Massie Block: The undisputed alpha of Octavian Country Day School has more designer clothes than you could ever afford in her walk in closet. She lives in a large estate that includes her extravagant house, a guesthouse, a pool, a Jacuzzi, a horse barn, and a tennis court. She's the only child of two attractive parents, William and Kendra Block. Her parents hired a live in housekeeper and cook. There are gardeners, pool maintainers, and a chauffer to drive their silver Range Rover. Massie's life is filled with summers in the Hampton, winters in Aspen, and parties every other week, but when the new girl and her family comes to live in Massie's guest house will they be instant friends or frienemies?

Dylan Marvil: The daughter of famous talk show host, Merri-lee Marvil is determined to lose weight. How? Well, by simply doing one of the latest famous diet craze. This curly haired red head might finally find a diet that works. Will she become super skinny or love her body? But this just in! Someone new has caught her eye. What will he think of her diets?

Alicia Rivera: Her life is perfect. She's a beta to OCD's alpha, knows the best and most gossip, is now OCD's daily news reporter, has a closet full of Ralph Lauren, and to top the cake might just have boyfriend. If that isn't a great life, then what is? But what happens when Alicia's love life turns south and instead of being the gossiper she's the gossip!

Kristen Gregory: Is now the captain of OCD's soccer team the Sirens. Even if she doesn't have loads of money coming out her back end she does have the best girlie/sporty style in OCD. She's got the best grade point average in TPC. (The Pretty Committee) Now she's just told Dylan she'll help her get the cutie who's been checking her out. Isn't she a good friend?

Enter...Claire Lyons: This mysterious keds wearing new girl is a sugar-loving brunette. She's smart and funny and doesn't want anyone to know her secret, well at least not until she's ready for everyone to know. Will she ever though? And what happens when a certain gossiper finds out. Will she be a known as the freaky or fabulous girl?

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Next Up: It's the first chapter and TPC is back at school starting the seventh grade. Claire meets everyone. What will they think of her? Will they make her an LBR before first period or cute as a button? Or neither? Dylan meets the new guy and asks Kristen help her get him to like her. Alicia Rivera makes her first announcement as OCD's newest news reporter. And What does Massie think about everything that's going on? I mean come on isn't her opinion the only one that matters?

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