltrating the PLANTS. As each month past for the war Mia gave us information that was beneficial to stopping this war. Her own abilities that she was born with have given Mia numerous advantages as a Natural." Comments and questions arose:

"She is a Natural and impersonated a Coordinator!"

"How is that even possible?"

"So what if she is a Peacecraft, she is the imposter!"

"SILENCE!" screamed Cagalli. "Mia is not just a Natural, not only did she infiltrated ZAFT and enlisted herself as a Coordinator but also was able to supply us with information about their gundams and plan of action. Mia may have impersonation her friend but it still doesn't mean that she was helpful in our plans! She knew what Durandal would do to her if she was discovered to soon; she knew her fate well enough from the very beginning."

Before anymore more questions were asked, both women left with Athrun and Kira tailing them.

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