"I don't think we should have just left him there." Brook said quietly. It had been a long silence since the sudden drop off. When Bo graced her with nothing more than a look in the review mirror, Brook tried again. "I get it. He was a dick and made a dick move." She started, "but.."

"No you don't get it, ok?" Bo interrupted sharply, his foot planted firmly to the floor. "I…" he snarled and glared at her in the revision mirror again. This was hard to say. He felt stupid, and somehow…bad for telling Brooke like this. "I…"

"If you're trying to break the gay to me, Bo, don't worry. I kind of already knew that for a while." She smiled at him through the mirror. "Jimmie didn't let the cat out of the bag on that one." Well, that was an unexpected shock to the system. But before Bo even had time to recover from this, Brook suddenly unclicked the seatbelt and, much to Bo's protest, shifted herself into the front passenger. Scaring the wits out of the driver as he tried to focus on both the road and telling Brook that she was raving mad.

"Don't you know I'm speeding?" He demanded, slowing the heck back down to just above the limit. He gave the girl a bewildered look and turned back to the road, bewildered expression still in suite as the trees turned into houses.

"You're such a chicken." Brooke joked as she clicked the belt on and fiddled with the radio. Then, to Bo's disappointment that worried look crossed her face again. The same one she'd given him in the back seat. "I still don't think you should have left him there." She said to the radio. "How's he going to get home?" She shot Bo a glance.

"He's got legs." Bo replied coldly.

Brook looked at him. "It's like an hour from there back to his house." She said factually.

Bo narrowed his eyes, but didn't say a word. He'd not taken the turn off towards his street. Choosing instead just to follow the road. He was too angry to stop drive. Besides, now he wasn't even sure what to do with the night.

Brook watched the necessary road fly by and disappear behind suburbia before turning her attention back to Bo. "I didn't know Jimmie was homophobic…" The word sounded strange coming from her.

"He isn't…or wasn't…" Bo's rage filled expression shifted to one of hurt confusion. "At least I didn't think he was." Then he was angry again, "But clearly I was wrong."

"Maybe you're not." Brook replied, touching Bo's leg. Bo glanced down at her hand. "I don't know, but Jimmie…didn't seem himself. I think…."

Bo let out a huff and tightened his grip on the wheel.

"He was real worried about his sister… maybe she had an accident or is in hospital or something." Brook offered, "I mean… with what happened to his parents, I can kind of understand if he'd freak."

Bo just grunted in response.

"He said he was sorry."

Bo mulled that over for half a block. "You think his sister's that sick." Bo said. They had slowed right down to cursing, heading without realising it in a tangled way almost back in Jimmie's direction.

"I don't know." Brook said honestly, "Jimmie is one of the sweetest guys I've ever met… aside from you of course" She tagged on when Bo gave her a look, "and this just seems so out of character."

Bo couldn't argue with that. Jimmie was, well, there was a reason why Bo came out to Jimmie. Two actually, the first was obvious: Jimmie was one of the sweetest guys Bo knew and Bo, well, Bo kind of liked him a little more than the local priest would have approved. At the same time; Jimmie was one of the sweetest guys Bo knew, and earlier that night Bo had felt that even if he was rejected on the doorstep, they could still be friends. Because Jimmie was just that cool.

Half an hour ago had not been cool. But Brook had made a point which was unfortunate, as it put a damper on his fantastically bad mood. "Alright." Bo muttered defeated. "I'll drop him back home." Then he grinned at the passenger, "But you owe me a slushy."

"Scouts honour." Brook replied, giving Bo a mock salute as they returned from whence they came.

Author's note: Thanks to everyone that's commented and/or submitted ideas. You've given me the bump I needed to defete the great beast Writer's Block and come up with an interesting plot. Looking forward to unfolding it with you all. Cheers!