Hey everyone I'm going to try and slow it down and put in more details and also split more up and don't worry what happened should come up in the next few chapters also my keyboard is messed up see what happened is my little cousin was playing with it and pulled the 'a' key off so if theres a v in the place of where an a is supposed to be its because my computer hates me :) oh Everyone was surprised to see Lily and Veronica walking down the hallways the next morning ruling it side by side but for once as equals. Veronica wasn't one to stand on the side lines and watch Lily rule anymore. When lunch rolled around and she sat down at the lunch table 'and the drama begins ...now' Veronica thought.

"What the hell do you think your doing whore?"Madison asked

"Ha Ha thats funny Maddie you calling me a whore." veronica replied coolly

"What ever just answer my damn question!"

"I'm sitting and eating something you obviously need to stop"

Lily, Logan, and Duncan all walked up at that moment to hear Veronicas comment.

"Whoa hostility,... sweet chick fight!" Logan exclaimed a little to happily. While Lily looked confused and Duncan looked a bit disappointed.

"Shut the fuck up you little slut"

Thats when Lily stepped in "Madison leave NOW"

Everyone was surprised at this except Veronica, Logan, and Duncan.

"bu..but Lily shes sitting in our section at our table shes not an 09're you've only ever allowed 1 girl thats wasn't in our status in and shes been gone for a whole year now so what makes this girl so special?" (a/n remember ppl no one knows for sure if Veronica is actually her)

"Madison this is Veronica"Duncan stated.

"WhaT?!" Madison screeched then mumbled some thing under her breath.

"Well not that this isn't fascinating but I was going to eat and I have a meeting with Mr.C so good-bye!"

"Hey V sleep over at my house tonight you me girl talk"

"OK meet me a my locker after school later"


"Hello principal Clemons"

"Hello Veronica how are you?"

"eh, so so I guess just glad to be back home"

"ah yes well um the guidance counselor wanted to set up meetings with you to talk about what happened to during your absence to you"

"Well im sorry but I don't, I just want to forget it and move on"

"Ms. Mars I think it would be better if you do it will help the process"

"Well I don't so just drop it!"

Clemons looked surprised by her out burst

"Well if you wish to just go to her office and she'll set up regular meetings"

"Whatever can I go now I want to get back with my friends"

W/ Lily, Logan, and Duncan(after veronica left)

"I still can't believe shes back" Lily said with a smile

"Yeah" Duncan grumbles

"Whats your problem DK aren't you happy Ronnie is back?"Logan questioned looking at his best friend since 3rd grade curiously.

"OF COURSE! I'm happy but shes not my old veronica that I loved"Duncan said depressingly

"Thats true shes definitely not the same thank god now don't get me wrong I'll love Ronica no matter what but the innocence was getting a little old." Lily responded.

"This Veronica is sooo much hotter she was beautiful before in a sweet innocent way now shes spunky, sarcastic, hot, and trouble (at that Logan grinned wider) all rolled into one."

"Oh my god! You two should totally hook up!"Lily sqeeled excitedly

"Lily I don't think she needs the drama that is my life right now especially what shes most likely been through" Logan responded with a frown.

"But you two were definitely going to get together before..." lily trailed off there no one talked about the night there were a few people who were brave enough or possibly just stupid enough to talk about it near the 3 of them every single suspensions, detentions, and phone call home was for getting into some kind of fight when people talked about Veronica in the wrong way. Duncan was about to say something when he stopped and looked over Lily's and Logan's shoulders. "Donut ...Donut?" Lily waved his hand in front of his front of his face. Lily and Logan turned around to see what there best friend and lily's brother was staring at. When they turned around what they saw shocked them.

Hey guys so im trying to decide on who or what shocked them or maybe i've alredy decided mwhahaha thanks for all the reveiws and I absolutley love reveiws that help my writing but anywvys I know its kinda short but anyways I know how annoying it gets when authors dont update because they dont get enough reveiws but I promise I wont be that kind of author anyways I will try to update as much as possible but volleyball just started but I will try my hardestr hoped u liked this chapter better then the first :) I give cookies to ya'll who even read this!