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A simple summary. An American is contracted to investigate Umbridge at Hogwarts during OotP. He is in the same grade as the trio. However things eventually become more complicated.

I sank my teeth into the over priced triple-decker burger, my last taste of America for a year. So good and so filling. I listened for my flight number, my plane was already 2 hours late, and it might be later. I work for a subdivision of Interpol (the guys who can fine you and throw you in jail if you illegally copy a movie), known as Junior Magical International Police. JMIP was recently created, and I would be heading their first ever investigation. Albus Dumbledore had contacted us several months ago, after the tri-wizard tournament had casualties. Everyone knows that Potter said the dark lord was alive again, and I didn't believe it, but that is not what I would be investigating. Dolores Umbridge would be taking over DADAs at Hogwarts. We had read her criminal history, and found that she had been engaged in several acts of human torture. When we contacted the minister of magic, he seemed not to care. I would go there under cover, like a sting operation on COPS (bad boys bad boys whatcha goanna do). I was fifteen, and had top marks in my school. The transfer was "to give me a better education." So just to clarify this my family does not know I work for anyone. All twenty grand goes into a secret bank account, and I have a stupid cover story.

"Flight 309 to London has another delay, expect another ten to twenty minutes." Some lady on the intercom said. And now I had another twenty minutes to keep my legs stretched. "Of coarse the plane I'm on has another delay" I thought to myself. Well it's a good thing my flight was set a week before I had to go to school. I had brought my laptop with me, and was playing a free online game where you get to shoot terrorists. (Can I become anymore patriotic? Yes I can.)

"Good news flight 309 to London will now be only two hours late." I made sure I had my gear. I had found a solar panel on the internet, and would use it to keep my laptop powered during the year. Due to the lack of a way to connect to the internet, I would be sending CDs in envelopes with owls to report on the status of Hogwarts. I had about 100 with me, so I would send one each week. I made sure the power cord was plugged in to the outlet. I had another hour to go so I played Americas Army (see more terrorist killing, I'm very patriotic) until my plane arrived and my section was called. I slept most of the flight.

When I touched down I was surprised to see I was greeted by a red headed man "Dumbledore said you would be here hours ago. I was beginning to think the muggle machine had left without you."

"Don't blame me blame the pilot."

"There's been a change in plans, your gonna go straight to Hogwarts."

"Sure let me grab my bags, the should be in 3c." I faked a Texan accent, to make my cover story seem real. My cover name was Ulysses S. Albertson (too patriotic); I was a stereotypical Texan, who for some reason went to Hogwarts. This was the stupidest plan I had ever heard. And I came up with half of it.

"Remember that…"

"The Dark Lord is not alive that is not why I am here, I am here to keep an eye on Umbridge, and that is it. If Potter is telling the truth, then I will gladly do the American thing and figuratively shove my size thirteen boot up evil's ass."

"I was going to say my name is Mr. Weasley and we never met."

"Right." I answered sarcastically

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