Title: In a Station of the Metro

Summary: One ordinary day, two ordinary people, one common subway, one uncommon whirlwind of events that changes how they look at the world. IchiRuki AU

Rating: T-M not really sure where I want to take this one :D

A/N: So I'm sure all of us have heard Ezra Pound's poem by the same name... yeah I kinda got the idea from that.. as odd as that sounds.. seeing how the story isn't going to be even close to the poem. I liked the poem a lot though :D

"The apparition of these faces in the crowd; Petals on a wet, black bough."- Ezra Pound

The sky above was gloomy and filled with imposing clouds. Rain threatened to fall on the small city any moment. With clouds came rain and with rain came lightening, this thought scared the young woman well beyond imagination. Thunder and lightning were her only weaknesses. She shook as she pulled her jacket tighter around her t block out the late spring weather. She took a step from her apartment complex and out onto the street. Today was her first day of work for Karakura industries. And, as Murphy's law dictated, everything that could go wrong..had, and at the least opportune time. She woke up to find her washing and drying systems had failed miserable, they had been getting on in age, so her clothes were soaked. After securing a hair dryer and consuming hours of her time they had finally gotten to a presentable dampness. She sighed at these thoughts ran through her head, She had then quickly eaten breakfast, without coffee. she ran out to her car only to find it wouldn't start, so today she'd be taking the Subway.

The gloomy clouds drew neared to the earth, casting a light fog across the hazy city. Rukia stepped onto the pavement and prepared her self for the four block walk to the subway station. She was late already and hoped to catch the next sub out. Her black heels clicked across the pavement as her laptop case swung by her side. The gray suit she wore did nothing to block the cold breezes, she shivered as she felt the day weighing heavier upon her. In her free hand she carried an umbrella, fearing the worst from the day. The umbrella did not mirror her work attire, though at the moment it was in a small black case, within the case was a bright pink umbrella with chappy bunnies dancing along the rim. She was quite proud of such a rare find and today would be her first day using it. She smiled inwardly, despite the fact the day looked grim.

Rain pounded heavily against the window of the three story apartment complex in the southern part of Rukon District. At first many people had thought of Rukon a lower class district full of violence and gangs. The fact of the matter was that it was a decent place to live and you didn't need much money to live there. The short buildings were ideal for future or current parents with small children. Animals were allowed in the complexes and many good schools from Preschool to University were within it's constrictive and cramped district. That made it ideal for Ichigo Kurosaki,

He was a medical student working three jobs to pay for his schooling, at the moment he was an intern at the hospital across town, his father's hospital. He was training hard to become a surgeon. If that meant training under his father for god knew how many years, he would do it.

He stepped from the shower and wrapped a towel around his waist. He walked down the hall, leaving a trail of water in his wake, into the kitchen. He grabbed an apple from the counter and bit into hits crisp flesh, savoring the tangy flavor. He opened the fridge and pulled out the orange juice, taking a drink directly from the carton. He set the carton down on a note left by his girlfriend. Rolling his eyes he picked up the note and took another bite from his Fuji apple.


I'm sorry to do this to you..

But you know how much it hurts to be in love with some one who can't possibly love you in return.

you're too damaged Ichigo, I knew that the moment we started dating, and I was okay with everything.

But we've gotten distant, and I knew you only accepted my invitation because you didn't want to hurt me.

I need to get out, before I fall too in love with you, because it hurts knowing nothing will come of this relationship.

I know you can't afford your own place right now, but I really can't stand living with you anymore. It just hurts.

I called your father last night, and he said that your room was still unoccupied back home.

I know it will be a longer ride to the hospital from there, but I can't stay with you.

I'm doing what's best for both of us, and I know you know that.

With every closed door another opens.

I'm closing the door on you and hopefully a new one will open for both of us.

Plus you'll get to see your family more.

Doesn't that make you happier in the least bit?

Cheer up Ichigo, things will look better in the future.

Find some one you can love, instead of some one you don't.

Yours Forever

-Inoue Orihime

P.S. We can still be friends... right?'

P.P.S. Ishida was kind enough to help me write this

P.P.P.S. The bean paste in the fridge is for you for lunch today I know how much Nel likes it.

Ichigo crumpled the note and threw it in the trash then headed off to his bedroom to get dressed. He pulled on his purple scrubs wearing a dark blue long sleeved shirt beneath then slipped on his hospital shoes. Today he was scheduled for a six hour shift. He sighed and ran a hand through his damp locks. Rain hit the glass hard and he sighed. Perhaps it would be better if he put on his scrubs at the hospital instead, he didn't want them getting soaked. He pulled off the scrubs, leaving his shirt underneath on and slipped on a pair of dark blue jeans. He folded his scrubs and placed them in his gym bag. He grabbed the house keys and his cell phone before walking out. He raced back in and grabbed his compact umbrella in it's little black case and then pulled his hoodie on.

The walk to the sub was about three blocks north, he didn't mind it much. He opened his umbrella, a simple black design. He walked briskly towards the station, hoping to catch the next sub to the western Karakura Hospital. The whole Karakura district was filled with small industries, appropriately named after the area, as a joke his father and his counter-part, Ryuken Ishida, had called the hospital 'Karakura hospital'. It wasn't a big expensive hospital. It was up to date and met standards. It made a point to hire the kindest and best employees to that a stay there would be a nice one, no matter how grave the circumstance. His father had stated on more than one occasion that if patients would rather die with top of the line doctors that cared than top of the line doctors that didn't care. Despite being one of the best hospitals in town, it had it's downside. It had terrible plumbing.

Ichigo got onto the subway, grabbing a bar to hold himself. All the seats were filled with frantic mothers, fussing over their children as they rode to school, fat business men, transients, and the occasional waitress. He sighed as the sub slowly pulled away towards the next station. Three stops after his would be where he got off and then he would proceed two blocks northeast keeping in mind to come through the southwest entrance of the hospital, lest he be attacked by his moronic father... again.

Slowly the subway pulled to a stop before Rukia. She shuffled in with th rest of the people making sure not to get squished by the much taller crowd. She looked all over for a place to sit only to find none. There was however an open standing spot next to a man with fiery hair. She stepped forward and grasped the vertical bar, unable to reach the horizontal one that hung well over her head. She grasped her laptop case firmly to her side with her other arm and prepared for the worst as the subway lurched forward. It picked up speed quickly causing her stomach to lurch. She tried to look anywhere but the ground where she could visualize all the things that ran under the tracks. She bit her lip and looked up to see the man she had noted earlier.

He was tall, incredibly tall, taller than average. he had bright orange hair and light amber eyes. She could tell beneath the hooded sweatshirt that he worked out. Over all she found him fairly attractive, she blushed lightly at the thought. She hadn't thought anyone was sexy since her high school sweetheart Kaien. Renji nor Ashido had ever quite grasped her interest the same way as Kaein did when it came to looks. Perhaps she was a fan of the adolescent yet mature face both Kaein and the stranger shared. She blushed and looked away, not wanting to get carried away with her eyes.

He smirked hen he noticed the small woman looking at him intently. Her deep violet eyes had scanned him thoroughly and she had taken on a nostalgic look on her soft face. He noticed her small pink lips smile slightly and a small layer of blush creep upon her supple cheeks. She looked away suddenly her raven hair falling over her eyes contrasting beautifully with her alabaster skin. She looked almost like a child had it not been for the overwhelming sense of maturity that surrounded her. He noticed her finely manicured nails and expensive clothes and assumed she was business woman or a lawyer. though she was tiny her presence commanded attention.

The subway lurched back slightly, sending the small woman crashing into him. He grasped her waist to balanced her and she placed her hands against his firm chest to stabilize herself. bot their object went flying from their hands, landing at their feet. She looked up at him, the girlish blush creeping on her cheeks once more. He found everything about this woman enchanting. Her body felt non-existent against his and her touch was light and feathery. He smirked slightly before letting her go, well aware that she was now stable. As soon her her heat left his body he regretted letting go, she felt so natural against his body.

"You okay?" He asked, his voice filled with slight concern. She nodded her head childishly and he couldn't help but smile slightly before quickly concealing it.

"I'm fine." Her voice was slightly cold with a small tone of warmth barely making it through. He nodded.


She bent down to grab her umbrella a the same time he had, both hitting heads simultaneously. she backed away grasping her head as did he, both holding their umbrellas tightly in their other hands.

"Ow!" She shouted, "Watch what you're doing!"

"Watch what I'm doing? Is that anyway to thank your Saviour?" He asked, irritated by the woman, suddenly.

"Saviour?" She asked in disbelief, "Who are you Jesus Christ?"

He wanted to laugh, but his irritation got the best of him. "If I hadn't caught you, you would've landed face first into that guy!" Ichigo pointed with his thumb to the man seated next to them. His blue eyes examining her creepily. She knew the man was right, but she was too stubborn to admit it.

"I would've been fine on my own, thank you, I'm not some defenseless girl for you to save!" She shouted.

They were making quite the scene, entertaining most the other passengers with their banter and death glares.

An elderly woman stood across from them and smiled, "Aren't they a cute couple?" She whispered to a pierced up young boy in the seat next to her. The kid shrugged and turned up his iPod.

Rukia and Ichigo both turned to the woman. "We aren't a couple." The stated firmly in unison.

Rukia turned to him and glared. "Next time you think to 'save' a young womans life think twice, not all of us enjoy being pressed against your well toned muscular body."

She blushed and he smirked. He was about to open his mouth to speak when the subway pulled to a stop. Her violet eyes looked up at his amber ones.

"This is my stop," She whispered, "Carrot top."

She ran off the subway and into the crowd of people. He stared after her even after the doors closed, wishing he had asked her name, despite the fact she drove him crazy. He mentally beat himself up, he liked a girl that could make him crazy that way, it made things interesting. He sighed and leaned against the wall. Suddenly his amber eyes widened. "That little bitch, she called me carrot top!" He suddenly felt very irritated.

She exhaled deeply as she got off the subway. She cursed the heavens why they had to make such a handsom man such a jerk. though she would never admit she found his quirky rudeness and sense of 'justice' quite charming. She bit her lower lip and smiled as she walked up the stairs, perhaps today wouldn't be so bad.

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