By Syaoran Li

(from episode 25 of Gundam 00)

Marina Ismail,

If you're reading this...then I'm no longer in this world.

The entity that eradicated conflicts by force, Celestial Being...

Taught myself, who only knew how to fight; the true meaning of fighting.

Like Gundam did that time.

I wanted to know, why the world was so warped.

Where did this warping come from.

Why do people have an inherent evil within their subconscious.

Why don't they try to recognize that inherent evil.

Why there are those who drive themselves mad.

Why people control, and are controlled.

Why people hurt each other.

Why people...don't try to live their lives to the fullest.

I sought the answer.

I thought if I met you, you'd be able to answer it all.

Having traveled the same road, yet desiring something different,

The answer to the road...

of understanding one another.

I kept seeking it,

Along with my Gundam.

With my...Gundam

Setsuna F. Seiei