the doctor came in the room

Everyone stood up to greet the doctor "are you all here for Ms. Mars?"

"Yes we are, I'm her father" Keith spoke up.

"ok then. Well we stitched up ms. Mars she didn't lose to much blood, but were going to keep her overnight to watch her and make sure she's ok she has a slight concussion but over all ther both fine." the doctor smiled he loved giving good news it wasn't often he got to.

"wait both?" lily questioned.

"uh… yes according to this ms. Mars is 3 months pregnant." the doctor explained with a confused look on his face after checking his clip board again. Everyone just stood there stunned the couldn't believe there lil veronica was pregnant.

Logan could feel his heart starting to crack that meant his Veronica either met a guy which he highly doubted since she had been kidnapped or she had been (logan gulped) raped. He suddenly started to become angry and despertly wanting to kick the living shit out the guy or guys who took away her innocence and hurt her.

Lily was crying somebody had hurt her best friend and if she EVER found out who it was she was going to make them pay with every ounce or their live or lives.

Duncan started seeing red that anyone had ever touched Veronica that way and most likely against her will. Lily seeing the looking on his face went over and started whispering calming words in his ears the last thing everyone needed was Duncan having a fit in the middle of the waiting room.

And keith well he sat down in the chair stunned his little girl pregnant at 17 non the less he couldn't believe it.

"Well I'll let you process this if you want to see her, her room is 317" the doctor said before walking off.