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Okay to Love

by Ririi-Chan

There are four things that I hate more than anything in this world: leeks, miso, spring onions, and Yuki. But mostly Yuki.

And that is true. Or at least, was.But now, there's something I hate even more than those nasty foods, and even more that damned rat.


I've despised myself for as long as I remember, disgusted at the fact that I had been born the cat, the outcast, unwanted and looked down upon by everyone. Even my own mother. So much that it had driven her to her own death, victim of suicide.

I never forgave myself for that.

The first person who ever saw me for who I really was was Shishou. Despite my hideous curse, he took me in, and treated me like his own son, and I will be forever grateful to him.

And the second person, was her.

She was the lone flower in a field of nonexistent grass and trees, the bright sun shining through the thick of rain. She, who had gone through so much more than anyone could imagine, and she who still smiled everyday…

She was the reason I hate myself as much as I do now.

The first time I saw her, when I knew nothing about her, I instantly decided that she would be my enemy. I yelled at her, screamed at her, for anything and everything that I could ever think of, yet she still remained so kind and caring nonetheless. Even when she told me that the cat was her favorite animal, and that she wanted to be a cat, I was too stubborn, and too afraid, to take back the unwelcoming attitude I had bestowed upon her.

Eventually, the barrier of imaginary hatred dissolved, and I was left with a feeling I had never dealt with before, a feeling I had only been able to describe as "drowning in lukewarm water". I found that, deep down, I really cared for her, even worried for her. But, I could not find it in myself to show it on the outside, and I was sickened by my disability to be able to accomplish something as simple as that.

Like that time she got sick, for example. It took all of my courage to bring myself to cook dinner for her, and to survive the implications of Shigure's endless teasing. I brought it up to her room for her to eat. She thanked me. I, being so pathetic, didn't know how to respond to that, so I tried to leave the room. But then, of all the things she could have said, she said sorry. And the next thing I knew, she was crying.

I hated myself for not putting a comforting arm around her.

And I might've even eventually hated myself to death, if not for the incident when Shishou pulled off my juzu beads.

The moment the magical ward was separated from me, my body gave way to the hideous beast that resided within, along side the cursed spirit of the cat. It was, no, I was, ugly and terrifying, enough to repel everyone out of sight and scare anybody out of there mind. But of course, there was her.

My first thought after my transformation was that I had to get away from her. If she saw me like this, she was sure to turn her back on me, to think of me as this horrible monster for the rest of her life, and never look at me in the same comforting way again.

And then… she chased after me. Hell, even I wouldn't have the guts to approach me in that form. But then again, I didn't really have the guts to do much else, either.

I told her to go away, but she wouldn't listen. I asked her what the hell her problem was. I shouted that I didn't want her pity. When she came too close, I begged, more like hollered in her face, to not touch me.

Finally, I lost control and slashed at her, leaving three long gashes on her shoulder.

And then, I said the most awful and cruel things possible to her.

You drive me crazy!

I can't stand to look at you!

Next time I'll cut your face to pieces!


I thought, that if I'm going to lose her anyway, I'll make it so bad, I'll hurt her so much, that it couldn't possibly hurt anymore.

Yet she was still there, clinging onto my arm…

I want to be together

Those words… they had this affect on me… I… I really didn't know how to react to it. I had regained my human form, and I sat there, next to her. And I cried. For the first time, I let my tears out, washing away all the sadness, all the anger, all the regret…

I've hurt her so much, caused her so much pain, and yet, she was always there for me still… Sometimes, I think it may be better for her to hate me, so that I might forget… and save myself from drowning in lukewarm water…

But as I held her to me, in the briefest of embraces, I knew, that ultimately, I would never be able to have her… but I also realized, that maybe… just maybe… it would be okay… to love her…

Just maybe.

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