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Chapter 2: A crazy dream?

I awoke and as I tried to get up my shoulder was in pain, okay it was no dream..I think? I fell back down to look at my surroundings and realised I was lying on a familiar yellow couch and seeing other items like a coffee table, a small fridge and a TV.

Oh great where am I now? I go from one place to another and get kidnapped again

and plus I get shot, oh this has to be the worst day of my life!

As I was about to get up I heard voices so I faked being asleep.

"Well he hasn't got much on him, all he had was his wallet with some cards which look like some forms of ID but I've never seen them before." a voice said.

"Yeah and he has no form of cash on him either, it was a waste of our time helping him, but he did have something useful on him." Spike said.

"What's that?" he said.

"He had a lighter on him, but why have a lighter if you don't smoke?" Spike asked.

"Well I don't know? and anyway dinner will be served soon and as soon as he wakes up we're gonna get some answers out of him." he said.

"Okay but what about the girls? aren't they gonna wanna know why we have an unconscious stranger aboard our ship." Spike said.

"Well we'll tell them what happened and they can also be here when we get answers out of him." he said.

How am I gonna explain this? I don't even know how I got there in the first place? And why do I get the feeling I'm someplace that I recognise?

I opened my eyes again and I decided to try and make sense of where I was by looking around the place.

I walked quietly around the area, I was getting more feelings that I have been here before, but I continued on and saw a room which looked like a flight deck, and as I looked out the window it showed…..a red planet.

What the…where in the hell am I ? I mean first I'm in some lab then I'm being chased through a city, then I nearly get killed and now I'm onboard some ship and looking at a red planet which I…have…seen…before.

I began to realise where I was but I had to know if I was in the place I thought I was, but that was until I heard the door open.

A person walked in and saw me but just went up to me naturally.

"Beautiful ain't it?" he said.

"Yeah but this planet, what's it called?" I asked.

"Last time I checked it was called Mars." he said.

I turned to look, it was Spike!?

Okay now I must be going crazy, I'm seeing and talking to Spike from the Cowboy Bebop series…Okay don't panic just remain calm..act..natural.

"But..that means…I'm millions of miles away from home." I said.

"So where is home?" Spike said.

"Last place I was, is Earth." I said.

"Wait you're from Earth?" he asked.

"Yeah I lived in the United States from Detroit, Michigan." I answered.

"The ancient country? Ok kid you need to start answering some questions, so we can find out if you are actually telling the truth." he said.

I looked at him in complete innocence and I knew now that I was on board the Bebop ship. He took me into the living area which I knew instantly and saw the normal yellow couch with the glass coffee table and crappy old TV and I sat down and he and the man next to him who I knew now was Jet, he was the owner of this vessel and he gave me a piercing look.

"Ok first off I wanna thank you for taking that bullet for me, even though my partner wouldn't I'm glad someone did." Jet said.

"Hey now, the only reason I couldn't was, I was too busy beating those guys up and anyway what's that got to do with this!?" Spike said.

He was about to speak when a sound of a door opening was heard and stepped through, a familiar lady I knew too well.

"That was the most lamest bounty I ever took, lamer than that teddy bomber guy! And another thing….I didn't know we were having company?" She said

Just then another familiar face came running In.

"Weeeeeeee, that was the best bounty Edward has ever caught." Ed said.

But the next one was a shocker.

A girl came in about my age, she had long raven coloured hair which was shoulder length, ice blue eyes, and her build was athletic. She wore a somewhat of a… well military/biker outfit and she had her gun strapped to her thigh, and she looked at us with interest.

"Ok so why Is there some guy here and it looks like you're trying to interrogate him?" she asked.

"Look we saw him just come in to the bar that we were at and all of a sudden some guys bust in and try to take him away but I guess he refused so they chased him and were gonna shoot him but we decided to step in, a fight erupted and this guy here took a bullet for me as you can see." Jet said.

I raised my arm up to show the bandaged area but for some reason I felt ok, it was strange but it was my first time getting shot and I guess I can't say if I was ok. But still I never seen that girl before in the series, I guess she must be new, and I guess this must be after the syndicate story.

But still was this all a crazy dream?! I don't know

I'm confused!

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