Hey guys, I know there are lots of other top ten fics out there like this, but I couldn't resist, lol. You can consider it an add-on to Mrowrkrat98's top 100 if you'd like. If you haven't read that top 100 you should, cause it's hilarious. Hope none are too similar or re-used. Oh, well. I had a lot of fun with this! Enjoy. I'll probably add to this list if I come up with more ideas.

I am in no way responsible for any wild/domestic animal attacks, alien assaults/invations, or Dracon/Shredder injuries of any kind or sorts that may result from copying actions listed below. All listed actions are not reccomended or endorsed by the writer. Thank you.

1.) Invite Erek to play a game of frisbee. When it lands in a tree or flies over a fence, tell him to go fetch it.

2.)Remind David that not only is he a rat, but he can also no longer save fifteen percent or more on car insurance by switching to Gieko.

3.)Tell Visser Three that in addition to eliminating skunk-stink, grape juice is a natural earth remedy that also removes unsightly blemishes.

4.)Buy Jake a megaphone, and tell him he should use it because no one can hear him when he talks in a low, silky voice.

5.)Tell Ax that Andalites really are not all that.

6.)Tell Tobias that his uncle is an andalite, but Ax's uncle was a Yeerk, whose brother was a Taxxon, who knew this guy whose grandma was a Hork-Bajir, whose sister-in-law was a gedd, whose nephew was an arn, whose uncle was REGIS FILLMAN?! (Everyone in the universe is connected by six people, lol.)

7.)Buy Marco a step-ladder.

8.)Ask Marco if the "vertically challenged" gene is connected to the "not funny" gene.

9.)Eat Escargo in front of Tom and say, "Mmmmm, tastes like chicken. But it could use some salt." Tom's face at first :O Tom's secound face :..(

10.)Go trick-or-treating with your friends at Chapman's house, dressed as a tiger, bear, gorilla, wolf, and red-tailed hawk.