Title: Abby's Secret Life
Rating: PG-13 for now, will probably end up higher
Summary: Some friends from Abby's past appear, leaving Gibbs wondering what she is hiding…
Author's Note: Borrowing the characters from NCIS to play around with just for a little while. I'm pretty sure no one will really mind. Gibbs & Abby story. Thank you to Amy for all of your help.

Abby groaned when the alarm clock rang to wake her up.

"Gah, it feels like I just crawled into bed three hours ago," Abby mumbled into her pillow as she reached over to hit the snooze button. "Well, three hours was pushing it, two would have been closer to the mark…"

When the alarm went off fifteen minutes later she finally got up and started her morning routine.

Forty-five minutes later she was on her way to work. She glanced in the rearview mirror; her eyes looked like she had been out clubbing all night. She giggled at the thought of her co-workers finding out where she really was. She didn't plan to let them find out.

It was a quiet morning for a Friday. Tony was picking on Ziva and McGee was working on upgrading the computer system yet again.

By the time Gibbs made his appearance it was an all out war between Ziva and Tony, both trying to get reservations for the new club that was opening up - "Captain Jack's". So far there was no luck for either agent and with a hundred dollar bet riding on this win they were getting pretty desperate.

Gibbs, getting a little annoyed with all the bantering going on, decided to go and visit Ducky. As he was just about to turn the corner he heard Director Shepard call out, "Gibbs, please wait."

Ziva, Tony and McGee all stopped what they were doing, thinking that an assignment would be forthcoming. Not really paying too much attention to the man standing with the Director.

Gibbs walked back over and waited for Jen to make the introductions, curious to see what was going on.

"Special Agent Gibbs, I'd like you to meet Alex LeBeau, who has been given special permission to tour our facility. Since your team is not working an active case at the moment, please show our guest around." She also gave Gibbs a look that said, 'do it'.

Gibbs, giving the director a nod and a cheeky smile, said, "Sure, Director, I'm on my way to autopsy right now. Right this way, Alex LeBeau." Gibbs turned and walked away and Alex started following behind him.

Alex turned to the Director. "Thanks, Madame Director, you have been very helpful," and when he turned around he barely saw Gibbs entering the elevator. He had to race to catch up. Tony, Ziva were laughing behind their hands when the Director turned to face them. She turned to McGee, who had an awestruck look on his face.

"I'm glad someone in this department knows who Alex is. You can close your mouth now, Tim, and when he does come back up I'm sure you will act accordingly." She patted him on his arm and walked away.

"What the 'hey' does that mean, McGee?" Ziva asked impatiently.

"I think you mean heck, Ziva. Yeah, McGee, who is that guy?" Tony said, taking a seat in his chair.

"Tony, with all the movies and shows you watch I am surprised you don't know who Mr. LeBeau is. He's written a few books which are currently being made into movies. He also has a hand in quite a few other industries. He won a Tony award for a musical a few years ago. He was just on that interview show last night talking about his career and his next move. Also, that club you have been trying to get into all morning is his club. I hope I'll get a chance to ask him a few questions, author to author." McGee started walking over to the elevator to head down to Abby's lab.

Tony and Ziva decided to tag along. Tony wanted to see the reaction Alex had when he saw their Goth Lab technician.

"This should be sweet," Tony stated, rubbing his hands together.

"Sweet? I don't understand, Tony. They were not eating anything," Ziva said, looking from Tony to McGee for a translation.

McGee gave Ziva the best explanation he could think of. "I think Tony means that he's wondering what Alex will think when he sees Abby." McGee smiled at Ziva and she nodded her head.

Abby was on the phone when they entered the lab, so they took up positions to wait for her to get off the phone. Tony hopped up on one of the counters. McGee took his normal stool and Ziva just leaned against the counter that Tony had hopped up on.

Abby gave them a slight wave and went back to her conversation.

"Sam, it was a long night and it will be even longer tonight." She was nodding her head while listening.

"I've explained all that to you. The arrangement will work out, seriously. When has it ever failed?" she giggled into the phone.

"Yes, I remember that one. Okay so I have one flub up on my record with you. Who was the one who wanted to use those handcuffs in the first place? You're just lucky I'm double jointed and was able to maneuver out of them, otherwise you would have had some serious explaining to do." The look Tony was giving her made her laugh out loud and then they all began to laugh. When Abby saw Gibbs enter the lab she gave him a cheeky grin, but as soon as she spotted who was directly behind Gibbs, the laughter died in her throat.

"Sam, I gotta go. People are here to see me, and since I'm at my paying job I have things to do," she turned her back on everyone and whispered.

"Yes, all three plus the silver haired fox, and a visitor that I think you were actually calling me about." She listened a few more seconds, then, "Okay, I'll see you tonight."

Smiling brightly, Abby turned around. "Good morning, one and all," she said while walking over to where Gibbs was standing. He was just about to introduce Abby to Alex.

"Ah, Mr. LeBeau, I was wondering when you would use your so called star status to appear here? If you wanted to see where I worked all you had to do was simply ask. I would have gladly met you and shown you around." Upon hearing this McGee almost fell out of his chair.

"Ah, Ms. Sciuto, as utterly charming as ever." He walked over, took Abby's hand and brought it to his mouth.

Gibbs felt a knot in his gut; there was some tension between the two of them that made him wonder what was going on. He was about to interrupt when a cell phone rang out.

"LeBeau," he said as he was walking towards a corner, listening intently.

"Yes." He turned and looked at Abby with a sneaky smile on his face.

"Don't bother with that, I will handle her." He closed the phone and ended the call.

LeBeau walked over to where Gibbs was standing. "Thank you, Special Agent Gibbs, for the tour of your facility. It will come in handy for one of the novels I am currently working on. I would also like to invite your full team and of course Director Shepard to the grand opening of my new club, Captain Jack's, this evening. It's a black tie affair, and the festivities will probably start around nine. Ms. Sciuto knows more of the particulars of the event if you'd like to know anything else. I'll reserve a table for you. If someone would be so kind as to escort me out of this building, I would be most grateful."

McGee practically tripped over himself to offer his assistance to the man. Tony and Ziva rolled their eyes at each other. Noticing how Gibbs was looking at Abby, they decided to take their leave also.

Right before LeBeau walked through the door, he turned again towards Abby. "Oh, and one more thing. The black halter with the split up the side should do nicely." LeBeau, noticing Gibbs making a fist, decided to take his leave while raising an eyebrow in Abby's direction.

Once they heard the ding of the elevator, Gibbs turned to Abby, waiting for an explanation. She didn't meet Gibbs' eyes, she just walked into her office and sat in her chair. He followed and leaned against her desk, waiting.

Abby thought to herself, he's going to have one long wait if he thinks I'm going to talk about this. She put her head in her hands and without looking at Gibbs muttered, "Gibbs, I would like to take the rest of the day off. It's pretty quiet here today."

Gibbs just stayed where he was and waited. A few minutes passed and finally Abby couldn't take it any longer. She looked up and saw that Gibbs had been watching her for the past few minutes. Meeting his eyes with her own, he sensed that she was not going to spill, and nodded, pulling her out of her chair and into his arms.

Wrapped in his arms, Abby could only think of one word to describe the feeling: heaven. If time could just stop right now she would be grateful. Right before he began to pull away, Gibbs placed a gentle kiss near her ear, then whispered to her, "I'm here for you, Abs, any time you need to talk, day or night." One more gentle kiss, and he pulled back. On his way to the office door he paused for a moment. "Leave when you want. I'll see you tonight at the club." Then with a nod to her he headed out of the lab and back to the bullpen.