A/N I do not own the storm hawks

A/N I do not own the storm hawks.

A little girl about age 5, ran around the back yard, chasing butterflies on Terra Atmosia. She giggled as she leaped for the golden butterfly that fluttered among the golden lilies of her mother's garden, among the herbs and flowers of the garden. An apple tree, thick around the trunk and tall, it's branches reaching toward the clouds in the sky, reaching to the carriers that flew over head, and the skimmers and heliscooters that skimmed the clouds as they headed for the carriers. The little girl had amber eyes, and midnight blue hair.

The little girl loved to climb the apple tree with her best friend Aerrow, who had red hair and green eyes and a blue sky monkey named Radar. The little gir'ls name was Piper. Her Father was second in command of the greatest squadron in all the atmos, the storm hawks. Aerrow's Father was the leader of the storm hawks.

Piper laughed as she bounced around the garden, jumping from stepping stone to stepping stone in her white sandals and her white sundress, her hair pulled back in a red ribbon, red as blood, Red like her mother's blood, the reason why after that day, she never wore that color again, because it was red like her mother's blood.

"Come back Mr. Butterfly!" Piper exclaimed in a happy voice. "Come back and Play."

A shriek and a loud series of thuds where heard from inside the house. Piper turned quickly and ran back into the house to find out what had happened to back the thuds.

"MOMMY! MOMMY! What was that noise?" Piper called as she opened the screen door and ran into the house. She gasped at the sight before her.

"MOOOOMMMMMMYYYYYYYY!" Piper screamed as she ran toward her mothers body which lay in a heap at the bottom of the steps, a puddle of blood, slowly forming around her.

"MOOOOOOOMMMMYYYYY!" Piper's shrieks of sorrow, Fear, and shock grabbed the attention of the next door neighbor who ran into the house to find out what was going on. She quickly grabbed a phone and called an ambulance as Piper continued to scream for her mother. Less than ten minutes later, the ambulance arrived and took Piper's mother to the hospital, the little girl crying for her mother.

A short while later, Piper stood in the hospital next to her mother's hospital bed. She held her mother's hand as she awaited for her father to arrive. Suddenly, Piper's mother's eyes opened.

"Piper?" She rasped out.

"I'm right here mommy." Piper answered her mother. Piper's mother smiled.

"Tell you father… I'm sorry. I love you. Tell your Father I love him. And when the time is right, you'll know, everything will be okay. I'm sorry Piper." And with that, Piper's mother released a deep breath and stopped breathing, the heart monitor went from a steed ' Beep… beep… beep' to a "Beep.. Beep beep Beep BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!' and became a solid stone.

"MOMMY!" Piper screamed as Her Father ran in with Aerrow and Aerrow's parents close behind him.

"Carla!" Piper's father gasped as he ran into the room. Aerrow's Mother placed a hand to her mouth and started to cry before burying her head in her husband's shoulder.

"Mommy…" Piper whispered from her bed on the condor years later as she had another nightmare of her mother's death. The Nightmare of Piper's mother's death was a reoccurring dream that kept on going, everynight. Piper started to lose sleep, started losing weight. The males did notice quick. Aerrow was the first to notice.

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