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Paring: Sam/Jack and a bit of Daniel and Vala

Summary: Jack's getting married, Sam's not the bride. Friend's conspire, Thor needs help, what about the wedding? What is pink? The Furlings know!

A/N: This is set at the end of season nine, except everything in season ten also happened. Major change is that Jack is still in command of SGC, and that Kerry never broke up with him. Yeah... reviews are always welcomed!

A/N2: Spacegypsy1 volunteered to beta read this (well I volunteered her - hehehehe) so a biiiiiig thank you B! :)

Anyone Object?

Jack stood in front of a minister with Daniel by his side, his eyes focused on the aisle as his soon to be bride approached.

Kerry looked wonderful, smiling, her happiness infectious.

The decision to take this step didn't come easy. Marriage with any other woman than Sam, but he thought it necessary. For both their sakes.

He glanced to the crowd, catching a glimpse of familiar blue eyes. He knew exactly where she sat and tried really hard not to look in that direction, but couldn't help himself as he caved in just for a second. In that instant he saw her shaking her head disapprovingly.

Daniel examined his shoes. It's been such a long time since he wore formal shoes. They were so shiny. No mud, wow! It felt so good. He had been awakened from his daydreaming by a nudge from Jack. Ohh, he's angry, Daniel deducted from the icy glare his friend directed at him, and at that moment Daniel understood why.

The bride had arrived at the altar, and Daniel was the only person not facing the minister.

Sam and Vala chuckled at the scene, but not loud enough to be reprimanded.

As the ceremony began, Vala pulled her friend's hand into hers, squeezed it tightly.


Vala roamed around SGC with really nothing to do. Since the clocked showed 2 a.m., she knew there would be no one on the base to bug, so she just walked, checking every door she came across.

As she approached Sam's lab, Vala heard something. Someone crying?

She moved closer and peaked around the corner only to have her suspicions confirmed.

"Sam?" Vala asked quietly, stepping in.

Sam's head shot up as she didn't expect anyone to find her here, at this hour, nor at the state she was in. "Yeah?" she relaxed a little seeing it was Vala, trying to cover up the fact that she's been crying.

Vala took in the Sam's position on the floor and sat on next to her. Sam tried to put together a broken frame even though it was an impossible task as the glass was splattered around her in a million pieces.

"I broke the picture…" Sam's hands were filled with shattered glass.

Vala looked at the other woman with an odd expression. "Sam, it's just a frame," she tried, "the picture is fine," she pulled out the said photograph, cleaned it a bit, and stopped to watch it.

The original members of SG-1, with fishing poles in their hands and big flashing smiles. Vala was thrown back at how happy Sam and Daniel looked; even Teal'c had a twinkle in his eye, and the General! His eyes were on Sam and his thoughts obvious.

Sam still cried, looking at Vala inconsolably. "It's broken…" she gave up the pretences, and didn't even seem ashamed of her tears. It just didn't matter any more.

"Honey," Vala tried again, "we'll get you a new frame… don't touch that," she pushed away the pieces of glass from Sam's hands. "Why are you crying…"

"It's broken!" Sam cut her off, nearly shouting.

Vala suddenly realized Sam wasn't crying about the frame. She took another look at the picture, and she knew. The thing that's broken was SG-1 or more specifically, Sam and Jack's relationship. "Oh Sam…" she pulled Sam into a hug. "It'll be alright," she held on more tightly, "we can stop the wedding…"

"No!" Sam backed away to face her friend. She didn't try to deny the reason of her cries, and really didn't care at the moment. "No," she repeated more softly, but the pain in her eyes convinced Vala she should do something about it, whether Sam agreed or not.

"Okay, okay, we won't do anything…" Vala pulled her into another hug.

End flashback

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered…"

They listened to the words as Vala clung to Sam, feeling the nervousness of her friend, and knowing she had to act.

At one point Sam opened her hand bag, and got something out, splitting that something in half, but Vala was too distracted to really look to see what was it.

As the minister reached the part Vala had been waiting for… "If anyone knows why these two should not be joined together, speak now or forever hold your peace." …she opened her mouth to speak up, but Sam stuffed half of a chocolate cookie in her mouth and the other into her own, effectively stopping both of them from ruining Jack's wedding.

Yup, I know you. Sam's intense gaze settled on the alien woman, silently telling her not to act or there would be consequences.

If any other person had made this silent request, Vala wouldn't have listened, but the plead came from Sam. The first friend she had in… god knows how long, and she found herself unable to proceed with the plan.

The minister felt satisfied with the silence and was ready to proceed when the groom disappeared in a flash of white light.

The crowd went 'oh' and 'uh,' the bride looked around in confusion, searching for her soon to be husband, finally looking at Daniel, Jack's best man, only to see him disappear in the same manner, as well as the rest of SG-1, one by one.

General Hammond allowed himself a small smile, but quickly replacing it with a serious face, he stood up coughing. "Um, well, I believe that would be Thor ladies and gentlemen."