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Chapter 10: Aiding and betting

"You call that a punch?! I can hit harder in my sleep!" Kira barked at me.

It was her idea to make sure I was in fighting shape as we got another call of Otto for a fight on Earth which I was looking forward to as I would be back home sort-of.

"Better but you still holding back." Kira said making an observation.

"How…am…I?…I…know…I'm…good!" I said in between breaths.

"You need a sparring partner and I guess it will be me, so let's do this!" Kira said taking her jacket off.

"Wait! Hold it! I can't fight you?!" I protested.

"Why? Is it cos I'm a girl?!" Kira mocked me.

I didn't want to answer her as I just walked away.

But something happened as it was something I didn't expect at all as I got turned around and BAM!

Kira just clocked me in the right side of my face as my lip was bleeding as I looked at her but I just shrugged it off and tried again to walk away.

She grabbed me again as she went for another but I dodged it and grabbed her arm and twisted it as I brought her close to me and threw her off.

"I'm not going to fight you end of story!" I stated as I walked off.

"Bastard." Kira muttered.

I stopped instantly. "What did you just say?" I asked.

"You heard me…Bastard." Kira repeated.

I turned around and went right up to her and faced her.

"Call me a bastard…one more time." I dared her.

She brought her face close to my ear and whispered in it. "Pussy…Bastard." Kira whispred.

As she stepped back I just lost it and swung at her violently but she ducked it and I don't know what came at me as I just saw red and went after her as she dodged every one of my shots.

"Now that's more like it!" Kira said as she dodged more shots.

"TAKE THAT BACK BITCH!" I shouted angrily.

"Uh no I won't ya bastard!" Kira mocked again.

It was all a vision of scarlet as I aimed for the most annoying, angriest and bitchiest woman I have ever met in my life!

But as then one of my hits connected to her face as then she staggered to the ground on one knee as she lifted her head I saw her lip was busted, she inspected the cut and saw the blood and tasted it and looked to me with a smile.

"Now that's a punch…you're ready." Kira said wiping the blood from her mouth satisfied.

As then she came up close to me and wiped the blood from my face. "Getting there but you need to use that anger." she said as she wiped the blood on my clothes staining them and walked off.

I looked a bit confused and now calmed down, I just hated it when people called me a bastard.

I then just walked back to my room which was better than anyplace as I washed my face in the sink as the blood fell down the wash basin and into a pool of water and blood I looked at my cuts as they began to heal a little.

What's happening to me? I need to go and ask Jet if those tests came back yet.

I cleaned up and changed my shirt as I wore a blue t-shirt and made my way to see the Black Dog himself and knowing him he was on deck or pruning his Bonzai's.

I looked around the ship for him and all I found was Spike watching the TV, Ed was just on her computer and Ein watching, Faye was out as I then found him and of course he was at his Bonzai's trimming them gently as I lightly knocked the door.

"Aw dammit!" Jet cursed as he accidentally nipped a leaf.

"Oh hey kid, what do you want?" Jet asked.

"Did the blood tests come back yet?" I asked.

"They did." Jet said as he went to pull out some documents.

"Look at these…I saw some abnormalities in your blood and a trace of unknown elements in your DNA." Jet explained as I looked it over.

"So what does this all mean?" I asked.

"It means that your body is changing." Jet said.

"Into what? I mean I know I've been healing at a rapid rate and most of my skills, attributes and even my experiences have been enhanced greatly." I said.

"So this does explain all that but still…how?" Jet questioned himself.

"I think I might know, it could be when I woke up in that lab they said they used nanos to revive me from my frozen state as they said." I said now thinking more went on than they said to me originally.

"It does explain everything but the best thing to do right now is to stay off Mars, until we find out who did this to you." Jet said.

"Fair enough but what about everyone else, if we keep on avoiding Mars won't they get suspicious?" I said.

"Na I'll just make up some crap and they'll buy it." Jet said.

"Fair enough so why are we off to Earth?" I asked.

"Another bounty came up, a guy who thinks conning families is a joke." Jet said.

"Need help with this one?" I asked.

"No and anyway you and Kira are going to get supplies." Jet sternly said.

"No problem but you might be wanting to get bail money ready." I said.

"And no fighting or you're both off this ship got me?!" Jet said making the ultimatum.

"Okay just don't do that I'd rather be on this ship than stranded with your bitch of a daughter, no offence." I said.

"None taken." Jet said.


Me and the bitch known as Kira went to the location of the next fight, we did not say a word to one another as I was still angry with her and her comments from earlier as we approached the guy standing guard at the entrance I told him the password that was required as he let us in through the gate.

We were then met by Otto.

"Hey man good you came back, I see you brought yourself a friend." Otto said.

"Yeah you could say that, Otto meet Bitch, Bitch Otto." I said introducing them both.

As he was trying to contain his laughter, with her now really wanting to tear me a new one.

"What're my odds this time?" I asked.

"You've gotten better since the first time, 5 to 79 chance of winning." Otto said.

"Ok so who am I fighting?" I asked.

"Some Pollack, I heard he's got some background in Judo and Sombo." Otto said.

I got my jacket and took my shirt off as I handed the rest of my stuff to him I then was handed tape as I started wrapping it around my knuckles and all the way down to my wrists.

"Let's do this then wish me luck then." I asked Kira as I pointed to my right cheek for a kiss.

But she just came up close and slapped me hard as it echoed letting everyone see and hear the bitchslap from her as she walked off satisfied.

Otto looked a bit confused. "What the hell was that? Is she always like that?" he asked.

"Yeah but that's her in a good mood." I said holding the red part of my face.

Otto looked a bit scared by that as they went to place bets for his fight and pay his entry fee.

We both made our way to the ring as the crowd gathered in anticipation as I was already in the ring and awaited the arrival of my opponent.

He came in and was a bald, middle aged man who had all sorts of tattoos on his arms and was wearing a black and red shirt with some old worn out track pants and a pair of what I could only describe as combat boots.

I got myself mentally prepared for this fight as I then began some quick warm ups with a few strikes and some kicks as did he and the glance I got off him as he looked like he just wanted to destroy me as I shrugged it off.

I saw both Otto and Kira in the crowd as both if us fighters were called to the centre of the ring as then we were face to face.


We just went for it as I just barely dodged shot after shot as I got caught with a hue left right into my stomach as felt the air leave my body but I had no time to take the hit as another one connected with my face as I was knocked down.

Damn that was a shot! I'm actually having a migraine…need to get back up!

I got to my feet slowly as the fight continued, he came back on the attack as a kick came at my direction but I dodged it and grabbed the large leg and just slammed my elbow hard into it as he stumbled back holding the now injured leg.

I didn't waste time as I came running at him and I just landed a huge haymaker of a punch but it only turned hi head as he just shook it off like it was nothing as I looked scared, him he just smiled evilly as I now had ticked him right off.

I nailed another couple of shots and neither fazed him as he just grabbed me and lifted me in the air and just dropped me to the ground flat on my face.

I rolled around in pain with blood on my head and mouth, as he just toyed with me now, I looked around and saw some of them laughing at me, Otto's concerned face and Kira with the same stare she always had on her.


I heard the word bastard as somehow I found the strength to get up and back to my feet.


I heard it again and I just got so wound up my temper flared as I just looked at the Polack laughing not even caring the fight was still going on as I just charged at him and hit a huge left fist to his stomach as it then actually winded him, I didn't stop as a fist hit him in the bridge of the nose and another shot to the mouth as he fell to one knee, I hit him again with a boot to the face as it floored him.

I didn't stop as I kept on hitting him in the face with several fists to his head as he tried to cover up and then the towel was thrown in and it was all over!

I had my hand raised and once again the victor but I knew I barely made it out of that fight with all body parts intact.

I made my way over to Otto and Kira, he saw the shape I was in and was glad he didn't do it.

But Kira however just didn't care as I wiped the blood from my face, I smiled as I knew I won and I would be getting my pay dirt.

Otto collected the cash as I got my cut which was ten thousand wulongs, a nice payout for a good fight.

"I'll take my cut now." Kira said taking half of my winnings.

I had no choice even if I didn't want to and the fact she did nothing to deserve it…the bitch.

"Okay my brother, as before I've heard a small rumour." Otto said.

"Go on." I asked.

"Well a notorious con artist named Gisele Matisse, she's here on Earth and rumour has it she's looking for a big score." Otto said.

"What kind?" I asked.

"She's looking for any rich kid with a huge inheritance." Otto explained.

"Really so where is she now?" I asked.

"Can't say, this is all I know, so until next time my brother see ya, pleasure to meet ya white bread." Otto said as he left.

"White bread?! Is he serious!?" Kira shouted.

"Chill out, he's only making conversation and anyway a new bounty head and it's something easy." I said.

"Why would you say easy? I mean she's notorious she could smell a bounty hunter a mile off." Kira pointed out.

Even though I hated to admit it she was right we needed a plan.

"Okay sounds like you have a plan…shoot." I asked.

"I still have contacts in ISSP I'll give them a call and see what I can get, however you need to pick up the supplies so mush little doggy!" Kira mocked as she walked back to the ship.

Why me? Seriously why me god?!

I went off to do my chore in a huff as she went to prepare for our bounty.


I got back to the ship with the supplies and to my surprise it was quiet…too quiet as I carefully treaded into the living area and no sign of life as I put the bags down quietly and I drew out my gun from the inner pocket of my coat and searched the ship.

I looked in everyone's rooms first and found them all empty and still a mess, I swear I don't know why I even bother to clean up after them if they're just gonna mess it all up again.

I began to get a little jumpy as I heard a clanging sound and quickly swerved around and pointed my gun at an empty corridor.

Get a grip on yourself Johnson…your hearing things!

I then heard a bark and knew that was Ein as I raced towards it and found him and Edward playing as they then saw me standing there looking distressed.

"TJay-person you're baaaacccckkk!" Ed shouted as she just bear hugged me.

"Yeah good to see you as well." I said as I pulled her off me.

"Where is everyone?" I asked.

"Spike, Faye-Faye and Jet-person are still hunting their bounty head and KiKi is in the cockpit talking with a friend…did you bring Ed a souvenir?" Ed asked with a gleam in her eyes.

I looked in my pocket and pulled out a nickel I had left over from before I came here and I just gave it to her as she examined it and bit it and looked at me with her happy face.

"Edward likes it! Thank you TJay-person!" as she went off somewhere with Ein following.

I went to find my so-called partner and she was on the computer as I entered she looked to see it was me and stopped to look.

"Hey come over here I got our bounty head." Kira said as I went over to her.

I saw the profile pulled up. "Gisele Matisse, 24 years old, originally from Mars, crimes, Identity theft, 3rd degree fraud, assault, 3rd degree theft, 529 unpaid parking tickets and 2nd degree burglary." I said reading the target's rap sheet out loud.

"A very busy girl and not to mention a hot little pistol." I admitted as I saw her pictures.

She was around the height of Kira, had blonde hair, green eyes, a lot of curves and two other things that were…let's just say eye catching.

Kira noticed the look on my face as I looked at her pictures as she just rolled her eyes and turned the computer off cutting my buzz off.

"If your done with your perverted thoughts, I also know where she is and how we're gonna get her." Kira explained.

"Okay oh so great one, tell me your plan." I sarcastically said.

She mumbled under her breath. "Matisse likes to live it up in clubs and she always picks someone up for a night and works her magic on them and days later she disappears and so does her guy's cash balance." Kira explained.

"So you're plan is…what exactly?" I asked.

She got irritated and just went on. "My plan is you are gonna be bait for her and as soon as you've got her in a room away from people we can nab her…is that simple enough?!" Kira said as she snarled at me.

"Yeah that sounds good and…wait me?! If you just look at me I ain't the best looking guy on this planet." I said as I wondered how she would even go with me.

"I'll fix that, get your coat and wallet, we're going shopping." she said as I did so and just followed her out.


I experienced the Earth ways of shopping again as I saw how much things have changed and let's just say even though she doesn't act like one she sure does think like one as her feminine ways helped us pick the best outfit for our hunt.

She took me to different places as I was in and out of different clothes, shoes she even got my hair done!

However we found the right outfit as we made our way back to the ship and I had what was needed. I was still a bit shocked at how she wanted me to look but however she did have help, the store assistant knew his stuff and was checking me out at the same time as she looked on enjoying my predicament, she even went and gave the guy my comms number…the bitch.

We only had hours to prepare as I then had a quick wash, did my hair again, slapped on some really bad smelling cologne. I went to get the clothes as I saw them hanging up neatly.

I had a black pinstripe blazer and pants with a red silk shirt, a pair of authentic Martian leather shoes and a pair of black designer sunglasses as I put them all on I went to the bathroom as I looked a myself in the mirror and made some final adjustments to myself.

Okay looking good, not something I would wear but hey if this catches her attention I'm game.

As I came back into the living area I heard the sound of footsteps, heavy, angry sounding ones which were too familiar as Kira came in looking really pissed at me.

"What the hell is this?!" Kira shouted in a demanding tone.

"It's a dress." I answered.

"Yes I know that but…it's…tailored!" she spat as she felt I insulted her or something.

"Oh I figured you'd need something to wear if you're gonna be there so I took the liberty of getting you a dress and I also pretty much sized you up so it should fit." I explained.

She looked even more pissed off. "Oh I get it you just wanted to get a better look at my tits and ass you fucking pig!" Kira shouted in anger.

I looked a bit surprised as It was the first time I thought of that. "Uh actually I was more on the line of thinking you could use it to put your gun around your thigh so it's concealed and you can pull it out instantly when needed." I explained.

She then knew she made a mistake.

"I just thought for once I would do something nice for you, but it seems like I can't do that right!" I shouted now feeling insulted and just stormed off elsewhere.

Kira did not know what had just happened as she looked at the dress and looked to where I went and her head lowered.


I was waiting for the bitch to get ready so we could catch our bounty as I then heard the door open I knew it was her.

"Ok let's just get going and we'll…

I turned to face her as I saw her and…and…wow, she was wearing the dress I got her, it was a black with golden straps, she wore black high heels and had a small white handbag with her, she even did her hair as it was tied back.

"So we going or what?" Kira asked me as I just stared at her.

"Uh…yeah…yeah sure let's go." I said stuttering as we both left and caught a cab down.

So TJ has a power to heal but what else is happeneing to him? What will happen when he and Kira try to take this bounty together?

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