Sakura sat on top of the Hokage Mountain, her legs dangling dangerously over the side. She reflected on all everyone had called her entire life:

"Forehead Girl"

"Your annoying"

"Your to weak always needing protection"

Hell! Even Kakashi had insulted her

"Sakura your not fit to be a Kunochi. Just give up and become a civilian."

Sakura curled her legs up in front of her, Letting her tears fall over her face freely.

'That's it' She thought to her self She wasn't going to be weak anymore. 'She would leave that night.' She decided.

Sakura leaned on the edge of her bed as she stared across from her. Coincidentally at a picture of The old Team 7. Ha she laughed to herself Old being the key world.

They had all abandoned her. Sasuke to the old snake pedophile, Naruto to Jiraya, and Kakashi was always on Missions that she hardly ever even saw him, of course that was mostly in the hospital when he was hurt.

Sakura silently packed her belongings and jumped out her window. Landing steatily on the ground. She proceded to walk into the forest. Not sparing one look at her former home.

"ready to go?" Said a voice behind her. She rested her back on the person. As she looked into his spinning Black and red eyes.


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