The Block Estate

The Block Estate

The Outdoor Pool

September 7th, 2007

1:27 PM

The girls were all wearing bathing suits, sunglasses, cover-ups, and loads of sunscreen because getting skin cancer was not an option. Alicia was wearing a Ralph Lauren Blue Label Plaid two-piece swimsuit, under a white Juicy Couture Lace Bandeau Cover-up, Dior Crystal Side Aviators, and navy blue Havaianas. Kristen was wearing a cream and navy blue Juicy Couture Tennis Stripe bikini, under an UGG Hooded Cover-up dress in cream, navy blue Havaianas, and had her Marc Jacobs Classic Aviators on her head. Massie was wearing a teal Vitamin A Link bikini, under a brown and white Juicy Couture Striped V-neck Henley dress, brown Versace Rhinestone Logo Sunglasses, and white Havaianas. Dylan was wearing a light pink Betsey Johnson halter bikini, a brown Juicy Couture Shirred Tube Dress, white Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses, and light pink Havaianas. Last but not least, Claire was wearing a Lauren by Ralph Lauren Paisley tankini, a white Juicy Couture Terry Bubbly Smocked Cami dress, baby blue Havaianas.

The girls were all lying on lawn chairs soaking up the September sun. It would be getting colder soon, so they wanted to get the most out of their natural tans. They were laying poolside by Massie's outdoor pool. It was warm and beautiful outside, a perfect pool day. Every so often though a bright light could be soon near the Block Estate's big black gates.

"So Massie what are going to do with your hair for your date with Derrington?" Claire asked pulling her sunglasses off and placing them on her head

"I'm going to leave my hair down. I'll take a shower later, blow dry it, put ant-frizz and shine serum in it, then curl the bottom half." Massie replied looking away from the Cosmogirl! She was reading

"I love that!" Dylan said getting up to put her legs in the pool

Kristen got up and sat with her followed by Claire, Alicia, then Massie. Before Massie got in she turned on the radio in the cabana and Shake it by Metro Station blared from the speakers. Then they all got up and started dancing and singing along.

"I'll take you home if you don't leave me at the front door!" Claire sang and walked to the edge of the pool "Your body's cold

But girl, we're gettin' so warm"

"And I was thinking of ways that I could get inside!" Alicia sang as she pushed Claire in the pool, still in her cover-up dress

"So now you're falling in love let me go now!" The four dry girls said in unison before they jumped in after Claire. Soon they were all singing, splashing, and laughing.

When they finished swimming they all got out and dried off. They gathered up their things and went to Massie's room to grab their over night bags. After saying good bye to Claire and Massie they left.

The Block Estate

Massie's Bedroom

September 7th, 2007

4:45 PM

Claire and Massie were hanging out in Massie's room. Claire had been curling the bottom of Massie's hair while they listened to E! News. (They couldn't watch it from her bathroom.) Massie was dressed in a purple Aqua sleeveless V-neck banded bottom dress, black leggings that stopped just bellow her knea, Stuart Weitzman cork leapord print wedge, and layered gold necklaces. (along with her charm bracelet DUH!)

When Claire was done Massie stood from her chair and spun around.

"Rate me." Massie told her

"9.8" Claire said without hesitation

"What would make me a 10?"

"You need more gloss. I'll spray your hair with hairspray, but the kind that smells de-lishous. You could also add a touch more mascara." Claire advised

"Ok done." Massie said after she'd finished

"Ok, now you're a 10!" Claire exclaimed

"Perfect because I can be nothing less than a ten for my first date. My first date with Derrington!" Massie said now too happy to contain her joy

"Massie?" Kendra's calm voice could be heard from the intercom

"Yes, mom?"

"Derrick is here, sweetie. Come down stairs."

"Ok, I'll be right there!" Massie called back to her mother

"Have any last minute advise?" Massie asked showing her vulnerable side to Claire

"Ok, if he tries to kiss you go for it, unless you think it's not the right time. Also remember what you want. Closed and opened mouth kisses are very different so choose carefully for a first date." Claire said wisely

"How do you know all of this?" Massie asked skeptically

"Don't worry, I've been in enough movies and kissing scenes with boys. They're just movie kisses, so it's not like I'm kissing a guy I have a crush on, but I still have more experience." She said teasing Massie

"Ok I gotta go! Wish me luck!" Massie sia dhwile hugging her supportive friend


Massie and Claire both walked down the stairs. Massie headed towards the front door and said good bye to her parents. Claire walked into the kitchen, where Kendra and her mom were talking. She only wished she liked a boy like Massie. She had experience with kissing boys, but hadn't found one she wanted to use her experience with, yet.