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Hanamura's Residence

It was Friday and it was another minute before the clock strikes 7. Kokoro had woken up just before the alarm clock went off. She slipped on her home slippers and went straight to the bathroom.

Hanamura had her hair tied in a messy ponytail and heaved a deep sigh. She looked irritated as she glared at the tall lad beside her, who had just placed a perfect looking omelette on the plate.

"Renji! How can you cook something so perfect! More like, how did you know how to cook? And so delicious too! It's unfair!" Hanamura looked frustrated, angry, irritated, frustrated and a bit teary.

"I'm sorry," Renji had apologised while pouring the coffee.

While Hanamura was going non-stop, Kokoro came down and she was surprised to see that the emotionless and mature lad who would always follow Hanamura by her side in their home.

"Good morning, Aoi-nee, Renji-san," Kokoro sat down and stared at her plate. Renji poured her a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice.

As Kokoro took a sip of the juice, she looked up to Renji, "It tastes good. And the omelette smells good too."

Hanamura slammed the table, "Renji, I don't usually do this but looking at Kokoro's expression and listening to her compliments for you, it pisses me off! Then, it's a war for Kokoro's heart with food from now on!" Hanamura turned to Kokoro who was eating without guilt. "And Koko-chan!"

Kokoro glanced at Hanamura, "Yes?"

"I will make you the perfect looking and tasting meal for you! You just watch! I'll win against Renji!" Hanamura said with full determination.

Kokoro had a small smile, "Do your best." She glanced at Renji, "Renji-san, why are you in our house so early in the morning?"

Renji took Kokoro's plate and glass and washed it. He then poured her a glass of warm milk, "Here, it will give you energy and keep you warm."

Hanamura was about to burst in flames, "IT'S UNFAIR!" She was about to cry.

Kokoro drank the milk and put the glass down, "Thanks for the food, Renji-san. Thank you," she smiled.

Renji was taken back by Kokoro's smile. She really looked prettier with a smile on her face. Hanamura was biting the kitchen towel in suppressing her outburst agitation.

Kokoro took her bag and wore her shoes and Renji followed behind her. Kokoro looked at Hanamura, "Aoi-nee, today's the day you're leaving to Okinawa with the boys, right?"

Hanamura looked at Kokoro and nodded. Hanamura folded her arms and had shown a gentle expression, "We will be leaving at 10 today. The bus will be at the gate." She smiled.

Renji looked over at Kokoro who had no tint of expression. Kokoro gave a slight bow to Hanamura, "I'm off." Renji followed behind Kokoro and closed the door.

"Have a safe trip." Hamura replied.

With Renji accompanying Kokoro to school, Hanamura felt quite at ease. She found herself smiling while walking back to the kitchen.

"Such an adorable child. Fragile yet growing stronger. Kokoro is similar to you yet so different. Nadeshiko-nee, Kokoro-chan is cuter when she smiles, don't you think so?" Hanamura whispered to herself.

Josei Shonan Gakuen

As Kokoro stepped into the school with Renji being by her side, they have made a greater attention to themselves. Students were whispering and uttering words that were familiar to Kokoro's ears.

Renji heard it too but he noticed that Kokoro managed to be unaffected by those words and so he understood that there were nothing that they could do to stop people from talking.

As they walked, they passed the tennis court where they spotted familiar figures running around the court and sounds of smashes were heard.

Two small figures suddenly popped out of nowhere, one in blue and another in pink.

"Good morning!" Said Youhei.

Kokoro nodded, "Good morning. You guys are training very early."

Kouhei shrugged his shoulders, "Well, this is just some light work out."

"A warm-up." Renji uttered.


Youhei came closer to Kokoro and passing looks towards both Renji and Kokoro, "This is interesting. Renji, how come the both of you are coming to school together?"

Kouhei nodded in agreement, "True. Renji's house is in the opposite direction so it's impossible for you two to be running into each other, unless…"

The twins smirked at each other and looked at Kokoro and Renji. Before another word was uttered, Renji patted Kokoro's head and walked away.

The pat had caught Kokoro by surprised. Kouhei and Youhei were surprised as well. Kokoro looked at Renji's figure who disappeared by the turning at the corridor. She touched her head where he patted earlier.

"That was weird." Youhei said.

"Well, he had always been weird." Kouhei uttered and glanced at Kokoro, "Anyway, you must've heard from Hanamura-sensei about our training trip, right?"

Youhei smiled, "That's right. Knowing sensei, she must have invited you along."

Kokoro nodded, "Hn."

"The answer shouldn't be simply a 'hn'," a voice was heard from behind. It was Wakato while he playfully twisted his tennis racket on his shoulder.

"The answer should be a 'yes' or 'no'." He smirked.

Kokoro glanced at him without any expression. Wakato sighed, "You really are a rare gem. I have never met any girl who failed to expressions. You see, girls should be like those," he pointed to a group of girls who were cheerfully smiling and chatting.

"Girls should smile. Girls that smile are like the blooming flowers! They're supposed to the bright sun! Where else, Kokoro-chan, you like the plain paper-"

A tennis ball came hitting Wakato on the head before he finished of his sentence. Wakato crashed to the ground.

Kouhei and Youhei clapped their hands and put their thumbs up towards a certain brunette. "Nice shot, Captain!"

Kokoro was in a mixed feeling. Whether she should be entirely amazed, pity or laugh it off.

Kajimoto twitched, "And guys who play tennis should be practicing as for now."

Wakato stood up and twitched in pure irritation and anger. "Damn it, that hurt!"

"Serve you right." Kajimoto plainly said.

A laughter came loudly, which hit Wakato in more anger. He glared at the small lad who was on Daichi's shoulders. Outa laughed even more, "What a stupid looking face, Wakato."

"I don't want to hear that from you, you under-sized seaweed!" Wakato bickered.

A vein popped on Outa. He jumped down and grabbed Wakato's collar, "You stupid rotten orange!"

"What did you say!" Wakato and Outa continued their bickering.

Daichi were trying to separate the two and while he attempts at doing so, Kajimoto looked Kokoro and suddenly an expression none of them had seen. Kokoro suddenly laughed.

The sudden unheard laugh had stopped Wakato and Outa from bickering and had taken their attention. They were caught off guard. Kokoro was laughing. It felt as if they had won something. As if they have hit the jackpot.

Youhei stepped forward, "Kokoro, just now, you, you laughed…" he was still amazed.

Kouhei nodded while still stunned. Outa lets go off Wakato's collar and blinked. Daichi dropped his racket. And Kajimoto was just surprised.

Kokoro had stopped laughing and cleared her throat. She was blushing. She couldn't set her eyes straight and looked away, "Sorry, it was just, something I've never seen or experienced before. I'm sorry I laughed." She bowed.

Wakato smirked, "No, don't be sorry. You shouldn't. In fact, it's a charm for us all. To see you laughing. That is how a girl should look like. Smiling and laughing. You just seemed more like a girl."

Kokoro blushed. She looked around at the boys. They were smiling at her. She saw Kajimoto smiling and giving a nod to her. She smiled. Something had just secured in her heart. Something that she wasn't sure what but knows.

"Thank you." She said with a slight tear in the corner of her eyes with a smile.

"So, smile for us, Kokoro-san," Daichi smiled.

Kouhei and Youhei nodded, "Looks like we should hit Wakato more in the head to make Kokoro-chan laughed."

"I'm going to class." She bowed and turned to walk away.

"Kokoro-chan, you are coming with us to Okinawa, right?" Outa shouted.

Kajimoto looked at her as she turned towards them. Kajimoto felt nervous waiting for her answer. Kokoro smiled and walked away.

She left without an answer. That had left Kajimoto feeling quite uneasy. He was engulfed in his own thought until an arm rested on his shoulders. Kajimoto looked to his right and it was Wakato.

"Don't worry too much. She'll come. She will definitely come." He wore a smile that almost looked like a smirk.

Kajimoto glanced back at the trail where she had walked and thought of certain things, which wasn't known to anyone else. A certain thing that he had overheard. A certain thing that he worries and wanted to know himself was of Kokoro's past.

He wished to know and to help. If he was able to help her in any way. He wished.

First period had ended and Kokoro had put aside her books and silently waiting for the next period teacher to come in. She glanced to the clock on the wall. It was two minutes past 9. The students were being noisy. Noisy from casual chats and rustling papers.

Kokoro glanced out the window and stared off into the blue skies. Her eyes turned to the two empty seats, the one in front of her and the one beside her. They were both empty. She closed her eyes and she started wondering. What was she thinking? A lot of things that had seem to cloud her mind but her heart was clear. Second period teacher had entered the class. Second period finally started.

Hanamura came into the training room. The boys were doing their casual runs on treadmills and some light work out before leaving. It was already 9.48 a.m. and she rested her hand on her waist.

"Right, everybody, the bus is already waiting at the gate. Get your stuff and let's go." Hanamura was about to leave.

"Sensei," Kajimoto called out for her.

She turned to him and she saw a look on his face that was clearly stating a certain feeling. She turned away, "We are going to be late."

Kajimoto snapped out of his thoughts and nodded, "Yes, sensei."

As Hanamura walked away with Renji by her side, she smirked, "That's another adorable creature. Don't you think it's interesting, Renji?"


Hanamura chuckled softly, "I hope Kokoro-chan won't be late."

The boys were at the gate, loading their things into the bus. It was a mini bus. Complete with refrigerator and comfortable seats. While the rest of them were still loading their things, Kajimoto looked at the school grounds. He was searching and hoping to see a certain figure in sight.

Youhei noticed that their captain were distracted and nudged at Kouhei. The boy with the blue hair shrugged and went on the bus. Everyone had gotten on the bus, only Hanamura and Kajimoto left. Hanamura tapped his shoulder and he looked at her. She signalled for him to get on the bus and he did. Before he took a step into the bus, he looked back once again and he wasn't sure what to feel.

Kokoro was standing there. She was panting a little. Kajimoto set his foot on the ground again and turned to her. Kokoro looked up to Hanamura, "I couldn't think of anything. Before I knew it, my legs were running as soon as I heard the second bell rang."

Hanamura smiled and hugged Kokoro, "I'm glad you didn't think."

Kokoro looked at Kajimoto and smiled, "Thanks for waiting."

Kajimoto knew exactlt how to feel now. He felt relieved. He smiled back, "Welcome on board."

Kokoro suddenly remembered, "Ah, I-"

Hanamura wrapped her arms around Kokoro, "I have packed your things and wrote a letter of absence to the homeroom teacher and the principal. So, don't worry."

Kokoro smiled, "Thank you very much, Aoi-nee."

"You're so cute! Anyway, let's go!" She pushed Kokoro.

On the bus

Outa was sleeping with his eye mask on, Daichi was reading his manga. Youhei and Kouhei were drawing things on Outa's face while Wakato was listening to his music player. Renji had his eyes closed though not sleeping and Hanamura was reading a report. Kokoro was sitting on the single seat, in front, with a book in hand. Kajimoto was simply looking out the window, lost in his thoughts.

The handsome brunette gave a short glanced to Kokoro's seat and back to scenery outside. Kajimoto started wondering what had happened in the past with Kokoro. The reasons to her pained expression time to time. How did she befriend with the president, Nagami Seichii? And who is Yuka that Kokoro seemed to run away from? Besides, even if the President and Kokoro know each other, what was their relationship since they seem so close now. He felt even more irritated. 'I'm asking so many questions about Nagami and Kokoro. Why am I so disturbed?'

There were so many questions playing in his head until he felt a sudden cold on his cheek.

Kokoro had put a cold can of juice on his cheek, "Kajimoto-kun, you were day dreaming."

Wakato came from behind, "Hmmm, what were dirty thoughts were you having, Captain?" He gave a sly smile.

"Eh! Captain, you were having dirty thoughts?" Youhei exclaimed.

Kouhei smirked, "Looks like our calm and gentle captain is capable of thinking something like that."

Kajimoto was already blushing. Outa had woken up from his slumber and suddenly jumped into the conversation, "EH! You were thinking something dirty of Kokoro-chan?"

Kajimoto was blushing as red as tomato, "No, you're wrong!"

Daichi blinked, "Captain…"

Wakato smirked, "Well, there isn't anything wrong with a guys having dirty thoughts but, dirty thoughts of Kokoro-chan? I don't blame you since a man will always be,"

"A man." Renji continued.

Wakato nodded, "That's right." He had a smug on his face.

Outa paused and looked at Wakato, "Oi, what did you mean by you don't blame guys for having dirty thoughts? That means you had your dirty thoughts on Kokoro-chan as well, didn't you?"

"Of course I-" Wakato stopped and looked at everyone who was looking back at him.

Wakato fell back and vigorously shook his head, "N-no, it isn't what you think!"

"Ehhh, so you had dirty thoughts of Kokoro-chan?" Kouhei glared.

Daichi punched his fist to his palm, "You're the naughty one."

Before anything, they felt a darker aura. A more darker and fiercer aura. It was Hanamura. She was laughing so evil while grabbing Wakato's head, "Bad boys should be punished!"

Everyone sweat dropped in fear and thought Hanamura of having a sister complex, which was definitely the case. Kokoro chuckled, "Silly bunch of people." She took her seat and continued reading her book.

The bus arrived at Narita Internation Airport and they were just in time for their flight to Okinawa. Everyone unloaded their things and Kokoro noticed Hanamura's bags. She sweat dropped.

"Aoi-nee, we're only going for three days. Why so many bags?" Kokoro asked.

Hanamura folded her arms, "Women should not be taken lightly!" She walked away.

Kokoro double sweat dropped, "That doesn't answer the question." She pulled her bag. Then it got her thinking, 'What did Aoi-nee pack for me?'

Kokoro stared her bag until Daichi carried her bag, which had caught Kokoro on surprise.

"Daichi-san, it's really okay…" Kokora was cut off when she saw Outa winking at her.

"Kokoro-chan, hurry up or you'll get left behind." Daichi said while smiling.

She nodded and followed behind. Hanamura had them checked in just in time for their flight. They had boarded the plane and were waiting for the plane to take off.

On the right side of the plane were Hanamura;Kokoro, Youhei;Kouhei, Daichi;Outa. And on the left side were Wakato;Kajimoto and Renji with an unknown man.

The man who was sitting beside Renji stared at the quiet, tall lad. He continued staring. Renji had his eyes closed. Youhei turned behind and he saw the man staring at Renji. He smirked, "Psst, hey old man,"

The man looked at Youhei, "Me?"

Youhei nodded, "Yes, you. Don't stare at him too long, or else he'll go berserk since he doesn't like to be stared at."

It gave the man a great shiver down his spine and he crouched and looked away from Renji. Renji peeked at Youhei and saw Youhei winked at him. Renji had a tint of smirk plastered and closed his eyes.

The plane had taken off and at that moment, Kokoro started to feel nervous. She felt her beating fast and faster. She felt as if the compressed air in the plane had compressed her suppressed feelings and was about to explode.

She took a deep breath and held it in. Hanamura noticed and so did Kajimoto. Hanamura looked outside and had a smirk. 'She has Nadeshiko-nee's habit in doing that when feeling nervous. Cute.'

Kajimoto observed her. He noticed that she had been holding in her breath for the second time. He started to wonder if she was feeling a lot of things now. They were about 2 hours away from Okinawa now. Kajimoto was sure that she was feeling many things. Things that she had been trying to suppress.

Wakato noticed that Kajimoto had been looking at Kokoro for a minute too long now and decided to tease his captain.

He closed up on the captain and whispered, "If you stare too long, your heart is going to jump out of your mouth."

Kajimoto was surprised and when he saw the playful smirk on Wakato's face, Kajimoto was irritated, "Shut up."

Wakato laughed and from the corner of his eyes, he saw Kokoro's face. Wakato's eyes were sharp. He gets the feelings that she was uneasy. Somehow, Wakato was disappointed to the fact that he knew Kajimoto had learn things about Kokoro more than he does. Wakato looked away as he felt quite agitated.


The plane landed 12.46 p.m. and the team were waiting for their luggage. They got their luggage and went for their cabs. They finally reached a villa near the ocean.

The villa was a three-storey summer villa and the team would come over for monthly training. As Kokoro unloaded her bag and carried it in, the inside of the villa was clean and kept nicely. She looked around and the boys were making themselves at home. Everyone had had their own rooms since they have been in the villa since they joined tennis.

Kokoro climbed up the stairs and the first floor consisted of three rooms, which were occupied by Daichi;Outa in one room, Youhei;Kouhei in one room and the other one was Renji's alone.

Kokoro climbed another flight of stairs and the second floor has three rooms as well. Wakato was in a room, Kajimoto in a room and the other room was empty.

She looked in the room. It had a single bed, a dressing table and a drawer wardrobe. She placed her luggage at the side of the drawer wardrobe and looked out the window. Her room was facing the ocean. She breathed in the fresh ocean air and smiled to herself until she heard someone at the door.

"Looks like Hanamura-sensei is having her time in the master bedroom upstairs again." Wakato rolled his eyes.

Kokoro glanced at him, "Aoi-nee will always be Aoi-nee." She gave a small smile and looked out at the ocean.

Wakato caught the sight of her smiling face. With the sun still streaming in brightly on her, creating a beautiful silhouette of her. That image had been perfectly drawn in his mind. Probably in his heart too. He felt his heart skipped a beat. Wakato kept his gaze on her and he wondered if the autumn sun could have shined brighter than the summer's sun.

He laughed at himself. When did he ever become cheesy? Wakato was anything but cheesy. 'You're an idiot, Hiroshi.'

Noise of running legs were headed towards them. "Kokoro-chan! We have some free time still before we start training. Let's have lunch at the sea side!" Outa shouted.

Youhei and Kouhei followed behind Outa apparently and suggested the same thing. "Daichi, Renji, Hanamura-sensei and Captain are already waiting downstairs." Kouhei explained.

"Yeap and…" Youhei looked at Kokoro, scanning her from head to toe. "We'll give you 10 minutes."

Kokoro blinked, "What for?"

Wakato pushed everyone out of the room and glanced back at her, "For you to change, my lady."

Kokoro nodded and as Wakato closed the door, Kokoro unzipped her luggage. Kokoro stared into her luggage, speechless, "Aoi-nee…" she sweat dropped.

The rest of them were already downstairs when the handsome brunette folded his arms, "You're late."

Wakato swayed beside Kajimoto and rested his elbow on Kajimoto's shoulders, "Kokoro-chan's changing. You should give a lady her time you know or else ladies would run away from you." He winked.

Hanamura smirked so slyly and Outa noticed, "Sensei, why do you seem so happy?"

The teacher went inside the van with a smug look on her face. Before Outa could say another word, Kokoro came out of the Villa, which caught everyone speechless.

Hanamura pushed her glasses up and her smirk got wider, "My precious Kokoro is adorable in the clothes I picked." She said to herself.

Kokoro was wearing a knee-length skirt and a t-shirt with knitted cardigan and a knitted scarf around her neck. She was wearing a pair of knee-high boots. The clothes that she was wearing were clean cut and certainly, it fits the image of her growing up overseas.

"So cute!" Kouhei and Youhei exclaimed and clung to her.

Wakato smirked and ruffled her hair, "I can really hand it to Hanamura-sensei when it comes to fashion."

While Daichi and the rest of team were around Kokoro, Kajimoto stayed put where he was. He was stunned by how pretty she looked. It wasn't the first time they saw her in outside clothes but, she seemed different.

Kajimoto was getting hot from blushing and covered under his bangs and he immediately went inside the van.

She heaved a sigh, "Aoi-nee repacked my bag. I threw in my jeans and sweaters and got these instead."

Outa put thumbs up to her, "Good choice, Hanamura-sensei!"

As they got into the van, Kokoro was somehow seated in between Kajimoto and Wakato. Kajimoto looked out the window but he was pretty much distracted by their touching shoulders and he could feel her warmth. He was blushing and little did he knew that Kokoro had a tint of blush on her face but she tried to kept it under control.

They arrived in town and they had lunch at Italian Pizzeria. Hanamura decided to give them a hour break before the boys started their practice.

Before they splited up, Hanamura held Kokoro's hand, "Let's go shopping!"

Kokoro sweat dropped, "I'll pass. It's too tiresome."

Hanamura was about to pout when she pulled Kokoro closer, "Kokoro-chan, you're so cute but you have a boring personality. You should be more girlish!"

"Thank you for your opinion, Aoi-nee." Kokoro sighed.

"Mou… Then, where are you going to go?" Hanamura asked.

Kokoro pointed to her left, across the road, "It's obvious, isn't it?"

Hanamura made a face, "Of course, a bookstore. Well, there's nothing I can offer to beat that once. You have an hour. Don't get too caught up in your world, understand?"

Kokoro nodded, "I understand." She walked away.

Kajimoto followed behind, "Kokoro, I'll go with you."

Kokoro smiled and nodded. They were crossing the road until Wakato sighed. Youhei looked at him, "Aren't you going to go?"

He sighed again. 'I like Kokoro but… As I thought,'

Wakato heaved a heavier sigh, "Books are not my forte. That is a definite bye-bye." He walked in a different direction. The twins shrugged it off and went on their own.

Jinsei Bookstore

Kokoro was going through some books of encyclopaedias that were written in French. The moment she opened the book, she was instantly in her own bubble. Kajimoto smiled at the sight of her being all in her own world. Her eyes were smiling. They were smiling at the sight of the words.

Kajimoto sat across her and opened a book as well. It was already almost time for them to go. Kajimoto stood up and took the book that he wanted. He glanced over at Kokoro and she was still stuck to the book. He was hesitating to get her feet back to reality but he tapped her shoulder.

Kokoro blinked and looked up at Kajimoto. He smiled, "It's time to go now. Are you picking this book home?"

Kokoro smiled and nodded.

"Mama! Colour!" A little boy shrieked in happiness while running into a bookstore.

A girl with honey coloured hair and honey coloured eyes, who had a soft face with soft manner followed behind the child. "Be careful, Shouta."

Shouta stopped at a rack and started holding a book. The mother bent down to him and smiled, "You sure are fast in picking what you like, just like papa." She lightly pinched his cheeks while he was cheekily smiling.

'Just like your dad… So cheeky.' She thought.

She held the little boy's hand and head to the counter.

Kokoro and Kajimoto went down the stairs and they saw a long queue. Kajimoto stopped at his tracks, "Kokoro, give me your book. I'll pay for it."

She shook her head, "It's ok, I don't mind lining up."

Kajimoto had a tint of blush but, "Didn't you say you had to get something? It will be faster this way."

Kokoro paused but handed Kajimoto her book anyway, "Thank you and I'll pay you back."

He nodded in reply and lined up as she walked away.

The little boy impatiently waited. He was making a face and looked up to his mother, "Mama…"

She chuckled, "Well, we can't do anything but wait."

Shouta pouted. The mother stooped down to him and kissed his forehead, "If you wait patiently, I'll treat you to something sweet."

He perked up and gave a big smile. He twirled around when suddenly he tripped and was about to fall.

Kajimoto lined up behind a mother and her son. He saw them talking and he saw the boy making faces. Kajimoto thought it was probably because the line was too long.

He saw the mother stooping down to her child and kissed his forehead. And suddenly a big smile appeared on the child's face. Kajimoto found himself smiling as he saw the child twirled around until he saw the child was about to fall.



The girl with honey coloured hair snapped out and saw that she fell on top of a guy with Shouta in between. It seemed like they were both trying to grabbed Shouta when the mother managed to grab Shouta but lost her balance and fell on top of Kajimoto.

She immediately got up from the guy and took Shouta in her arms. She glanced at the lad whom she fell upon and saw a handsome brunette.

"I'm very sorry. Are you alright?" She asked politely.

Kajimoto twitched in pain but he managed to smile, "I'm fine. Are you injured anywhere? Is your kid ok?"

She nodded and looked at Shouta, "That was so dangerous, Shouta…"

He pouted and apologised. Kajimoto stood up and helped the lady stand. Everyone was looking at them when a book assistant came by.

"Customers, are you alright?" He asked.

Both Kajimoto and the mother nodded, indicating that they were alright.

The girl turned to Kajimoto and bowed, "Thank you very much, uhm,"

"Kajimoto, Kajimoto Takahisa." He smiled.

"Thank you very much, Kajimoto-san." She bowed again. The child held her hand tighter and he bowed too.

"I'm sorry and thank you, onii-chan."

Kajimoto smiled, "It's ok. It's nothing big. Thank God you're ok." He patted the kid's head.

The mother picked up the books on the floor and handed two books to Kajimoto. She noticed a French encyclopaedia, which reminded her of a certain smile. Her expression turned gentle.

"Here are your books." She smiled.

Kajimoto nodded, "Thank you, Miss…"

She snapped out, "Ah, Asami, Asami Yuka. And this is my son, Asami Shouta."

Kajimoto was a bit taken when he heard the name 'Yuka'. A certain figure popped in his mind. His heart was beating fast. 'Could it be?'

Yuka looked at Kajimoto, "Do you like reading French encyclopaedias?"

"Huh?" Kajimoto was strucked back to reality.

She smiled, "Do you like reading French encyclopaedias?"

"Oh, no, this is…" He paused and looked at Yuka.

Her expression softened. "I used to know someone who loves reading these kinds of books. She was a little strange but nevertheless, she was good at taking care of other people, in her own way. It was cute." Yuka chuckled.

Kajimoto felt a little pang. It had made him wonder what had happened.

They left the bookstore and Kajimoto looked at his watch, "It's quite late."

"Are you in a hurry?" Yuka asked.

"Well, sort of. We're in a curfew to be back. And a friend of mine is still isn't here." Kajimoto continued.

Shouta tugged on Yuka's sleeve, "Mama, sweets…!"

Yuka smiled, "Alright." She looked at Kajimoto, "Well, I'm sure you're not from around here but just in case, I hope I'll see you around. Then, we'll be off. Take care, Kajimoto-san." She and Shouta bowed and walked away.

Kajimoto kept his gaze fixed to Yuka's back. He wondered about a lot of things now. There was one thing he could be sure of was that, Asami Yuka is the person connected to Nagami Seichii and Kokoro.

Kokoro bought a packet of andagi. One was for her and another was for Kajimoto. She was walking while having a small smile on her face. A little thank you for being considerate to her.

She was walking until something caught her eyes. A view of a boy running towards her and Kokoro immediately stopped at her track. The little boy bumped into her and fell.

Kokoro felt her heart beating so fast that it was about to explode. She stared at him. He looked so familiar. There was no mistaking it. It was definitely. Kokoro had an immediate change of expression and patted the little boy's head before running away.

Shortly after, Yuka panted. "Mou, Shouta… Don't run away like. No matter how much you wanted andagi." She looked at Shouta who looked star strucked..

"What's wrong, Shouta? Did you hurt yourself anywhere?" She checked her son.

"That lady looked like she was about to cry…" Shouta said.

"Eh?" Yuka looked at Shouta and looked at the path where Shouta was looking and back to Shouta. "Who was?"

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