Chapter 48

Hi, I know it's been years but I am back I am not dead although covid almost killed me so please please please be careful with that virus it is a real thing, practice social distancing and wear a mask please. My stay in the hospital made me want to continue so a year after my covid here's a new chapter, but no worry I've got more written ;)

« Lauren is that right ? » Logan asked with a smirk as he stood up and buttoned his suit jacket. « I hope you don't mind me calling you by your name as I don't know you last name. » he said knowing very well what her name is as Rory often complained about her since she began working at the paper.

« Yes. » she replied with what she probably thought was a seductive smile, but it mostly came out as a woman pucketing. « «I just wanted to ask what are we, well mostly me, what am I supposed to write about if you're my boss and Leigh … sorry Rory is you fiancée ? I mean I'm writing for the society section of the paper after all ! » She let out a dramatic sigh as she raised her arms abover her head for a more dramatic effect. Rory tried to hide the laugh that wanted to come out. That woman is such a drama queen, she could give Michel a run for his money if she ever had to compete against him in a drama queen contest. She caught Logan's wink which made it even harder to suppress her laugh. She let out a cough to cover the small laughter that came out but it was not enough to cover it. Lauren shot her a glare having heard the small laugh but before she could say anything about it Logan spoke again.

« Well Lauren now th at you're mentioning it I meant to have a conversation with you about your section and articles. It was meant to be a conversation between the two of us but since you obviouly want to have the conversation in public let's go. » He said with a smirk. « Your colums tend to be more reporting rumors than reporting facts. I don't want that kind of things in my paper, I want you to repport true stories not be mouthpeaces for all the rags papers out there. I will only say this once, if you feel like you're doing a good job writing shitty collumns that caused the paper to publish correctives week after week because you reported false information. » the people present all let out a gasp hearing Logan call out Lauren like that. « I'm not going to let that go in a Hunzberger paper, you either correct that very quickly or you're out. I'm sure rags papers like Us magazine or even the Enquire would be happy to have you on their payroll unlike me.

I don't feel like losing money because of advertisement space being pulled from the paper or lawsuits after a false news is published in my paper. You want to write about me or even Rory, sure go for it but make sure you're reporting facts and not rumors. » he finished harshly while Mitchum was looking at him like any proud father after his son scored a winning touchdown in the last quater of a Superbowl final.

« You can't say that about my work ! I'm a professional reporter who's worked her ass to get all the news I get ! I would say it is much more than your fiancé who only got het job because she is sharing a bed with you !» Rory angrily jumped out of her seat when she hear heard that harpy talk about her like that.

« Before accusing me of abusing my romantic relation with Logan to get a job here you'd better get your facts straight ! I got this job thanks to my education at Yale and my interships in papers around the country. I was already working here when Mitchum bought the paper so you can't for out and spread your lies about me or my work ethic. Who cares about who shares my bed or who I go home to ? If anyone here cares about who I sleep with, raise your hand. » Rory said with a smirk as she looked around the briefing room, daring anyone to raise their hand.

« Logan and I have been together for a while now, when we met I already wanted to be a reporter, hell in fifth grade I told my parents how I wanted to be a New York Times reporter ! » Chris nodded along with his father who let out a small 'hell yeah' with a small laugh. « I have had this dream my whole life and falling in love with that hunk of a man over there never made me change my mind and he mostly supported my dreams and my aspiration to become a reporter. So do you think I should give up on my life long dream to become a reporter just because I am sleeping with the owner of the paper ? »

Lauren looked around the room, looking for support from her friends, but they were all avoiding her eyes, none of them wanted to stand up for her.

« How can it be fair to the rest of us if she is competiting against one of us for a promotion or something ? »

Logan was about to reply when Rory put her hand on his arm to stop him from answering. She wanted to be the one to reply, it was her fight to fight not his.

« You can rest assured then Lauren. I am not interested in getting a promotion or anything, all I care about is doing my job the best I can. I want the people I work with to be honest with me about my work, to tell me when there is something wrong with it I am not looking for people to lick my boots whenever I do something or say something. »

« Oh please, we all know that's what people like you expect from us poor peasants. »

« That's enough ! » yelled Mitchum as he stood up and glared at her. « I think we'd enough of your so called concerns. This matter should be resolved in private and not in public in my opinion. »

« Why should it be peivate, unlike her I've got nothing to hid ! »

« Lauren I've got nothing to hid and my mom would be rolling on the floor if she were here. She never raised me to expect people to lick my boots or anything. I was raised to be a down to earth girl not an heiress wanna be barbie. I earned evrything I have today, I worked hard to get into Yale, I didn't even get into my favorite college. I wanted to go to Harvard like my maternal grandfather but I didn't get accepted to I went to Yale. I applied to my interships like you did same for this job. Should I apologize for my family's success in business or for falling in love with Logan ? Let me tell you that Logan had to work hard to convince me to go out with him but when I fell in love with him it all became meangless, his last name, his family's involment in the newspaper business. It was about Logan and I being in love together and now we are about to give birth to a child who's going to take the world by storm judging from the happy dance he's doing right now. »