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Chapter One

It had been an extremely difficult week for her. Even though Cronus had been defeated some time ago there was still plenty to keep her busy and sometimes, like now, she felt truly overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work that seemed to constantly demand her attention. She was, to put it bluntly, dead on her feet and there was only one thing, that she knew of anyway, that would make her feel better. It was time for one of her nights to remember.

Hurrying to her study, before someone could accost her with yet another problem that demanded her immediate attention, she swiftly locked the door. Then she went to her closet and pulled out her photo albums and a box of pictures that she needed to sort. Every time she felt like her life was spiralling out of control, she would pull them out and spend some time just looking at the old pictures, sorting the ones in the box into each of the albums and remembering. There were several albums, one for each of her friends and one for group pictures. At first, the number of pictures waiting for sorting into their corresponding album had been quite large, but over time, that number had diminished a fair bit. She wondered if maybe she might even finish sorting them tonight, there were so few left.

She sighed heavily as she began sorting. In some ways this was extremely cathartic, an excellent way for her to let go of all the feelings that built up inside over time, feelings of sadness mostly, feeling of longing, of wishing things could go back to how they had been before Cronus' defeat, back when the team had been together. It wasn't usually like her to dwell on the past or to be sad about things that had happened so long ago, but sometimes it was hard not to think of her friends and miss them now that they were gone. She been so close to them back then, but time and distance and life in general had driven them apart. In their heart of hearts, they'd all known that the friendships they'd built might not last once they got back into the real world and down to the business of building lives that didn't revolve around a maniac god trying to kill them every other day. Still, it wasn't easy, living with the aftermath and trying to go on without them in her life.

She sighed again.

I miss them so much, she thought, especially…

No, it was better if she didn't let her thoughts dwell for too long on him, on the boy with the chocolate brown eyes and brown hair. She'd been closer to him in some ways than to anyone else on the team and oftentimes she wondered if she really missed them all or if he was the only one she'd really been close to. She reached into the box of photos and a faint smile crossed her lips when she saw the picture she'd pulled out. It was one of the whole group including all the gods and goddesses, someone had even managed to convince Zeus to pose for the picture.

Can't have been easy to pull that off, she reflected, that man's so stubborn he makes a mule seem reasonable.

She chuckled softly as she carefully placed the photo in the album reserved for group pictures then reached in and pulled out another. It was one of Jay, alone this time.

She smiled ruefully, Tonight's not my night, I guess.

As she put that one in another album, she thought for a moment of the time that a Chimera had bitten Jay. She'd been terrified that she'd lose him and stubbornly determined to do whatever it took to keep it from happening.

I never told him about that, she realized.

Shaking her head to clear her mind she got to work with a will and before long the mound of pictures disappeared.

It was hard to be strong all the time, but she was sure that no one else would understand how she felt, so she'd kept her feelings to herself and never told anyone else about what she did sometimes in the privacy of her study. She wasn't completely certain how they'd react if they knew she was sorting old pictures and reminiscing about old times that would never come again. A loud, insistent knock interrupted her private musings and she wondered how long the person on the other side of the door had been waiting, by the sound of it a little too long.

Hurrying to the door, she unlocked it and came face to face with a rather harried looking Hermes.

"What is it?" she demanded.

"Zeus told me to tell you that he needs to see you right away," Hermes puffed out, winded from hurrying to deliver his message. "He said it was very important and to come immediately."

"It's always important," she said a note of exasperation creeping into her voice. "But tell him I'll be right there."

As Hermes rushed off to deliver the message, she turned back to the pile of albums sitting on her desk and sighed for the third time that evening. Zeus was the single most maddening god in existence and his ideas of important were, as often as not, trivial in the extreme.

He probably misplaced a piece of his treasure again, she reflected. Knowing him, it'll be behind the chair or buried in the sofa cushions. She paused considering. Although there was that one time, Cronus got a hold of that gauntlet that turns men into ants.

Suddenly worried in spite of herself she quickly packed away the albums. She's finished sorting all the pictures anyway so she had no reason to continue lingering over the past. Shutting the closet door, she paused again for one final reflection.

I wonder who really has things easier mortals because they seem to forget the past so quickly and move on so fast or us because we seem to be cursed to remember everything in perfect detail.

She would probably never know.

Hera turned away from the closet and with a final sign hurried off to deal with this latest crisis.

What might she have thought if she knew the truth? The truth that the other gods and goddesses each had their own ways of remembering the heroes they'd spent so much time training, little rituals that kept them from being overcome by their memories. What might she have done if she'd known the still more important truth that the heroes had never completely forgotten the time they'd spent with the immortals of Olympus and that sometimes they too had their own nights to remember.

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