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Author's Note: The name of the so-called author "Masaki Inoue" or etc, isn't real.

The alarm clock rang at exactly seven in the morning. She switched off the alarm clock and slowly got up. Kokoro rubbed her eyes and got out out of bed. She walked up to the window and withdraws the curtains, and the bright sunshine shone through the room. She smiled as the warm sun felt on her skin. She made up her bed and took a shower. She put on a pair of short pants and a purple sleeveless shirt, a pair of sandals and grabbed her sling bag. She got her cell phone and her room key, and exited her room.

It was eight in the morning but the streets of Tokyo were busy with people. She already had her destination, which was the bookstore. It wasn't too far from the hotel that she stayed in. After ten minutes walk, she reached the bookstore and went in.

She saw a book on the shelf but couldn't reach it since it was a little too high. She looked around her but there wasn't anyone who could assist her. She felt a little annoyed. She tip toed and jumped a bit to reach the book, and she did but, she became unstable and the books almost fell on her until she saw a hand stopping those books from falling and an arm supporting her waist. That hand took out the book and gave it to her. She looked behind and saw a handsome brunette.

She kept her eyes on the brunette's face and looked at the book in her hand. She looked up at him, "Thank you very much," she said as she bowed to the brunette.

"It-It's okay.. It was pretty close just now." The brunette said.

Kokoro nodded, "Sorry for troubling you, uhm.. Sorry, I didn't get your name?"

The brunette paused but he smiled, "Ah, my bad. I'm Kajimoto Takahisa. Nice to meet you."

She nodded with a small smile, "Oumi Kokoro. Nice to meet you too, Kajimoto-kun."

Kajimoto smiled at the girl. He looked at the book she was trying so hard to get. It was a romance novel. "You like reading romance novel?"

Kokoro looked at the book then back at Kajimoto. She shook her head, "I'm not obsessed with romance novel. I read any kind of books. This just happens because its written by one of my favourite authors, Masaki Inoue."

"Ah, so you like him too."

Kokoro nodded, "Yeah. All of his stories are amazing. I, actually really adore him." She had a tint of blush on her face.

"I like his books too. They're very interesting and have a very good plot line."

Kokoro nodded, "True enough. I was searching for a book written by a German author when I first knew Masaki-san's work. I forgotten about the German author and got hooked by Masaki-san's book." She chuckled.

Kajimoto chuckled as he stared at her, "You're very cute," he said. Kajimoto realised what he just said and paused. Kokoro heard him clearly but she kept herself calm and not to look at him.

"So-Sorry..." Kajimoto said.

Kokoro kept her gaze on the book with her bangs covering her eyes, "Ehm, it's okay. Thanks."

Kajimoto felt his heart beat faster and so did Kokoro. Silence engulfed them both. Kokoro took out her cell phone when she felt it vibrate. It was a text message from the headmaster of Josei Shonan Gakuen.

Kokoro-chan, Hanamura-sensei will be seeing you at a dessert cafe. It's called Angel's Cafe. Be there at 11 o'clock. Don't be late! Bye!

She closed her cell phone and put it in her bag. She stood up and Kajimoto looked at her from his book, "You have to go already?"

She nodded, "Yeah. I have to meet someone."

Kajimoto felt a pang on his chest. He thought it must be meeting her boyfriend. He didn't know what will hit him next. Kokoro gave a slight bow to him and smiled. "It's really nice meeting you, Kajimoto-kun."

He nodded and smiled back, "Yes, me too." His voice sank.

Kokoro got an idea and took out her cell phone, and flipped it open, "Do you have a cell phone?"

Kajimoto was a little slow but nodded, "Yes."

She smiled, "Let's exchange number then. We can talk about books even if we don't see each other."

They turned on their infrared and exchanged number while taking each others picture to put as a contact picture. She smiled, "Well then, I shall leave. Good bye."

"Hn, good bye."

She left. Kajimoto looked at his cell phone where her picture was there. He smiled. He didn't know what it is but he looked forward to meet her in the future, and he was happy talking to her.

Two girls were snuggling in Wakato's arms, and they were teasing each other. Outa felt agitated by their actions but can't do anything about it. Daichi patted Outa's back to calm him down. It wasn't very hot like yesterday, but sill it was summer. Hanamura had asked them to meet her at Angel's Cafe by eleven in the morning. Everyone was already there except Kajimoto, their respected captain.

"Youhei, our captain is pretty late, isn't he?" A boy with blue hair sipped on his iced tea.

The boy named Youhei, who has pink hair nodded, "Yeah... I wonder why.."

"Oh, speaking of the devil.." Wakato smirked. Kajimoto twitched when he saw Wakato smirking at him.

Kajimoto sat beside Renji, who was eating a cake, "Sorry I'm a little late. I was at the bookstore."

Wakato was about to say something when their teacher arrived. She grinned, "I'm sorry that I'm late.."

Renji looked at her, "I'm sure it's not your fault." Hanamura smiled.

"Well, I'll make it up to all of you. You can order anything you want." Hanamura said.

Everybody perked up and Outa called for the waiter. They ordered almost everything on the menu. Suddenly, someone caught Kouhei's eyes. He nudged his twin brother, Youhei. They had their eyes on the girl who just came in, and they smirked. They knew that girl. They turned to Hanamura.

Youhei rested his right cheek on his palm while stirring his iced lemon tea, "There's lovely view right now, right Kouhei?"

Everybody looked at the twins. Kouhei nodded with a smirk, "Youhei is right."

"What are you two talking about?" Kajimoto asked.

The twins glanced at Hanamura who looked back at them. Kouhei's eyes diverted to his left and Hanamura followed his eyes, and her eyes went big in surprise. She smiled. She quickly stood up and rushed towards the person. Everyone followed their teacher's movement and finally saw her hugging a younger girl.

Much to Kajimoto's surprise, he knew that girl. "Ou-Oumi-san?" He whispered but it was heard by Wakato and Renji. Wakato just stared at him and back to the girl in Hanamura's arms.

Daichi just kept his gaze on the girl, "Is she-?"

Outa looked at Daichi who was looking at the twins. Youhei nodded, "Yeap. She is Hanamura-sensei's so-called little sister, right Shinjo-kun?"

Renji nodded once. Outa grinned, "Ehh.. She's a beauty!"

Wakato nodded, "Outa-san's right! Looks like Kajimoto can rest assured!"

Kajimoto glared at him. Hanamura brought Kokoro forward and had a cheerful grin on her face. "Everyone, this is she."

Kokoro's eyes first caught on Kajimoto. She gave a small smile and looked back at the rest of them. She gave a slight bow, "I'm Oumi Kokoro. Pleasure to meet all of you. Please, take care of me for now on.."

The guys stared at her. Kouhei smirked, "It's easy to guess that you're Hanamura-sensei's expected guest."

Youhei nodded, "Kouhei's right. If you follow from the beginning of the story of course..."

"You must've seen me in your school yesterday.." Kokoro said with her motionless face.

Daichi cleared his throat, "Don't mind those two. Let me introduce myself. Kiriyama Daichi, nice to meet you."

The small male grinned, "I'm Outa Shou. The slick one in the team."

"Tanaka Youhei/Kouhei. Let's be friends!" They winked.

"Shino Renji. Pleasure to meet your acquaintance."

Wakato gave his trademark smile, "Wakato Hiroshi. The vice president of the tennis club. Nice to meet yah!"

Kajimoto rolled his eyes at Wakato's words. He turned to look at her, and met her greenish grey eyes. He felt a little weird introducing himself for the second time. Kokoro knew the way he felt. "Nice to meet you again, Kajimoto-kun."

"EH?!" Everybody exclaimed except Renji and Hanamura.

"We met at the bookstore just now." Kokoro explained.

Kajimoto nodded. Wakato smirked at the captain, "So, that's why you were late.."

"Shut up!" Kajimoto warned him. He looked at her, "You left earlier than I did. How come you came later than me?"

Kokoro blinked twice, "Oh, I went into another bookstore. I was searching for some new manga to read." She smiled.

"Oh, I see..." Kajimoto wished he could sigh in relief. He was glad that the person she needed to meet was actually Hanamura and not anyone else. He did not understand it either why did he feel so relieved. But, he was happy to see her once again. Wakato saw the 'relieved' expression on Kajimoto's face. It made Wakato wonder if Kajimoto had fallen for Kokoro.

The waiter came and served their orders. Kokoro sat in between Hanamura and Wakato. They chatted happily and got to know Kokoro better. Once in a while, Kajimoto would steal glances on Kokoro and she would caught him glancing at her. Wakato somehow managed to catch Kajimoto giving glances at Kokoro. Hanamura noticed too. She smiled to herself. 'This is going to be interesting...' Hanamura thought.

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