Pokemon Meets Digimon Tamers

Me: "Hey everyone! New chapter up and running. In this chapter Renamon and Mewtwo have completed their mating and Renamon decides its time her lover meet her friends. Now on with the story!"

The sun was just begining to rise and Renamon sighed as she felt the first traces of the suns heat warm her fur. She smiled happily and nuzzled her new mate as he continued to sleep underneath her head.

Suddenly her mate stirred and when Renamon looked at him she saw he was looking out of the alley they had made love in and toward the rising sun.

Renamon nuzzled her mate lovingly and licked the underside of his chin. "Good morning Mewtwo. Did you sleep well? Oh, I forgot, we didn't sleep at all last night." giggled Renamon as she ran her claws lightly over her mates toned chest and growled lustfully.

Mewtwo looked down at his new mate and gently stroaked her face with a paw. (I'm fine my love. I was just remembering someone I once knew a long time ago. How are you doing this morning?) asked Mewtwo as he kissed his mate gently.

"I'm doing very well this morning, all things considered, and I want you to know I've never, in my entire life, been fucked the way I was last night. Thank you Mewtwo." Renamon told her lover as she ran her paws over his chest in an attempt to make him want to fuck her again. She didn't know why she was so horny but who was she to complain when she could be screwed by a creature as powerful as Mewtwo? Just thinking about it made her shiver in anticipation.

Mewtwo seemed to read her mind, in fact he had, and he smiled as he laughed quietly. (Oh, is that what you want, my love? For me to fuck you again? Well I believe we should but not at this moment.) said Mewtwo as he gently kissed Renamon on her lips and then suddenly he felt Renamon shove her tongue into his mouth and Mewtwo reacted in kind only to hear Renamon moan happily while she dragged her claws over his chest lustfully.

Suddenly they heard a voice from behind them. "What is Renamon doing with other Digimon? Is Renamon and other Digimon playing a game? Can Guilmon play too?" asked Guilmon as he tilted his head to the side slightly and stood behind Renamon and Mewtwo.

Renamon and Mewtwo stopped their fooling around and Guilmon gulped as both Renamon and Mewtwo were glaring at him. 'Oh boy. Guilmon glad looks can't kill. And Guilmon happy that the strange Digimon laying with Renamon on ground can't hear Guilmon think.' thought Guilmon smugly only to be hit by Mewtwo's Shadow Ball attack which caused him to crash into the wall behind him then slump to the ground.

(For the record, dinosaur, I'm not a Digimon. I'm a Pokemon. And secondly I'm of the Psychic type thus I can hear you think! And you're extremely lucky that it is true that looks cannot kill otherwise you'd be a corpse right now! Now get LOST!) yelled Mewtwo as he teleported Guilmon away then went back to lay with his mate.

"That was...embarrassing. I'm sorry about that red idiot my love. He's really just a child but very powerful. But not as powerful as you of course. Now, honey, I believe we should go meet up with Rika." said Renamon as she shifted both herself and her mate to Rika's house.

"It's about time you got back Renamon. I was beginging to think that maybe you'd gone off to sleep with Goggle-heads lame Digimon." said Rika as she opened the door to go out into the back yard only to notice Mewtwo standing in front of her. Rika looked up into his face calmly then, after abotu three seconds of them starign at each other, Rika did the only girly thing that anyone would EVER hear...she screamed. "Renamon! Get this fucking creepy Digimon away from me! Come on you bunch of data! Protect you Tamer!" yelled Rika as she jumped back to avoid being grabbed by Mewtwo.

Upon hearing the word 'Tamer' Mewtwo's eyes flashed with anger and his body began to glow with Psychic power. (Are you refering to my mate as your slave human!? I will not allow you to treat her in such a manner!) declared Mewtwo as he prepared to launch his Shadow Ball attack at Rika's head only to see Renamon leap in front of Rika and take the hit herself. (No. No, no, no! No, Renamon, no! I'm sorry! I-I didn't mean for you to get hurt. I swear! I love you Renamon!) cried Mewtwo as he rushed at his fallen mate and teleported them to his warehouse hiding place.

Me: "Well that's this chapter. So it took so long but I don't have Internet at my house and I keep getting new story ideas taht I just have to write up once they pop into my head."

Renamon: Places a kind paw on my shoulder. "Don't worry Codie. I'm sure the readers will understand. Most of them are authors themselves so they'll know what you're talking about. And I believe that I don't need to say it but I will anyway. Please Read and Review. But if i find so much as one Flame I'll hunt you down and slaughter you!" Begins to breath heavily.

Me: Looks at Renamon nervously then, after gulping slightly, spins her to face me then engages her in a passioante lip lock.

Renamon: Looks at me in surprise then, slowly, closes her eyes and moans slightly while wrapping her arms around my neck and deepening our kiss then pulls away slightly. "Thanks Codie. And, before we sign off, I want you to know that I...I love you with all my heart and soul." Goes back to kissing me passionately.

Me: "I love you too Renamon. Just as much as you do. I'll see you when I get home later okay?"

Renamon: Just before sound ends. "Okay. But Codie? There's something else I want to tell you. I'm...in heat and I want to mate with you tonight."

Screen goes black