I decided to abruptly end this, for the simple reason that it became to hard to write how I wanted to, and not how I had wanted to early on when I started writting. I plan on rewritting this, obvoiusly overhaulling it to be far more canon compliant, removing many things such as the Indian Wands, the spy stuff, etc. I also plan on starting it a year before Dale would go to Hogwarts (set during the fourth Harry Potter book, with many references to the triwizard tournament), and a hopefully more rounded character in general.

I figured the battle was about over, whatever the mission had been had probably worked, especially if the crazy lady had fled. I sat down and let the exhaustion hit me. I was too wound up in the events that had just happened to fall asleep like I wanted to. My instincts screamed at me to stay awake. I began helping everyone clean up the area, and put covers over the dead, most of which I had killed. I never felt any remorse for the people I killed, you can call me a homicidal maniac all you want I just didn't feel any. They posed a life threatening risk and I eliminated them, simple as that. It was about fifteen minutes before someone ran from upstairs yelling that Dumbledore had been killed.

Time stood still.

One minute

Two minutes

Three minutes

I lost track of the time before I came to my senses. The most powerful wizard alive had been killed. Any rejoicing that had been going on had stopped, only to be replaced with silence.

"I was wondering when he'd kick the bucket." Talon said. "Of course I lost any bets I had made on his death date about twenty years ago."

"How can you keep calm at a time like this? Dumbledore is the only one the Dark Lord fears! This war is going to escalate very quickly, you'll have angry good guys trying to avenge their beloved leader, while the Death Eaters won't need to be afraid of anyone except the ministry. Without Dumbledore the Dark Lord won't have any reason not to attack the British Ministry of Magic! And he would have much of a problem taking it over either! I thought back as hysteria was beginning to take over.

"So? Last I checked we still have Potter." He replied.

"So? Can he take down every single Death Eater? What about the new guys? Those people in white robes? We're screwed." My hysteria reached its peak.

"Here's my question, what happens now? You just killed several people, and broke three wands. By all rights you should be given the death penalty at least. You probably won't live to see whatever shit goes on. And I doubt you'll be granted much in the way of international protection, you likely pissed off quite a few powerful people back there."

"Well your next life is going to suck ass then isn't it? Not being able to fight the bad guys, being stuck in an eight year old's body, going through puberty again. You know all the things that suck about being some immortal spirit wand"

"You get used to it after about a dozen life cycles." Talon responded.

The ministry aurors began asking questions in an attempt to recreate the scene; just as the shock everyone had began to fade a little. Upon hearing my actions of not only killing seventeen people, but also inhumanely snapping three wands, I was arrested. My wand and weapons were immediately confiscated, while I was put in a full body bind curse and levitated to outside the wards of Hogwarts. The five aurors who were guarding me apparated straight to Azkaban (or at least what I assume is Azkaban, it's the only real prison they have over here, so I'm fairly certain). There the guard number was increased to ten aurors. The new guards had a look on their face that just screamed "I have better things to do right now", having not been briefed on my actions.

"Little bastard went and killed seventeen death eaters during the attack on Hogwarts. We're holding him for the safety of everyone. Can't risk him going crazy and killing anyone else. And rumor has it he broke the wands of three seventh year Slytherins. He's about as heartless as they come." Said one of the original five aurors who captured me.

"So why are we holding him? He stopped the death eaters from killing students, and we all know Slytherin has a bad reputation for a reason." Said a female auror.

"He didn't kill most of them with a wand; no he had to use muggle weapons. He isn't some courageous hero; he's a coward, a sheep in lion's clothing. We should kill him right here, right now and…" He was quickly cut off by one of the five who were stationed at Azkaban.

"That wouldn't make us any better than him would it? If we still had dementors I'd say we could have them give him the kiss. Sadly we don't have them anymore. Let's throw him in the pit, and put his wand away, because unlike you we actually have morals." Said the auror, with the last bit directed at me with pure loathing.

I was still levitating over the ground, and the aurors pushed me around, while simultaneously spinning me to keep me from getting a bearing on my heading. I had the distinct feeling they'd done this before. The levitation charm that was suspending me in mid air was deactivated, and I fell immobile on the ground. They kicked me on my side and rolled me over.

The guy who nicknamed it the pit sure wasn't very creative. It was really just a hole in the ground with a heavy metal trap door on top of it. I had failed to appreciate just how deep the pit really was. I landed hard on my side, still unable to move due to the full body bind curse on me. I concentrated on Talon, in an attempt to get my wand back and get out of here. No luck. Nothing to do but pass the time I guess.

A short while later…

A loud bang woke me up from my sleep, which still felt awkward due to the fact that I was immobile. I could hear spells being fired, including the unforgivable ones. To say the least I was slightly hopeful that I was being rescued; at least until a Death Eater opened up the lid to my cage/cell/whatever the hell the term would be at the moment. It didn't take long for them to realize who I was.

The torture curse is without a doubt aptly named, and I can not think of a time in my life when I was in more pain; though in all honesty it did beat the pins and needles I was feeling from being held in one position for so long. I can't remember the last time I cried in my life, but I don't think I stopped till well after it. I don't remember if it was days or weeks or years before I realized what I had become. Seeing yourself dead, unceremoniously killed, lying in a puddle of your own filth; that scars you, even for the rest of your afterlife.

"My greatest regret is that I didn't get to really fight in the war and kill you Death Eater scumbags. I don't know why they put you in here, but all I know is I'm going to make your life a living hell." The ghost of Dale said to the recently captured Death Eater.

Nineteen years later

Talon looked at the war memorial, a marble plaque which had the names of everyone who died, be they muggle, Death Eater, order member, average person, or just an unlucky soul. His new host had never really know much about what happened, or that the spirit in his wand once knew the most feared and deranged ghost in the prison of Azkaban. Nor that his last minute warning to yet another spirit to flee back to America forced former cult members to break their alliance with Voldemort. Nor did he know the pain of having to let a good friend die without telling him it was his time. Talon had always known when Dale's time would come, and when he would have to flee. Oh how he envied the mortal.

Well there it is, it's been a long thirty nine chapters (due in no small part to my six month absence). Hoppefuly I wont screw up the rewrite as bad (which is why I'm going to write a few chapters first and let it sit a while). Yeah the ending was quick and anticlimactic, but somewhat real, as it would be possible that the Death Eaters would raid Azkaban right after their victory, and it would be very likely that they would torture and kill the idiot who just killed several of them. As for the alliance with the white robed people and Voldemort, it was only on so long as there was an Indian wand in the UK. Once Talon left, and told Caroline to leave they had no reason to stay. Well until we all meet again...

signed the good dr.