Unerring Jealousy

By: yingfa-fuiso

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Chapter 4

Inside the grocery department at the BIG MALL, Kikumaru and some of his teammates namely Momoshiro, Taka, Inui and Oishi were already found their target to spy on– Fuji and the grand daughter of their coach, Sakuno. Kikumaru's group was hiding behind the shelves from where Fuji and Sakuno were.

Kikumaru, who was leading the group and still in his unusual self, was observing the actions of the couple who were choosing some stuffs on the rack, as Momoshiro who was holding his flip-top phone that has video record, was videoing some scenes, which the couple they were spying on shows some sweet moments on their so-called date (as the group presumes it). Actually what Momoshiro was doing was obviously planned by the not-in-self acrobatic senpai of his. Kikumaru told him that it will serve as evidences if ever his tensai best friend will going to deny the date later on their interrogation with the tensai. Of course, the rest of the group (Oishi, Taka and Inui) were also watching and observing the couple as they were hiding behind the rack not too far from where their preys were. (Obviously without any doubt, Inui was still doing his 'gathering data' on his teammates without even noticing by his teammates.)

You're wondering on how exactly they found the where about of the tensai without any notices from the tensai. "Easy-easy", Kikumaru would always say every time he finds some things so easy to do. Since Kikumaru's senses got sharper due to the concoction he had drunk earlier, he used his sense of smell that is similar on the sense of smell of a cat and traced the scent of Fuji among the crowd and voila! He found him, all thanks to his sharp senses.

While Kikumaru was observing the couple; Momo, who was behind the acrobatic tensai, whispered something to their vice captain behind him.

"Ne, Oishi-senpai, I never thought that Kikumaru-senpai is as strict as Tezuka-senpai," He, Momoshiro, whispered. "and so keen like a cat!"

Oishi showed a wavering laugh and thought to his self, 'And so do I!'

"Where's Echizen? He should show up right now." Momoshiro said, looking at his wristwatch, "This mall is not that kind of far from their house."

Then Inui butted in with his out of the ordinary data. "According to my calculation, he should be here for about 40 minutes at the time I had called him. The probability rate that he's going to arrive at five minutes from now is 80 percent and the rest percent, he's going to arrive 10 minutes."

Sigh… Inui and his data…

"What would be Echizen's reaction to this?" asked Kawamura out from his curiosity, "I mean with the evidences." He continued.

"I'm going to bet that Echizen will just ignore these evidences and leave us all like he usually does." Momoshiro said coolly.

"For how much?" Inui asked with great interest in his action, pushing his glasses back to his nose bridge.

"For 150 yen," Momoshiro replied in a cheeky manner.

Inui smirked at him, "That's too cheap—"

"Inui! Momo! Why are you betting for Echizen's actions! Don't do that to your teammates!" Oishi hissed at the two. But then Kikumaru spoke up, interrupting the scene.

"For 1000 yen, Ochibi will be jealous at Fuji!" Kikumaru spoke, joinning in the bet while he was watching their target. Oishi was shocked with his doubles-partner's actions.

"What! You're also joining the bet!" Oishi exclaimed but in a hushing manner in order not to attract many people at their station.

"Nya! They're moving! Come on!" He, Kikumaru, said to his group when their targets started to move their direction, ignoring Oishi's lecture.

Inui wrote down the 'bet' on his green notebook and smirked. 'Of course, Eiji will win.' He thought with an Evil grin on his head. 'And I'm 100 percent sure that Echizen will be bombard by jealousy.'

Tsk tsk tsk… This is bad… Oishi shook his head wearily and followed his group mates.

Back to where Fuji and Sakuno are; as the 'spy group' continued on following them without any notices coming from the sharp eyed Fuji. Sakuno continued to do her job—to finish knocking up the things listed on her grocery list that she was holding, as Fuji pushes the cart that has the things that the damsel gathered. Sakuno checked up the time on her wristwatch and sighed.

"It's already 3:47." She mumbled to herself lowly while walking so only she could hear but suddenly the tensai spoke that made her became surprised.

"What time is it?" Fuji asked abruptly after Sakuno checked the time, with matching faint blushes that tinted on her fair cheeks.

"Ah! I-it's already 3:47." She replied to him with a slight stutter.

"Oh… I see… we've been here for about an hour." He said with his usual plastered smile, "How many items do we have to find now?"

"Uhm… We need to find the seasonings, cooking oil, sugar, tea, coffee, milk, breadcrumbs, flour, filleted chicken breast and the nori." Sakuno said reading the unchecked items on the list. "So we still have to find 10 items left." She replied with a cheery smile, facing at him.

"I see." Fuji said and then he went beside Sakuno, "Let's find those items so we can finish early and eat snacks together."

As usual, she blushed again extremely and quickly bowed her head with shyness. 'Ah! Why am I blushing like this!? I've been like this since we've met earlier.' Sakuno thought confusedly at her self.

It seems that Fuji Syuusuke's charisma is starting to affect Sakuno's feelings. This is getting good isn't it? But Sakuno, what about Ryoma?

Then she became surprised and stopped on her track, 'I-I've forgotten my feelings for Ryoma-kun for a moment… W-What does this mean? Does this mean I'm starting to like Fuji-senpai?'

"Ryuzaki-chan, daijoubu?" he asked with eyes closed.

Sakuno shook her head and flashed him a smile, masking up her confused self. "I'm fine! Nothing to worry about! Ne, senpai let's go to the seasoning section now!" she said, heading ahead of the tensai. Then a reprimand thought popped up on her mind, scolding her senses, 'Don't fool your self, Sakuno! Fuji-senpai is just showing his kindness to you as a gentleman does. Act normal and do your task!'

She shook her head and brought up a topic that diverts the embarrassing moment a while ago in to nothingness. "Ne, senpai. What food do you like?" Sakuno asked, changing the confusing ambiance between them. Fuji, who was walking on her side, looked slightly on a thoughtful expression and answered her question.

"Well, I like Cajun delicacies, wasabi… What else? Apples! I really like apples! And, wasabi flavored ice cream or any food that has wasabi." He said in his usual plastered smile face.

"Sugoi, you really like spicy food, Fuji-senpai. But apple is not a spicy food though." Sakuno commented while walking beside him and then she saw the section for the seasonings they were looking for. "Ah! Here's the seasoning section!"

They went to that section and then Sakuno started getting the seasonings that was written on the list.

"How about you, Ryuzaki-chan, what food do you like?" Fuji asked as he stopped the cart while the two-equal-braided-hair style girl was gathering the seasonings needed.

"Let me see…" Sakuno stopped on what she was doing and thought for awhile, "Well, I like sweets stuffs like cakes, chocolates, candies; I kind of have a sweet tooth! And then strawberries for my fruit, Asian sea food cuisines and pasta dishes." Then she placed the items she got from the seasoning section on the cart.

"I really like to cook and bake," Sakuno confessed with a smile on her face, facing Fuji, "Especially with pastries. I got hook up with it because of Obaa-chan." She giggled and then she walked ahead from the tensai.

"Really? I never knew about that." Fuji said to Sakuno while pushing the cart behind her. He listened attentively at her interesting story.

"When I was five years old, every time my mom and dad drop me by to Obaa-chan's house because of their busy schedules on their work, Obaa-chan always taught me new dishes to learn and sometimes, both of us will cook some dishes for the whole family to eat every time my parents went there to fetch me up." She narrated with a smile that plastered on her face; however, while she narrates it, there was sadness in her happy tone that did not escape with Fuji's keen observation.

Sakuno did not want him to let him know that she was sad, so she continued her story in a cheery tone. "Both of my parents are in business industry. My dad is a General Manager of a prominent soft drink company here in Japan while my mom is an Operating Manager of a well-known recording company also here in Japan."

"Wow! You're family is well-to-do family." Fuji commented in his usual facial expression.

"You might say that, senpai. But I'm not happy with it." Now, Sakuno's happy tone really turned into serious-sad tone. She stopped walking and so as Fuji and he listened to her. "Though my mom loves me so much that she buys me anything and every thing that I need and so as my dad but they never give time for me like obaa-chan always does. Some times I felt that they never want me or love me."

Fuji opened his blue sapphire eyes, showing his real expression-sadness with sympathy, and then he spoke, "They love you, Ryuzaki-chan."

Sakuno looked behind her where her senpai was standing, together with the cart that bounding them, and countered with a firm but low voice about what he said, "If they love me, how come they didn't show up at the time when I need them, at the time when I'm in trouble or at the time when I want to show my triumphs to them?" Tears were whelming up on her eyes but she brushed it away with her hands and then she apologetically bowed her head at him and apologized, "Gomen nasai, senpai. You heard about my bad sentiments about my parents. Gomen ne…"

Fuji smiled warmly at her and shook his head, "Iie, it is I should apologize to you. I should not come across with your family's problem and I apologize for it…"

Then it was Sakuno's turn to shake her head, "I brought it up without knowing it and you just speak up your opinion with my sentiments. I should be the one to apologize."

Suddenly, Fuji started to ruffle her hair and then he giggled wholeheartedly. "It's ok to say your sentiments to others. It lightens up your burden in your heart." And then he showed his sapphire blue eyes once again to her with a warm smile on his face as he put his hands on her shoulder and bent down at her eye level, "And if you want someone to talk to about it, I will be gladly offer my time to listen to you. Ok?"

Sakuno was touched by her senpai's words. She didn't expect that there were someone like her senpai who wanted to listen to her opinions, her stories and her problems, well her best friend Tomoka fits to that level, but some of Sakuno's problem couldn't be told to Tomoka because she might worry a lot like her grandma and she didn't want that to happen so Sakuno just kept it in her heart and it became grudges to her.

"Arigatou, Fuji-senpai." She thanked him with a warm smile on her face, 'Senpai, can be trusted. So maybe some of my grudges I might tell him someday.' She thought with a smile.

"You're welcome." He replied in his usual smile again, "Saa! Let's continue on our grocery so we can have snacks early! I'm kind of hungry now."

Sakuno nodded in reply and so, they continued their task with no nervousness or any tension between them. They just enjoy the time they are with together.

Well, let's go back to our prince who was now in distress-Ryoma Echizen. I wonder where he is. Ah! He's walking! Yes, he's walking! Walking with hesitations, troubles and annoyance on the street almost getting near at the BIG MALL! Hey! He should not walk slowly right now! He must save his princess for his princess is starting to fall for his rival-the tensai, Fuji.

What's happening to our prince? Let's check out right now his thoughts. Hmmm…

'Why do I have to be there? There are many people who can handle Kikumaru-senpai's temper. But why should I be included? And besides, there's nothing fascinating to do there. I'd rather do my chores at home and stay inside my room. Or even play tennis with Baka-oyaji.' Ryoma thought with annoyance, putting his hands inside the pockets of his shorts. Then he muttered, "Kuso"

We all know that our Ochibi here doesn't want to join in the so-called Extra-Extra Curricular activities that was held out side the school and was planned by his friends or his senpai-tachi. In short he likes to be an anti-social kid who is a tennis prodigy and likes to be alone in his life well not that alone because he likes to be with his cat, Karupin, alone.

When he arrived at the BIG MALL now, his cell phone suddenly vibrated inside his pocket and he fished it out from it.

He read,

Finally you're here. Hurry up! Use your tracking program in your phone on tracking our place now. –Inui

'Do I have to follow them?' He thought with a twitching vein on his head. "Do I have that kind of program?" Ryoma vexingly said to himself. Because of his increasing irritation, he searched the number of his data-tennis-senpai on his phone and called him up.

After few rings heard on the phone, a certain data-tensai that Ryoma knew for quite a long time answered Ryoma's call with a baritone voice. "Hai."

"Inui-senpai! Just tell me where the heck are all of you? And I don't have any time to execute that program on my phone! I don't even know that I have that kind of program!" Ryoma yelled angrily with matching twitching veins that popping out from his head.

"Calm down, Echizen. Didn't I tell you that I install something on your phone that can be used on tracking people by typing the number of the one you are going to track with?"

"I don't care, senpai. Just tell me where you are so I can help you and go home early." Ryoma shouted not minding the attention he is attracting around him.

He tried to calm his nerves by gripping his free hand with all of his strength and spoke up at his senpai, "I'm calm now."

"Good. Go to grocery department and you'll find us here at the 22nd section. I'll send you an SMS if ever we changed our venue." Inui said and then he ended the call, leaving Ryoma with annoyance that plastered on the feline-eyed-face boy.

"Fine, I'll get inside now!" Ryoma angrily hissed to himself. He went inside the entrance of the Mall and headed straight to the grocery department as if he knew where exactly the location of the grocery department is. Sigh… Now, Ryoma is having a slight migraine and I think he cannot control it at any moment. Tsk tsk tsk….

-To be continued…-