Summary: They're young, she's the Hayden heiress, he's the Huntzberger heir and they're trying to be happy together.

Disclaimers: I don't own Gilmore Girls or anything, because believe me if I owned the show Logan and Rory would be together and the show would still be on the TV!

A/N: All mistakes are mine and I'm pretty sure there are many mistakes. I'm French, so English is my 2nd or 3rd language.

Chapter 1

Rory was leaned against Logan as he sipped his scotch on the rocks, she took a sip of his drink when he put it down and , winced when the bittersweet liquid burnt her throat.

"Why did you drink it?" He asked her smiling, having noticed her disgusted look. "You don't like scotch, in the two years we've been together, you've made it pretty clear that you don't like it."

"I know but I was thirsty."

"And now?"

"No longer the case, seriously why do you drink that thing?"

"Because I love it."

"It's not even good! Martinis are much better." she said with a smile as she raised her empty glass in the air. Finn caught her glass while she was kissing Logan and looked at it.

"Love, your glass is empty, I'm going to get you another one while you're with Logan. You can't spend the whole night with an empty glass, it's against my rules."

"If you say so, now off you go." she told him before returning her attention to Logan, she kissed him and played with his lower lip before kissing him fully on the lips. "Want to go home and have our own fun?"

"Ace, Finn is going to come back soon, we should wait a little before leaving."

"Five minutes and then we're out of here. I haven't spent more than a minute alone with you in the last two weeks and as much as I love your friends, I want to spend one night alone, with my boyfriend."

"I promise you'll get that just wait a little and then we're going home."

"Okay then, but answer to your cell before leaving." Rory said with a smile as she pulled his phone out his pocket and handed it to her boyfriend . Logan read the Dark Lord, in coming call but he ignored it with a sight and turned off his phone, less chance of being annoyed by Mitchum. He threw a few bills on the table and went to look for Rory at the bar, to get home, playing a drunk girl was a tough job for his girlfriend. "We're going home." he whispered in her ear as they quickly made their exit. He helped her with her coat.

"So what did the Dark Lord have to say?"

"Nothing that I care about to be honest, now let's just get you in a bed, we haven't really slept since our return from Spring break."

"But who said I wanna go to bed?"

"You're starting to understand."Logan said as he opened the door for the car and closed behind her.

Rory was kissing Logan as they were making their way in his room Logan suddenly pulled away to take a breath and look at her in the eyes.

"Why don't we move this to the bedroom?" he asked her with a smirk, to which she replied with her smirk of her own, something she had learned from him years ago.

"I don't know, the living room seems really great and..."

"You want to get caught by the cleaning ladies that come in the morning, don't you? I didn't know you were into this, you should have told me about your kinky side."

"Pig!" she said, hitting him on the chest before forcing him to walk backwards towards his room. She started to kiss him again, working on the buttons of his shirt while he worked on the zipper of her dress.

"But you love me."

"Yeah, I love you and I still don't know why."

"I'm hurt Ace, but I love you too." he said, pushing her on the bed before laying next to her and kissing her neck before moving back to her lips.

The next morning when Logan woke up, he found Rory asleep in his arms, he watched her a few seconds before moving his arms slowly so as not to wake her. He grabbed his boxers which was on the floor and walked out of his room and like always the first thing he did when he walked into his kitchen was to turn on the coffee maker. He knew Rory would want some as soon as she opened her eyes. He had to wait less than five minutes before the smell of coffee made Rory get out of bed, but it was not until she had drank her second cup that she realized he was here.

"Morning." she said softly, kissing him on the lips before moving towards the coffee pot, but Logan caught her by the arm and made her stop so he could put his arms around her waist. Rory quickly kissed him before moving out of his arms to grab the coffee pot. Logan watched her with a smile as she drank her third cup, he waited until she was moving towards the coffee maker for another cup to grab her by the waist and bring her towards him.

"Don't you think three cups are enough for the morning?" he asked her with a smile as she shook her head no. "Then I guess I've got to do something about it to change your mind." He took her hand and led back to the bedroom where he started to take her clothes off, one by one.

"Logan we shouldn't..."

"Why? You're over eighteen and you seemed to enjoy it last night."

"I know, that's not what I mean."

"Then what do you mean?" he asked with a smirk as he played with her hair.

"Shut up."

"Come on Ace."

"I haven't had enough coffee to have such a conversation." Rory wined like a five year old little girl. "Why don't we just do it after all!"

"What? Ace are you high or something because this isn't you."

"Stop laughing! There is nothing funny! Now sleep."

"Come on Ace, you can't be serious, I don't want to sleep."

"Read a book."

"Aceeeee." he whispered kissing her neck and then planting small kisses all over her face and finally on her lips.

"You might not need to read that book after all." she said as she threw her book on the floor and returned her attention to Logan. "I just want to sleep, could you please turn off the light?"

"No problem. Night Ace."

"Good night Mac."