F.A.Q. - Because you kept asking.


What happened, where did your notes go?

I am updating this story to make it a faster easier read. I will reopen an old live journal to extend my explanations for those that care. Not everyone wants to read the author's notes; I never planned to have so many.

What does Pomme de Sang mean?

It is French for "apple of my blood." It is from the Anita Blake verse, a vampire series from an author by the name of Laurell K. Hamilton.

Why did you name this story that?

Pomme is a Bella/Edward story, which uses universal themes (meaning from the entire genre of vampires) but more commonly references from the Blake series. The ardeur comes from Blake as well.

What is the ardeur?

In its most basic form, the ardeur is an ability to feed the vampiric body by sex/lust rather than blood. Bella still must drink blood but her distaste for blood gives her the out of the ardeur. There are powers that help the ardeur feed and these you will see in action.

I still don't understand the ardeur, why can't she control it?

These are questions about the plot of this story; this is essentially Bella becoming a vampire and then her first year as one. I could have split this in two, but since my planned sequel will be long I didn't want to have a short first story followed by two longer ones. Just a writer's preference I guess. If you're confused about the ardeur it's easiest to understand by seeing it in action. Read the chapter's with it again and try and focus on what's happening, not just that they're having sex.

How can I learn more about this Blake person?

Ah, Anita Blake, vampire executioner. Pick up the books at your library or local bookstore, there are 16 published, while the author is currently working on number 17. You can go online to LKH's website, or blog, check out Wikipedia, or just read the series. You have plenty of options. I stick by the series and love the character growth, I complained with some of the books while others that I should have complained about have become guilty pleasures, no pun intended…

How long is Pomme expected to be?

Oh my, I'm not really sure. I didn't expect my chapters to have such high word counts but I enjoy writing it. I have tons planned so no end is in sight yet.

Will you consider writing x,y,z because I really want that scene.

Believe it or not this is a well researched and planned story. The sex is sometimes based on what I'm researching, watching, reading, but usually foreshadows future plot points. So I do not take orders for scenes you'd enjoy.

Your sex scenes are boring, normal, and traditional, give us more positions…

Ah, youth. The people that tend to ask this question do not and I repeat do not do these crazy positions. I'm going to be frank and say the stuff porn stars do is not comfortable and usually doesn't feel very good for them. The more standard positions are tried and true, I only put in those that I know work. Now don't think too hard on how I know that. This is a story about the connection of the lovers, contrary to some of my reader's opinion, I'm not writing porn. In no point in this story does Edward show up as a pizza delivery guy. I will, however, keep that as an option for the future….

There's too much sex, not enough plot, your characters are debauch….

You see what you want to. I take great care in these scenes to keep it true to their characters, yes they have moments of wanting to mix it up, but I don't know a couple that doesn't. These are not old lovers, but a young, vibrant couple, deeply in love. Yes, they'll be having at it all over the place. When I write those scenes it's actually about the ardeur, how they are handling it, what is it making them do, how are they breaking free. My astute reader's always catch it, but those that talk about the porn only see the sex. The lack of depth is not from lack of it. You see what you want to or recognize.

Do you need a beta?

I have one now, CajunMomma, thanks for your interest.

How often will you update?

With my new beta ), we'll see...


Your Edward says naughty words; Edward would never say that, that's out of character…

Please… If we're talking Edward from Twilight then yes, I agree. But this Edward is after Eclipse, is about to be married, and eventually is married. I don't know a man that wouldn't take what is his. If you dislike the words that he uses that is your preference, but his use of them is not disrespecting her.

Edward has waited to have her and whether Bella see's it or not he has wanted her in this way. When he gives in, it opens the floodgates of the battle for his control. Edward has always reveled in making Bella react to him; if you think that isn't sexual you're mistaken. This Edward is simply reveling in his newfound powers and is rather possessive of his bride. But then again he has almost lost her many times and they are newlyweds.

Lastly, this is a natural stage of a relationship; do I think it will be in the books? No, not exactly. Meyer writes for a teen audience and in first person. The books are written through Bella's innocence, but that doesn't make Edward innocent. Whether Meyer writes it or not, we can expect a very naughty Edward when he's finally set loose.

Why are Bella's eyes Silver?

I don't get asked this enough. The original tale of the succubus entails the story of Lilith the first wife of Adam, yes that Adam, and she is usually portrayed as a sort of medusa. She is the seducer of men, the wielder of snakes, and is seen with the colors of green and silver. I wanted to give Bella a color that would tie to that history.

What is Bella's animal affinity and what does it mean?

Lynx/Bobcat: Lynx is the knower of secrets. They symbolize honesty, open-hearted, non-judgmental counsel, stealth, silence, clairvoyance of secrets of others, suspicion and vigilance. They can help with psychic skills, specifically divination.

Will we see Jacob?

No, not as a facet of this story.

Why is Rose such a B, why don't they include her, are they ever going to be close?

Bella's relationship with the entire family grows and yes she will have a relationship with everyone. They all grow, including Rose.

Why is Jasper mean?

Ah, yes I got asked this a lot from their fight. Jasper is overwhelmed with emotion; he's trying to protect Bella from her own fears and fails. He's angry at himself for not being able to wield his power, he's angry that he couldn't protect her, he's angry that once again he did wrong by her. You will see a running theme as the family gets closer and that they want to make up for their past wrongs. Whether it's addressed or not the family needs to set things right by Bella.

Why is Alice so controlling, pushy…?

I don't see this but I get this ask enough to put it up here. Alice knows almost everything that is going to happen when you're with her, what you'll say, wear, do. Because of this foresight she tends to misstep because she knows that you'll agree, or ask for her help anyway. It's annoying at times but it's just who she is.

Why aren't the Denali's whopping butts or causing chaos like they will be in BD?

I wanted an essentially happy story while delving deeper into the characters. I planned on giving them this story while the sequel would deal with the Denali's and the Volturi. When you see the Denali's they have one spokesman while the other's remain quiet, they had their motives but that it is a future story.

Will we ever see the Volturi?

Not in Pomme really, that is the sequel.


What awards has Pomme won?

It was runner up at the Denali Fansite award for "I want you right now award."

While I was on hiatus it also won second place for Best Characterization at the Twilight Awards.

Perhaps I should do something about always being number two, hmm. ..Gets right on that..

What are you currently nominated for?

..Crickets.. This is just here in case I ever get nominated again…

About the author

What experience do you have?

You want to know what makes me think I can write and what makes me think I can write about sex? For those that don't care skip this section. I'm 23, happily married to my high school sweetheart, and I have been writing as long as I've been able to. I've been doing it almost my whole life as I learned rather young. I have been published for poetry, journalism, and a few very small short stories.

What made you want to write this?

I was pondering one of the "ifs" for BD; if Bella doesn't like blood what will she be like as a vampire? That simple pondering shaped my dreams, those dreams started attacking me in my waking hours, I would have the most distracting daydreams at work, if you've read my chapters, imagine seeing those repeatedly in your head at work… Yes, so it wasn't a matter of why I should write this, but how quickly I could.

What other stories have you done/will do?

I should have a small series out soon called "As I Lay Dying." It is the tale of Cullen's and their individual transformations, starting with Rose. I should have it up soon, though when I add to it will be a question. Then of course you lot decided to have Edward have his own story of Pomme so there's that and the sequel. I'll be busy for a while.

What books do you recommend?

Obviously Blake, I mean really. Read Merry Gentry also by Hamilton. I heart Doyle. A reader sent me a message telling me about an author named Ward and her black dagger series; well let's just say it took my breath away. Finally a story that doesn't whine or ask for forgiveness, even I cave, and mine is fanfiction…

Read Karen Marie Moning's series Fae Fever. I've read the Kim Harrison series, but eventually tired of it. A great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray lived up to expectations but also broke my Bloods will finally have another book coming out. It's usually on the top of teen lists for must reads. If you're looking for it, Melissa De La Cruz writes it.

If you want teen there are wonderful stories like Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, or The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. Those books got me through high school. If I think of other's I'll let you know.

You mentioned a poem once, what was it, why?

It was a poem I read in fifth grade and opened up a world of literature to me, that of the beauty of poetry. It's a beautiful poem and is Bella really.


Over the mirror

The noble swan slides

While under the surface

She bicycle rides.

Peddle and push

Go inelegant feet,

Peddle and push

To a functional beat.

Above she reflects

A pure classical style,

A marbleized stillnes,

But really the while

Her diligent feet,

Her capable feet,

Her competent, practical,

Hard-working feet

Crank out one more mile