Gibbs stood ready to follow Abby especially after that cheeky grin, but was waylaid by Alex who had another drink in his hand for Gibbs.

"Sometimes I want to spank her, but I think she'd enjoy it too much." Alex says to Gibbs as he takes the seat Abby just vacated.

"If my hair wasn't grey when I had met her then I would say that she had given me most of it." Nodding his thanks, he picks up the glass and they clink them together before they sit back and enjoy watching the others having fun on the dance floor.

Britta met Abby back in her dressing room and had the outfit all laid out.

"Abs, you really are going to pay for that little act out there you just did." Giving her a grin she helped Abby slip out of the dress and into the corset before lacing it up the back.

"which is exactly what I am hoping for Bri, I know I'm playing with fire and this time I want to be completely consumed by it." Abby's eyes begin to glaze when her imagination takes over and pulls her into her memories. Shaking her head she reaches for the little swimsuit shorts that she wears with this particular corset and smiles as she looks in the mirror from a couple different directions.

"you are lucky that Alex stopped him from following you back here otherwise I don't think we'd be able to perform the final number out there, actually I have a feeling you'll be leaving right after the performance." Britta supplies the big wink and follows as Abby passes her through the doorway.

The lights start to dim on the dance floor and people make their way back to their seats.

The music starts to swell

"And now the six merry murderesses of Crookem County Jail in their rendition of the Cell Block Tango"

They each enter the floor and Gibbs's hand tightens on the drink he's holding.

The spotlight briefly flashes on them exposing their seductive outfits while they take their turns moving and dancing. He watches the very erotic girls sing and sway their bodies to the music, each one telling the assigned man occupying the chairs in front of them how they murdered them.

He cannot peel his eyes away from her, and now it's his imagination getting the better of him before he begins to formulate his plan. He leans forward and taps Alex on the arm getting his attention and causing Alex to lean closer and soon is shaking his head in agreement to with what Gibbs is saying. With a firm handshake between the both of them Gibbs stands up and makes his way to the door.

Abby's solo part of the song had her slowly unbuttoning Gibb's shirt in front of another man; it didn't go unnoticed. It sent Gibbs reeling. That was until he saw what was underneath, and before he started sending his thanks to what ever or whoever has led Abby to him. He'll let her know tonight just how much she means to him. As soon as her last note fades the audience is up on its feet clapping. Gibbs silently slips out the door.

Abby's heart is beating a mile a minute as the song comes to the end. When they all take their bows and the lights come back up she instantly looks to her table, and is surprised to see that it's empty. Her eyes scan the crowd as she's talking with others who are congratulating her on a wonderful performance.

"He left Sweetie. Just got up from the table and walked out. Did you not tell him how this last number was going to be?" Alex was right behind her.

She turned to him and he could see confusion in her face and a sense of sadness. With a sad heart she walks back to the stage to retrieve the shirt she had dropped and walked back to the dressing room. When she opens the door two arms embrace her from behind. She lets out a little yelp and is spun around to face Gibbs.

"I thought you left" Abby tries to pull away. He lets her back a little to get a good look into her eyes. He notices wetness and as she tilts her head away from his view he gently releases her to put one hand on the side of her face and lifts it gently up to look him in the eyes; wiping her tears away.

"Abs?" he questions her gently. With a shrug of her shoulders she pulls back from his embrace and turns towards her outfits to start bundling them up. Once her bag is packed she slips the shirt on that she had borrowed from Gibbs and as she was about to slide her jeans on Gibbs stops her.

"Stay as you are Abby, Were leaving out the back" without another word he picks up the duffel bag places a hand on her back and leads her from the room.

Passing a few of the other performers as they walk out the door they say their goodnights with a nod of the head.

Gibbs opens the backdoor and waits for Abby to precede him before he walks her to his conveniently relocated car. Alex tosses the keys to Gibbs and goes back inside the club with a smile and a nod toward Abby.

Holding the door open for Abby he gets her settled before opening the back door and tossing in the duffle bag.

Quietly they make their way back to Gibb's house. Abby's mind is racing in a million different directions. She's unsure of how to make the next move, a first for Abby as she is usually confident and able to just be herself, but at this moment she's feeling awkward, shy and confused about his reaction to the last song. He's playing his cards awfully close to his chest.

Gibbs on the other hand was having a hard time concentrating on the road. He kept looking over to Abby whom he could tell was drawing back into herself. He didn't want that, he wanted the bold, cheeky woman who did things to his hand that had him almost acting cave man like where he would just drag her out of there and home to his house and tie her to the bed and keep her there for weeks on end.

Flipping the turn signal on and pulling over to the side of the road made her turn to face him and he leaned in and kissed her lips briefly before pulling back and pushing a few strands of her hair back around her ear.

He continued by pushing his hand up into her hair and pulling her closer to his lips. He patiently hovers over her lips massaging her scalp. She leans in closer, and in an effort to hide her nervousness about kissing him, she wets her lips with her tongue gaining the courage to move in; his growl disrupts her agenda. She pulls back to look into his eyes.

Giggling "Gibbs did I just hear you growl?" His fingers tighten in her hair and it sends waves down to her very center. He pulls her closer to his lips "I warned you earlier about your tongue and the uses for it. Do I need to give you a reminder lecture-" Abby reaches over and kisses him softly and uses her tongue against his lips seeking entrance into his mouth. Opening his mouth slowly they start a tango all their own. Gibbs pulls back briefly, then gently kisses her again before shifting the car into gear and signaling his merger back onto the road.

Author's note: Thank you all for your patience. Also for your little nudges to full out kicks in the butt to get back to work on this piece. All Gabby lovers ROCK This World! Thanks.