I loved her. I don't know how long it had been going on, how long I'd felt this way. Fucking love spells mess with your mind. It had been a while.

And I wasn't ready to lose her yet.

I ran, dragging Daphne behind me. She had taken one look at my face and immediately began sprinting towards me. She was one smart cookie.

I reached the courtyard and stopped, feeling like I'd run into a brick wall.

"Draco? What is it?" Daphne asked from behind me.

I couldn't say a word. I just stared at the fallen forms of my two friends and the patch of blood slicked grass. Theo was dead. Blaise was regaining consciousness and Daphne ran over to him.

Ehnola was gone.

So was Ginny.

To Be Continued...

(A/N: There you have it. Our finale. Well, not really. Still got another three stories in this series. The second one is called The Fractured Prince and, if all goes according to plan, I'll have it up next week for you.