Chapter Two

Artemis Fowl: Memories

Unlocking The Past Ch. 2 p. 2

Chapter Two

AN: this probably need a lot of editing but I thought I would put it up. It seemed like a good place to end sense the last chapter ended with finding out the name of a new character. Thats all for now.

-on with the story

Elizabeth Fowl sat at the buffet counter in the kitchen sorting this out. She was still in her robe, cradling a cup of cappuccino. Artemis would not be kidding or joking. This sort of thing was not like him. The only other conclusion was that he did lose his memory. Because he did not even recognize her, it had to be at least a few years worth. Artemis was already dealing with a lot of shock. Years have gone by for him that he does not recall. Knowing his character and personality, imagine the sheer shock that it would be to Artemis Fowl II, waking up with a strange woman in his bed. Then finding out that this woman is supposed to be his wife. This was going to be difficult on him whether he shows it or not. Elizabeth, not wanting to make things harder for him, had some of the servants move all her things out of their room. She would move back him when they were ready. She had some photos moved out that may be more of a blow to him. Then she called Amy to take care of a few things. Now she was resting. The situation was going to be difficult on everyone else too. She sighed and took a sip of her drink. Sweet caffeine sooths almost all troubles.

Artemis realized he was hungry and wanted to walk around. On a normal day, at least a normal day for Artemis, he would just have Butler bring him some food. But today he wanted to walk, think and look at what was different in the mansion. He started noticing that some spaces were empty, like something used to be there but was taken out. Artemis entered the kitchen. The same woman was sitting and drinking something warm out of a cup.

Elizabeth looked up and saw her husband staring at her just inside the doorway. She pushed the platter of scones that were next to her towards his direction. "You must be hungry." She got up and poured him some tea as he walked forward.

He was very picky and was about to tell her exactly how he liked his tea but she was holding the tea for him to take before he said anything. Artemis took the tea but did not drink it.

"Do you really think that Butler would allow your tea to be poisoned in any way by anyone inside or outside of the household?" said Elizabeth in a soft soothing tone as she sipped her drink. A light smirk played across her eyes and mouth.

Artemis lifted the tea cup up to his mouth and took a drink. It was exactly how he liked it. The only person ever who knew the precise way he liked his tea was Butler. She already put a scone on a saucer for him with a fork next to it. He picked up the fork and started to eat. He was thrown a little off by how she was anticipating what he wanted. She knew the kind of tea he liked and also knew that he would eat a scone with a fork to keep the sticky icing off his fingers.

Elizabeth took a scone with her fingers as she asked him a question, "So what are some of the possibilities that you have calculated for your current situation?"

Artemis finished chewing and looked at her with cold hard eyes. It did not seem to faze her. "I can think of a dozen though only a very minute (sp) few would have the ability to go so far and in such detail. Then there is the question of motive. For what purpose someone or someone(s) go to such lengths? What would it serve?"

She took a sip of her cappuccino. "…And how you could use your situation and the knowledge of the someone(s) to your advantage, both to relieve yourself of the situation and for the future. Of course there is always the possibility, though small but not impossible; that this is not a hoax, it is real and I am your wife." She finished with a seductive smile.

Before Artemis could answer there was a loud clang on one of the counters in the kitchen. It came from near one of the other entrances. A fiery red haired woman stood next to the counter in the direction of the sound. Artemis recognized her from the photo on his desk as the one standing next to Butler. She was petite, around five feet, but not thin or over weight. Her hair was a bright curly red and it fought to get out of her clip. She marched up to Artemis. Elizabeth opened her mouth to say something but she just waved it aside. "Butler explained the rest to me." She crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes at Artemis. She was about three feet from him. "Is it true that you lost your marbles and don't know who I am?"

The woman was defiantly American and from the south by the sound of her accent. He stared at her with the coldest and haughty look in his eyes. "I do not know you. And you should know that 'loosing ones marbles' implies in insanity. Though I may not remember some things, it is hardly the grounds for insanity."

Her face stayed the same for a moment then she threw her head back in laughter. "I get to annoy and poke at you all over again." She moved and started to put away the things away that she set on the counter.

Elizabeth smiled "You don't appear to be too concerned with our current predicament."

The woman pointed with a carrot in her hand and proceeded to wave it around. "Oh, I feel sorry for Butler… especially you and." She took a visual que from Elizabeth then continued while putting the carrot and other items away. "But I have no doubt that Mr. Smarty Pants here will think of a way out of it."

Artemis spoke arrogantly. "Yes, I will." Irritation could be seen in his eyes. "I would also be delighted if you would never call me 'smarty pants' again." He said the two words as if they were vile and disgusting. The red head just waved his declaration off as unimportant. He saw that Elizabeth's body was jolting while she was trying to hold back her laughter. His attention went back to the small woman "Who might you be?" He was pretty confident he knew who she was asked only to confirm it.

Amy smiled at him and bowed. "I, oh mighty writer of my paycheck, am Amy Butler…Your cook and the wife your butler, Butler."