I woke up in the morning with the sun really bright. It was a great Saturday morning I realized as I sat up on my bed. Then I heard "DAMN IT!" from downstairs. I went down the spiral stairs to see who was yelling. It was none other than Justin sitting the couch reading this note. I went down secretly to see what the note was about. When I got to the back of the couch I read what it said. It said "I know who you like and I want you to go for her. Love Miranda Ps: Yes I'm breaking up with you." Then I saw tear drops coming from his brown eyes. He was all red and seemed really sad. I said "Justin I'm sorry for what happened." "DAMN ALEX LEAVE ME ALONE!" So I went upstairs and decided to investigate. So I quietly walked into his room, and saw his stupid doll collection I didn't touch them because Justin would get mad. Then I saw this picture of Miranda, and then I saw one of me. I told myself "What's up with that?" So then I saw a little note by my picture.