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It was supposed to be a normal trip to New Orleans with my girlfriends. We do it all the time on the weekends since we're at college only an hour away. Elizabeth lives there so we stay at her house—conveniently about a fifteen minute drive from the downtown club scene. We usually go once a month and go shopping at the local boutiques during the day and hit downtown at night. We've had the same routine for almost a year now; little did I know it was about to change.

Saturday morning we woke up and drove over to Café du Monde for brunch. We knew a couple of the waitresses and found out our favorite boutique was having a sale to celebrate the end of 'winter'—something that happens in mid to late February here in Louisiana. When we went to turn on the street, however, we found the road closed. Luckily we knew our way around the roads here and began walking around the back way. None of us could figure out why everything was so deserted—roads were blocked all the time for street carnivals and whatnot. Our shock intensified when we got to the shop and realized everything was closed. I stepped back out from the front only to get barreled over into the nearby street lamp.

I couldn't breathe. The moron who knocked me head-first into the metal pole and onto my back fell on top of me. Everything hurt like never before. I was bleeding from my forehead—don't turn your head into what you're falling towards. I guess I tried to reach out to catch myself because my arms were pinned between our bodies. He quickly pushed himself off of me and if I wasn't dizzy before, I certainly was now. John Cena was on top of me…why in the hell was he running? Before I knew it he was grabbing the towel from one of the guys who ran over to us and pressing it to my head. Everyone was talking to me and asking if I was okay, but I really couldn't think at that moment. My head hurt like hell, I'm pretty sure the pain in my back was from a cut, and John Cena was leaning over me.

It didn't take long for the director to start yelling at all of us. It turns out the street was closed because they were filming John's new movie, and we were not supposed to be back there. I couldn't hold it in any longer and I just started crying. I'm pretty sure it freaked the film crew out (most of whom were men) because the director stopped yelling and I suddenly found myself being cradled in John's arms.

There was a minor commotion as a crew medic approached our area. John picked me up, and we (along with the girls) got on a golf cart—apparently to go to a trailer. I wasn't allowed to walk so I was once again carried inside where the medic cleaned me up. I didn't need stitches for my head, but I had to use butterfly band-aids for a while to help close the wound. I was right about the pain in my back. My shirt must have gotten caught on something because the back of it was ripped and I had a huge scratch across my back that was already swelling. He gave me some aspirin to help with the major headache that was forming and went to talk to the director. The girls kept asking how I felt for a good while until John said he wanted to talk to me. They knew I watched wrestling, and all of them knew he was the main wrestler I had a crush on and couldn't get out of there fast enough.

We introduced ourselves, and I began profusely apologizing for not realizing it was a set and getting in the way. Surprisingly he laughed and apologized for running me over. We talked for probably a half hour before the director came in. He also apologized for yelling, and he even invited us to stay on set for the day. I accepted and thanked him—then went to tell the gang.

We had a blast that day being on set. The girls wanted to leave for dinner, and I reluctantly agreed before John asked me to stay and go with him instead. I was dumbfounded, and the girls insisted I go with him and that I could just meet them back at the house.

He took me to a hole-in-the-wall seafood place, and it was amazing. We talked and laughed the whole time. I spent most of the night praying I wouldn't wake up from the great dream I must have been having. When he took me back to the house, John asked for my number claiming he wanted to check in on how I was doing and maybe hang out sometime. I didn't believe him, but I gave it to him anyways.

That day changed everything. John really did call me, and he visited me at college the following weekend 'to check on my healing'. We talked every night for a couple of weeks before he invited me to spend the weekend with him. That's when things really got interesting…