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"Donut ...Donut?" Lily waved his hand in front of his front of his face. Lily and Logan turned around to see what there best friend and lily's brother was staring at. When they turned around what they saw shocked them.

Chapter 3

Veronica walking back to Lunch to Lily, Logan, and Duncan.

"Hello sexy" a voice behind her purred trying to be seductive a shiver of fear went down her spine


Veronica's sweat mixed with the blood from multiple beatings she had taken from the people that held her hostage. Suddenly the door burst open and light pooled in Veronica squinted her eyes and blinked a couple times because the light was so bright.

"Hello sexy"

the voice in the once lit now dark shadows growled.

"Well I was once upon a time but now because of you and your ass hole buddies not so much" Veronica snarked over the course of time Veronica stopped crying 24/7 and tried to fight back did it ever work no. Just then Veronica felt the guy back hand her...hard!

"You'll pay for that BITCH!"the man growled. "

Now come along sexy were gonna play a game" the guy growled as he ripped the shirt off of her.


Veronica turned around to defend her self but instead of the man she always saw in her night mare and heard she saw Caz Truman standing there trying to be cool and sexy but all Veronica could see was a sleazy jack ass. Veronica sighed and shook her head "just leave me alone Truman" Veronica spat just because he was an 09'er doesn't mean she had to be nice.

"Oh come on baby you don't mean that"

"Yes I do and I'm NOT your baby" Veronica replied cruelly.

"Oh playing hard to get huh well sweetheart I don't mind but come on wont it be easier if you just admit your feelings for me."

"NEVER in a million years would I like YOU!" Veronica spat the last word like it was the dirtiest most horrid creature shes ever seen.(A/N like most people want to say Aaron's name)

"Hey shut it bitch now NO ONE turns down Caz Truman"

"I just did and do you talk about you self in the third person just to forget that its actually you cause if so I would so get it I would too if I was as disgusting as you."

That had finally snapped Caz as they were nearing the court yard for lunch Caz grabbed Veronica by her arms and slammed her against the wall. "Ow" was all Veronica said as Veronica felt the impact of the wall against her body as her body slumped over and was knocked unconscious.

"Back off rich boy" Weevil growled at Caz.

"Psh You cant tell me what to do" Caz replied trying to sound brave and not messed with fear of the biker mainly because now there was a crowd but he was failing miserably. "Listen we could either do it the easy way or the hard way either way in the end its gonna be tons of fun for me and you crying like a bitch once were done."

Back to Lily, Logan and Duncan

"What the hell is going on over there?"Duncan asked as he watched the fight.

"Yeah I mean its no secret the PCHers hate us but the usually go for us I mean Caz is a borderline 09er

and Weevil is wasting his time on Caz." Logan replied

"Well only 1 way to find out" Lily said as she stood up with Logan and Duncan to go see what was going on.

Once the three got close enough they saw a tiny blond laying unconscious on the cement everyone to engrossed in the fight. "Veronica" Logan said with horror etched across his face at what happened to her. The three ran towards Veronica and as soon as they got there they started looking for anything wrong with her. When Logan put his hand under her head and he felt a something wet on his hand and he feared what he would see if he looked but despite his fear he looked and saw blood covering his hand.

"Lily go get my car now" Logan ordered as he tossed Lily his keys she got really worried considering he NEVER let her drive is precious canary.

"Duncan go get me a towel preferably with warm water NOW!" Logan commanded.

"Come on Veronica hold on were gonna get you some help"Logan begged under his breath.

"IS she alright?" Weevil asked Logan turned around to see it was indeed the leader of the biker gang. Logan turned to look at Caz who was a bloody mess and was whimpering from the pain.

"Hopefully" was all Logan said but Weevil knew he was grateful for Weevil beating the shit out of Caz.

"Here" Duncan said as he handed Logan the warm damp towel. Logan pressed it up against the wound of Veronicas head. Logan picked Veronica up in the bridal position and told Duncan to hold the towel on the wound and to put pressure on it. The got to where Lily brought the car Logan still holding Veronica jumped in the back of the car but positioned it so he could still hold her but hold the towel against her head as Duncan jumped in the passengers seat up front and with that Lily peeled out of the parking lot on the way to the hospital Lily and Duncan couldn't help but notice the amount of love in Logan's eyes toward the little blond. They arrived at the hospital shortly later mainly because Lily broke almost every driving law out there and possibly the Laws of physics. Logan ran up to the main desk and told that she needed a doctor right away that she had lost a lot of blood.

"I'm sorry sir but your gonna have to fill out these papers first"the nurse said firmly but politely

"Just get her a fucking doctor NOW!" Logan growled.

Excuse me sir but there is no need for that language so please fill out these forms" the nurse replied

Logan hated doing this but this time called for the big guns "Listen I am Aaron Echolls son if you don't get my friend a doctor RIGHT now I will ruin you so badly your great grandchildren will be ashamed to show their faces." Logan threatened. The shock on the nurses face almost made Logan smile. Almost. The nurse called a doctor quickly to help the patient. Once Veronica was with the doctors Logan and Duncan went to the waiting room while Lily went to call Keith. About 15minutes later Keith joined them wait for the news. An hour and a half later the doctor came out.