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Chelsea couldn't believe how hard it was already raining. Her afternoon classes were cancelled because of the bad weather moving in. The university claimed they didn't want students out on campus with all of it, and no one was complaining. Chelsea hated driving in the rain so she decided to leave early to beat the weather. She was currently parked in John's driveway, trying to take a nap rather unsuccessfully. Chelsea pulled a pad of paper from her bag to make a meal list for John when her mobile started ringing. Speak of the devil. "Hey, John. Wait, slow down…I can't hear you over this weather." He took a deep breath and started again. "Chelsea, I don't want you driving in this weather. As much as I miss you, I think you should just stay in your dorm this weekend. I mean it: do not leave your room." She giggled from her end of the phone. "It's too late—I'm in your driveway." That was the end of the conversation because John hung up on her, leaving Chelsea with the distinct feeling she was in trouble for something.

John sped into his driveway ten minutes later, jumped out of his car, and rushed over to hers. Chelsea suddenly found herself in John's arms, standing in the pouring rain. "John, it's okay, I'm fine." He snapped out of his trance and pulled Chelsea towards the house. "Sorry, let's get you dry. I'll grab your stuff from the car when it's now raining so hard. Don't ever do this to me again. I'm giving you a key before you leave this weekend, too. What would you have done if I hadn't gotten off the set early? I don't want you sitting in my driveway for hours—you'll have a key to get in the house from now on." He unlocked the front door and turned on the lights in the foyer. "Oh my gosh, your house is freezing!" John nodded while he stripped down to his boxers. "I'm going to grab a couple of towels. Why don't you get out of those wet clothes? I'll be right back." Chelsea was shivering too much to focus in on his instructions and instead sunk to the floor to curl up. John came back with a towel draped on his shoulders as well as one in his hand for her. "Chelsea! Okay, come here." He gently pulled her up and reached for the hem of her shirt. "Lift your arms so I can get this off please." She shakily raised her arms only to immediately cover herself again after he finished. John wrapped Chelsea's upper body in the towel and reached under it to remove her jeans.

When her wet clothes lay in a pile with his, John picked Chelsea up and carried her to the couch. "I'm sorry, Chels. I shouldn't have kept you out there in the rain like that. Are you warming up any?" John pulled her as close to his body as he could get her and began rubbing her back and shoulders through the towel. She nodded into his chest and wiggled into him a bit more, trying to get as much body heat from him as possible. "I'm going to get the quilt from my bed—just a second." Chelsea moaned in protest, to no avail, and tried to push herself into the couch in the meantime. John returned quickly and insisted on taking the two wet towels away before scooting back on the couch with Chelsea. She was happy to be on the inside of the couch getting the benefit of both his body heat and the little warmth the fabric provided. Soon, she let out a small yawn, and John insisted they take a nap and figure dinner out later. She was happy to oblige and was quickly asleep, breathing slowly and evenly into John's neck.

Several hours later Chelsea woke, still wrapped up in John's arms. "I think I nap more at your house than anywhere else." She smiled hearing the rumble from his laugh in his chest. "I nap more with you here than anytime else. I think that makes you a good influence on me. I'm not crushing you am I?" She nodded her head and pushed against him so that he would roll to his back. "No, but you have got to be the most warm-blooded male I've ever encountered. My skin feels like it's on fire." John slowly rubbed circles on her lower back, bringing Chelsea back to the alarming reality that she was only wearing her bra and panties. John noticed her tense up and gently grabbed her upper arms. "Are you okay?" She nervously laughed, placed her palms on his chest, and raised herself up a bit to look down at him. "John, I'm wrapped up in your quilt, on your couch, in my underwear…does that not strike you as odd?" He merely laughed at her and pulled on her neck to kiss her forehead. John stared into her deep blue eyes and mustered his best 'come hither' voice. "Baby girl, the fact that you're even wearing underwear is odd. Normal would be you under this blanket with me wearing absolutely nothing, begging me for more." Chelsea crinkled her nose at him and rolled off the couch with the quilt wrapped around her. She looked up at him from the floor and shook her head. "You are such a whore."

John grinned at her retreating form. "You love me!" She laughed from his bedroom as she pulled one of John's button-down shirts from a hanger. She was buttoning up the last of the buttons when she made it back into the living room and crawled back under the quilt with him. "Feel better?" She nodded and smiled, then gasped as John slid his hands under the bottom of the shirt. "Just because I can't see as much skin doesn't mean I don't know it's there. By the way, you're only allowed to walk around in my clothes from now on." Chelsea couldn't help but laugh at his antics. "Yeah, yeah, whore. What do you want for dinner?" He patted her butt and told her that he'd already ordered pizza.

Sunday came quickly, and Chelsea was in no hurry to return to her dorm room. "I got nothing I needed to get accomplished done this weekend thanks to you." John pouted at her and pulled Chelsea in for a hug. "I'm sorry—forgive me? Next week I'll let you get whatever you need to done." She sighed and shook her head, something she realized she was doing much more of lately. "I let you get away with too much. I'll see you Friday, and I'll call you when I make it back in one piece." She took her key ring back from him with the new key he had just added to it. "Bye babe, see you Friday." She laughed when John smacked her bottom as she got into her car. "Whore."