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Her brows crossed. "Free?"

Than it hit her. His admission that he loved her. His distancing over the past year. His proposal to Kerry, his marriage… just to make her free.

Sam's anger grew as the stone turned into red, her cheeks taking on the color of the emotion inside.

Oh, Boy… Red…

Sam stood up and walked towards him, finally stopping, glaring down at Jack.

"Free?" she growled.

Jack didn't remember her using that tone with him ever. He gathered she's mad. Oh yeah.

He stood up, facing her with a blank expression. "Yes," he said with a tone that matched the look he gave her.

Sam started breathing heavily, fighting the urge yell. To her, that answer seemed as if he was taunting her.

They were inches away, but neither back up.

"Free?" she repeated with more force, but quietly enough that the question sounded as a threat. Of course, the sparks in her eyes were indication enough.

Now Jack was starting to lose patience. She got it, she knew why he had done it, and what he meant by saying she's free, why the hell was she mad? "Yes," his breathing started to match hers, as well as his tone.

They stared, their eyes conveying only anger. Finally Sam turned from him, and started pacing, still breathing heavily, while Jack crossed his arms tracking Sam with his eyes.

She would stop occasionally trying to say something, but nothing would come out, and she would continue with her stride.

It was obvious to Jack that she was having an internal talk with herself, or with him… "Look…" he started, but her silent anger finally reached a breaking point.

"You're part of me!" Sam cut him off. "I could never be free!" she shouted, her hand on her stomach, tears forming and falling faster than she could stop them.

Jack's mouth opened for him to say something, but Sam continued. "You, you," she hissed approaching fast, her heels echoing through the empty space.

Jack could have sworn it was his heartbeat, or hers. He felt scared. He was never on the receiving end of Sam's anger. Never! For that matter, had he ever seen her angry?

"You're an idiot!"

He laughed in her face.

Her anger grew.

"I'm sorry, but after all that time marching up and down…" Jack pointed to the space behind her, "that's all you could come up with? An idiot?" his laugh slowly ceased, remembering it wasn't the best time to mess with her.

Sam felt her frustration shaking her. "No," she answered, her chest moving uncontrollably. "Lots of synonyms come to mind… but that one just sums it up."

Jack took in the state she was in, and started to worry. "Sam, are you alright?" he placed a hand on her shoulder.

"No!" she backed away from his touch. "I'm not! You stupid fool! All these years! I, I, I was never free! I tried to pretend! I tried not loving you! I tried 'getting a life!' And I would always come back to you!"

Jack tried to get close to her again. "I know," but that was the wrong thing to say.

"You know?! You don't know! I hate it when you say that! And it's perfectly obvious that you don't know!" she stopped his attempt to touch her again placing her hand between them. "If you knew, you'd never try to pull something like this! At least not for the reason of 'setting me free!' I thought you'd be happy, not that you're doing this to make me happy!"

"Sam…" he tried, his own frustration clouding his mind.

"Don't!" her hand still stood between them. "I was willing to let you go. But it tore me apart! For heaven's sake, I'm moving to another galaxy, and I don't believe that's gonna be enough!" she rambled, tears dropping, her voice breaking. "But I thought you'd be…" she didn't finish, but he knew what she tried to say.

Jack's anger grew as she ranted on. He knew! He understood!

Sam struggled to breath. It seemed as the cave didn't have enough air, or space to support all these feelings she'd never let out, but now had no choice as Red was designed to do just that. "All these years, I felt cramped in my body with everything you could cause with just one look," she continued more calmly, but still with force. "Every time you touched me, innocent touches, and I would fly! My whole body would sing. You could smile at me, and I wouldn't sleep for three days!"

"You think I had it easy?!" Jack finally shouted, unable to hold it in any more. Taking her by surprise, Sam finally stopped talking.

"I would touch you just to make sure you're real! I mean… god! No body should look that good in BDU's! I think that should be in regulations!" he tried to joke. "My heart would stop beating when you smiled at me!" he spoke against his will, he didn't want to say those things to her, he didn't want her to know how much control she had over him, but nothing could stop his mouth once it started. "Even your techno-babble is interesting! I hated scientists! But nooo, you just had to come into my life and change my mind! You changed everything!" he grabbed her by her shoulders, finally passing the barrier she placed. "I started looking forward to hear everything about galaxies, naquadah generators, power sources. Looking forward to the next day, with you by my side!" he paused. "I kissed you for three months and than I had to stop!" the lump in his throat made it harder for him to speak, but he paid no attention. "It was the hardest thing I had to do! To return to days where all I could to was to look at you, and not kiss you!"

"I know!" she yelled back. The irony of her words didn't escape her, but if he made a joke about it, she decided, it's going to be the end of Jack O'Neill.

They found themselves lost in each other's eyes.

When neither could stand it any longer, they pulled into a kiss with all the force that was once their anger.

Jack parted her lips with his tongue, and Sam willingly let him inside. Her hand went under his to his back, bringing him closer, while his were around her waist, doing the same thing.

He backed her to the wall, unable to contain himself he bit her lip, but immediately started healing it with a kiss, although she didn't seem to mind the bite.

Sam's hands were everywhere. His neck, his face, chest, shoulders, stomach, even his ass as she tried to bring him closer to her, to break the laws of physics as there was no more space between them.

Jack pulled one side of her dress up, to feel her naked leg, and she burned from his touch.

As Sam realized his intention, she gave him silent permission, and soon both her legs were firmly wrapped around one hunk of a General.

He continued to kiss her down her jaw line, ear, neck… and all Sam could do was moan. Jack's lips returned to her, and she welcomed them.

The stone showed spots of white through the red. Jack and Sam slowly opened their eyes and smiled at what they saw.

"This isn't how it's supposed to happen," Sam said releasing him from her hold.

Jack sighed heavily. "Yeah," they switched positions, and now Jack stood against the wall, while Sam leaned into him.

The dots of white were taking over.

"You said it, no galaxy can separate us," Jack stated.

"Besides, I won't be leaving for a month, and I won't be under your command," looking up she could see that met with his approval.

"I'll deal with the wedding…" he sighed again.

Sam's eyes stopped smiling. "I'm sorry…"

"No," he smiled softly, "I'm sorry, none of this would've happened if I didn't…" he trailed off. "Guess you're right, I am an idiot."

That made her smile again.

Jack took her face in his hands and kissed her lightly, but hunger that burned in both of them couldn't be subdued that easily.

White spots started to turn into red.

Sam crashed into his body again, kissing him deeply. Her hand did wonders as it went under his shirt, her fingers dancing on his skin.

They slid down, and Sam found herself in his lap, with each leg on a different side of Jack's body. She could feel him, and that only pushed her farther from reason as she placed her kisses wherever she could.

Their eyes met again and their movements ceased.

Sam giggled.

Jack chuckled. "Well, this is a cliché."

The spots of white re-appeared.

Sam's forehead found its place on his, and they breathed together.

"I love you Sam," he whispered.

"I love you Jack O'Neill," she responded.

And with that the white spilled across red, forming a new color. Pink.


It had been a day since Daniel and Vala appeared, and Thor's revelation about pink. Daniel started to get more nervous by the second. Surely, he and Vala had more stuff to deal with than Sam and Jack… but than again, he knew the significance of pink, and the meaning of colors, those two probably had no idea what they're doing.

Emerged in his thoughts, with Vala by his side, Daniel was startled when the pink surface started to glow.

The whole party moved closer.

"It's gotta be them," Mitchell said pointing in front of him, "it did the same thing before you and Vala appeared."

The sighed that appeared wasn't exactly the one they'd been expecting.

Teal'c tilted his head, Mitchell looked away, uncomfortable, Thor expressed nothing, and Vala and Daniel smiled brightly.

Daniel coughed. "Um, guys…"

Both Jack and Sam untangled themselves abruptly and clumsily stood up.

Jack came behind Sam, grabbing her by the waist, and whispering: "Do not move."

It took all her will power not to laugh because it wouldn't be fair, she did that to him, but it was beyond her control to blush.

"Hi guys," Sam greeted, while Jack just nodded.

"Soo?" Daniel questioned.

Sam pouted, making an innocent face. "So?"

"What happened O'Neill?" to everyone's surprise Teal'c asked.

Jack's head snapped to his Jaffa friend. "I have no idea T."

"I'm guessing you found pink, because you wouldn't be out if you didn't," Daniel stated.

Jack's brows crossed. "Okay Daniel, I have no idea what pink is! I mean you could've told us what to look for, instead of just ambushing us…"

"So, what is pink?" Sam interrupted Jack's ranting as it was going on right at her ear.

Daniel smiled at his friends. "Love."

The end.