Visser Three held his head high as he strolled along the cold, metal pathway made by two lines of his most elite Hork-Bajir troops. As he walked he marveled to himself, Everything is falling into place. I will fix them, I will keep those Andalite filth in line, and I will do it with fear, brutality! People across the galaxy will hear my name and they will tremble! As the day grew late, when the sun was almost completely enveloped by the dark, he was escorted to his scoop. The armed guards kept their watch at a respective distance.

He was powerful... and yet he could not shake a sense of foreboding. An unsettling feeling that rocked his confidence, his arrogance. Without warning and unwillingly, he shuddered. Like something was missing. Something that should be there, simply wasn't.

Alloran as well was unusually silent. (Maybe the pathetic fool has finally given up.) He sneered at him within his head, but he was silent. The Visser knew he had heard him, but he said nothing. He scanned his environment and his eyes rest upon a single hollow log near the edge of the woods. A chilling, lone gust of wind suddenly traveled from the opposite direction of his gaze. Again the feelings of... empty, alone, vulnerable.

(If I feel threatened I will simply order more guards! Yes, more guards, only the strongest and most loyal to me!) He whipped his bull-whip-like tail in the air restlessly, as if the very air was his enemy, whispering secrets to the trees, plotting his downfall.

(You think you can intimidate ME?!) He shreaked, blasting his thoughtspeak loud enough for the guards to hear. A few turned at the Visser's cry, but most had become accustomed to his alarming outbursts, and continued their watch with their backs to him. (I am strong, I am powerful!) The Visser was brething hard, a cold sweat visible on his face, which was erilly distorted in the pulsing firelight. He lifted a slender hand to clear his face and he saw that it was shaking. He realized his rage made him tremble and so he whispered softly to himself, (I am safe.)

He told himself it was paranoa. He told himself that all great leaders felt this way sometimes. And it made him feel better, for a little while that is. He couldn't fool himself any longer, something was wrong. But what?