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Thank you for all the new readers and for all those have stuck by this little story. I hope to update more regularly but can't as yet commit to a schedule, maybe after summer.

Anyway just to give you the picture, I imagine these letters being sent in the second/third week of the girls returning to Hogwarts after mutual arrangements to have a week to settle in before corresponding to each other. Hope you enjoy x.

Hi Harry,

How weird is this, I'm actually able to write to you and send you the letter instead of burning them! That's what I did last year. I would write allsorts and then throw them in the fire, well, didn't want to give the Carrows anymore ammunition against me. Neville used to look a me with a mixture of pity and determination, now I think of it, he always came up with good ideas following one of my mammoth letter writing sessions. I'll have to ask him about that when he comes back from the greenhouses.

Well, Hogwarts is the same but different, does that even make sense? All the repairs are finished and it does look more or less the same. Some of the walls are cleaner, I think that is where new stones have been used, whereas in other places they were able to use the original. The Great Hall is still the same, I was really nervous about going in there after everything, well you know. I couldn't tell you before as I didn't want to worry you, I know you are worrying enough as it is, but it is ok and the opening feast's atmosphere was great.

McGonagall's speech focused on the future, she said we should never forget the past but that the future is what everyone fought for and to honour them we should strive for forgiveness and unity. The Slytherin house was looking really uncomfortable during the speech but she was smiling at them. Malfoy is here, a lot of people are unhappy but Hermione strode up to him the next day at breakfast and shook his hand. She says that he was under stresses that we couldn't understand, I don't know about that but I figure if she can forgive him, well I can at least put up with him. To be fair, he doesn't stride around the school like he owns it anymore, he's quite quiet and does his work, he's actually giving Hermione competition. He also handed back his Prefect badge apparently. Zabini was made Head Boy, again I think to try and bolster unity etc.

Mum and Dad were here last weekend, they have put a portrait of Fred by were he died. Gosh, that is so hard to write, stupid huh. I must have looked at this parchment for about 10 minutes! Anyway, Mum and Dad were so made up and you can imagine what he, the Fred portrait, comes out with as students walk past! It's hard to walk past but it does make me smile as well. George didn't come, I was a bit surprised at that. They've also added Remus and Tonks joint portrait, it has been hung were we go up the stairs to our tower as the Hufflepuffs go down to wherever they go. It is really good, Remus looks so relaxed, you know he always looked so stressed and Tonks look great, she changes her appearance just like she could in real life. They look really happy together, when they think no-one is around they kiss and I don't mean a little peck on the cheek! Merlin, I miss your kisses….

Lessons and home work, how did you… well you know how much I love Hermione but gosh she is SO driven and cannot be swayed, all I get out of her is that it is NEWT year and we must work. I do realise this but good grief. Thank goodness I have Quidditch, it is so much responsibility being Captain. I think I've got a good team together, I had the trials on Sunday. Do you think you will be able to come and watch us? I suppose it depends on your training but I would love you to come and of course and may get to see you more often and kiss and well you know, better stop. I'm meant to be doing my Transfiguration essay before I write to you (Hermione's orders) but if I keep blushing she will get suspicious.

Luna's here, she spends most nights here now. She says hello. She is also keeping an eye on Hermione for me, who's talking to the first years about Gryffindor pride and that we must keep the tower tidy to help the house elves at the moment. They are all a bit in awe of her to be honest. Charlie seems to be doing well at teaching, he is officially the number 1 teacher pin-up, I don't know whether it's too icky or whether I'm proud. We have dinner in his quarters once a week and we've been seeing Hagrid and Grawp too. They all say hi.

How's the training going? I hope it's not too hard. What's it like living with Ron? Has he driven you mad yet? Is George ok? I still worry about him so much.

I can't wait to see you again. To feel your arms around me. Just to be able to talk to you, laugh with you. I know it will all be worth it but…

I better finish up Hermione will want to see my progress and she is finishing her lecture by the sounds of it.

Can't wait to see you.

Love forever.

Ginny xxx

P.S Just asked Neville about it and he blushed. He said that the look of my face while writing the letters used to upset him. Apparently I looked really depressed and lost. He thought that us being separated was just another example of Voldemort destroying our world and it made him want to take action. Isn't he so amazing, you should see him Harry, he is so confident but he's kept his caring side. He's seeing Hannah Abbot. They look so cute together, of course he will only get to see her at the Hogsmeade weekends to with her working at the Three Broomsticks. (INKSPOT)

Hi Harry, it's Hermione. Hope you are well. Ginny is now doing her essay. See you soon. Love Hermione x.

Hi Luna,

Hope you've settled in ok and things aren't too bad. Was the train ok, I know you were nervous about that? I read that Malfoy was back at Hogwarts, I was livid but Harry didn't agree. Tell me if he bothers you.

The shop is coming along. It still feels so wrong being here without him but I know he would want me to carry on, it was all we talked and dreamed about for years. Working with Ron is different but surprisingly easy. He isn't my bratty little brother anymore but I guess we all grew up over this last year. He is good with the customers as well but will occasionally say something tactless but then he wouldn't be Ron if he didn't. He told a, well shall we say, a less than attractive lady that he understood why she would be interested in out love potions! Needless to say he got an earful and no sale! It did make me laugh, yes I laughed. Ron said it was worth it just for that.

I'm haven't been drinking except with friends. No solitary bingers. It's hard but I don't want to sink that low again. It helps having Ron and Harry next door and having dinner at the Burrow a couple of times a week.

I'll be coming to Hogsmeade with Ron and Harry. I want to see you. We have things to talk about.

I miss you.

Don't work too hard and enjoy yourself.


Hi Mione,

How's things? Not working too hard I hope. Have you been to library yet? Haha, I know you have. I don't miss it at all. Of course I miss you but school, no, best thing I ever did was drop out. Mum goes mad when I say that. George grins though and says he's proud. He's doing ok, we've had a couple of rough times (one major but can't tell you anything about that yet) but he's getting better. I see him looking wistfully around the shop as if he is hoping Fred will suddenly appear and if I am honest, so do I but it must be so much harder for him.

Anyway, we've got a couple of things that we are inventing, George thinks I have potential. Not allowed to tell you what, wouldn't want anyone nicking ideas if they found this letter but we have 3 really good possibilities. A different one dramatically failed last night when all my fingernails dropped off (my turn to test), it was meant to be self colouring nail varnish for the girly range we stock, colour changes at whim but it dissolved my nails when I tried to change from red to purple. Really hurt but Mungo's gave me a potion and special gloves to wear overnight and they are good as new, definitely need to look into the ingredients again.

We've got into a routine, me, Harry and George. We go to the Leaky Cauldron a couple of times a week but we are not turning into drinkers don't worry, we mainly drink butterbeers. We did get drunk after you left but after waking up next to Harry…well never again! Apparently Tom put us to bed upstairs and we woke up, dressed and hung-over. No nothing good comes of getting that drunk. Also much prefer waking up next to you. We go to the Burrow on Wednesday night and Sunday lunch. Mum likes to keep an eye on us all especially George but you know she doesn't think we can cook for ourselves! We come home with enough food to more or less see us through to the next visit.

Poor Bill, a pregnant Fleur appears hard work. He doesn't seem to be able to do anything right. Percy is still very attentive to mum and dad, I is carrying around so much guilt, I feel sorry for him. How's Charlie and Ginny? Harry is really missing Ginny, I'd tease him about it but he'd be able to tease me back.

So is Hogwarts weird without me and Harry, I bet it's quieter, not as much rule breaking. I really miss you. I lie in bed and think about our night in the hotel, being able to hold you and well, the other stuff too. Can you tell I'm blushing now? I love you Mione. I can't wait for the Hogsmeade weekend. Just to see you and hold you again.

I better send this off now before George comes back and laughs about how mushy I've become,

See you soon love,


Hi Gin,

I got your letter yesterday and I've lost count how often I've read it already. I miss you so much but I've managed to fight the urge to get out the Marauder's Map…well ok, I got it out once. You, Hermione and Luna were sat together in front of the fire in Gryffindor Tower were we used to sit. I felt a bit foolish after I checked, I mean it is not like last year is it?

Don't know how I would feel walking through the corridors of Hogwarts every day. Too many memories really, not all bad. I did have some good times there (the end of my 6th year especially) and the place was my first real home, the Burrow my second but now when I look back at my 6 years there, I wonder how I am still here, physically an mentally. I think it is only now I am truly away from Hogwarts, the Dursleys, Riddle and even Dumbledore and on my own (in the independent sense) that I can see how messed up my childhood was. It is thanks to you, Ron, Hermione, the rest of your family, Neville, Luna, Remus and Sirius that I survived. I think that you are all so brave going back. It makes me love you more even though it means we are away from each other. Sorry to ramble but I've been doing a lot of thinking.

I'm glad Malfoy is back as well. Hermione is right, he has suffered more than people realise. He deserves another chance. We were all too young.

Quidditch! I miss quid ditch. I would love to come and watch the matches if I can. Send me the dates and I'll see if they correspond with my weekends off. The Hogsmeade weekend dates do, I checked with McGonagall so will be seeing you soon. To see you, hold you and kiss you, I can't wait.

Training is really hard. I'm exhausted. It's why I didn't write last night as I just fell into bed after dinner. It was Georges turn to cook (made easier by all the food your mum insists we need to take from her) and I just about managed not to fall head first in it asleep. The assault courses are pure evil, it makes me wonder if Riddle designed them, although I have a feeling Mad Eye and his CONSTANT VIGILANCE may have been the designer. Suffice to say, you soon learn to put a quick shield charm. They do not go easy on you. My first attempt was awful, I was stunned unconscious within the first 5 minutes. I think they wanted to make an example out of me and to prove they are not going to treat me with kid gloves. To be truthful, I rather they did do that, I want to be an Auror on my own merit not because of who I am but you can imagine stick "the boy who lived but gets stunned" got! I got them back the next time though. People still underestimate expelliarmus but the way I figure you are less likely to cast spells without a wand. We start wand less casting next month, not everyone can do it but everyone undergoes the training, I can see lots of headaches coming!

George is doing ok. We've had a few bad times with him that I can't discuss by letter but he has been better this last week. He is going to come to the next Hogsmeade weekend with us, he needs to see Luna. Verity is going to run the shop. Him and Ron have been thinking about the old Zonkos shop again. He is eating well and we go to the Burrow. On Sundays Bill and Fleur is there, she and your mum are talking a lot about babies. Percy is there as well with Audrey. I love going to the Burrow but it makes me miss you more.

Living with Ron is great, we've had no major disagreements yet but your mum is already in despair at our slougheness as she says. I think she secretly enjoys tidying up after us. I do keep my bedroom clean though I don't want her to clean up that. Neither does Ron anymore since she found a magazine that he had in there. Don't tell Hermione though. I expect she will find out as it became the topic of the last Sundays dinner. It was so funny, I thought Ron was going to combust in embarrassment as your mum ranted on. Fleur, Percy and Audrey looked suitably disgusted but the rest of us had to bite our tongues to stop from laughing. I thought George was going to burst a blood vessel. Bill started to laugh first but the look Fleur gave him made him cough and stop. Your dad pretended to be distracted by the gravy, his ears were red which gave him away. How I managed not to choke on the roast potatoes I don't know. Then George started to laugh so hard he was crying which was so good to see that even your mum joined in. So after that, Ron now keeps his room pristine.

I better go, we have to be at the assault courses again at 5am. Why do they think early mornings are good for learning? I better see if Pig will take this to you. When we are in Hogsmeade, can you come with me to pick out a new owl. I've put it off too long but it has just been too difficult to think of any other except Hedwig. We went through a lot together.

Before I go. I just want to say I love you and can't wait to start our life together. To see you in your Harpies uniform and being their star chaser as I know you will be. Think of the reunions we will have when we meet up. Did I ever admit to you how sexy you are in a Quidditch uniform? Close fitting, leather, sweat…..

Sorry, I got lost in my imagination for a second then. Will definitely try and get up to see your matches.

Enjoy your time at school love, don't let Hermione ruin your fun with too much work but she means well and I suppose she does have a point too but don't tell her that I agree with her.

Give her my love, Luna as well and say Hi to Neville, Charlie and co.

All my love forever.


How lovely to hear from you George.

I will keep this short as I am at the lunch table. I'm at the Gryffindor table with Ginny and Neville. There is a lot more mixing between tables these days, I think the Nargles have left the Great Hall now once and for all.

The train journey was fine, Ginny and Neville stayed with me and Hermione was popping in and out between her duties. Draco being here does not bother me, he tried to make things a little easier when I was at the Manor, something I know was a great risk to him. Don't say anything though, he does not want to discuss it, I tried but he would not let me.

It is ok to miss him, I'm sure he misses you.

I would love to see you at the Hogsmeade weekend. I sense you need to discuss something with me that is bothering you. I hope you are alright.

In my thoughts,


Hello Ron,

Hope you are ok? I do miss you and Harry, it's not the same but I am loving being here. I am learning so much and really enjoy being head girl. It is a lot of responsibility and extra work but it is so rewarding. Blaize is head boy and he works just as hard as me, he takes it all very seriously, I was surprised if I am honest but it goes to show how little we paid attention to the Slytherins as people, only looking at their house. We were just as prejudice to them as they were to us in some ways. Malfoy is here, he had changed. I got to know him better with having to work with Blaize and although I don't think he will ever become a close friend, now that all the pureblood prejudice has gone he appears a bit of a kindred spirit when it comes to studying. It is good to finally find someone who actually know where the library is and has read Hogwarts a History. Now I can picture your face as you read this Ronald and, stop, breath and remember that I everyone deserves a second chance and that I love you.

It is good to hear George is doing better. It is still early days and I know Ginny worries about him as do we all. Please be careful with the experiments, I love everything about you and would rather you remained in one piece. Ginny said that you are looking into Hogsmeade Zonkos shop. Who would run that? I may get to see you more or do you think George may prefer it so not so reminded of Fred? What exactly is going on between George and Luna, she always gives one of her ethereal answers when either me or Ginny try to ask her? Is it serious?

Ginny and Luna have become really good friends, I think I annoy Ginny at times with my encouragements for her to study as it is important but we are getting on really great. Ginny seems just as serious at being a good Quidditch captain as Harry, it is all she speaks of at times. Luna has become part of Gryffindor, the tower seems weird when she isn't there. Neville has become part of our little group as well. The change in him is great, he is so confident and he gets lovely letters now from his Nan, pity it took the war for her to realise how brilliant her grandson is but you know Neville, he loves his Nan and is just proud that he now reaches her expectations. I think he and Hannah are getting serious too.

Professor Slughorn misses you and Harry, yes you read it right. He misses you too, he laments that he missed the chance to include all of the "Golden Trio" in his club. Serves him right for not seeing your potential earlier. I've been practising my chess but I still don't think I will beat you, perhaps me and Harry should band together and try…no you will still trounce us with that wonderful strategic mind of yours.

I took a trip to the kitchens. Winky is doing better but she misses Dobby. Kreacher appears to be in charge! He acknowledged me quite nicely and says he still goes back to Grimmauld Place once a week with a few helpers to keep the place tidy for Harry. Did Harry know that? Has he even been back to check yet?

Ginny got a letter from Harry today and she has just shouted over that I am to ask you about a magazine that you have subscribed to. Is it about Quidditch, finally given in to the Cannons Fanzine you keep on going on about? If so, I love you but I am not overly interested, I like watching Quidditch but you know it is not one of my passions. Hope you don't mind.

I can't wait to see you again Ron. To have you hold me and kiss me. You not being here is the only thing I regret coming back to Hogwarts, I miss you so much especially when I am alone in my bed.


Hermione x