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Your Guardian Angels

He was sitting with his legs crossed and back against the wall, cradling the navigator's head in his lap; slightly possessively, at that. Zoro would like to think he was uncomfortable; he wasn't used to whiling the night away with anyone save himself but, the truth was at the moment it really didn't matter.

Looking around him, he thought how odd it was, four men in what should have been one woman's quarters, but he wasn't about to complain.

Luffy's head was next to his right knee; the rest of his elastic body disappeared under womanly curves, where only a pair of long arms could be seen wrapped around her waist. Almost as if, Zoro thought with a twitch of a smile, she were some life-size doll. Every now and then he would reach down to push back stray black hairs that fell annoyingly into Luffy's face, which he was childishly trying to blow off. He would grin up whenever he did in silent thanks, to which the green-haired man would huff and pretend his antics were annoying.

The Love Cook had arms wrapped just under Luffy's, blond hair resting on top. His one visible eye was half-closed, but Zoro knew he was nowhere near tired. Watching him shift slightly and let off a small sigh, he didn't reach over to punch him, nor tell him to shut up. He surprised himself by his rare lenience, and by the questioning look Sanji gave him it was clear the same thing had occurred to him as well.

Usopp was lying back up with bent legs, lazily kicking the air every now and again. One of his tanned hands held Nami's in a firm but gentle grip, occasionally stroking the palm, while her right hand had come across Luffy and Sanji's arms to rest on top of his. As he rested his head every now and then on Luffy's arms, long nose twitching as he sniffed a little, Zoro realised how contrasting Sanji's soft blond locks were to Usopp's wiry black curls and subconsciously ran a hand through his own hair. The sniper caught the look he shot him to stop moving but kept swinging his legs anyway, knowing it was naught but an empty threat.

It would've looked extremely odd to anyone who happened to walk in on them like this, but to the motley crew this was the least they could do.

One look at Nami's face, tainted and stained with traces of bitter, salty tears when she walked into their room had caused the silent resolve they were now in. Their usually spunky and fiery redhead had never looked so fragile, Zoro would later come to reflect.

Arlong Park may have finally been abolished, but the lingering nightmare would take longer to chase away.

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