The Gem of Darkness

The Gem of Darkness

Hey! Just made my 1st digimon fanfic. Hope you will like it and give it good reviews. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Tragedy

As usual, Tai and Agumon were strolling around in a forest in the DigiWorld. Nothing much was happening until they saw dark energy emitting left of their direction. They went to the direction of the darkness, only to find a figure made entirely out of dark energy.

"Hello digidestined." The figure said, and with that unleashed a powerful energy blast heading straight for Agumon. "Agumon, look out!" Tai said as he pushed Agumon away. It hit Tai at full force. "TAI! Nooooooo!"

Real World

The rest of the digidestined were at the park enjoying themselves and relaxing, all except Kari.

"What's wrong?" asked Davis. "Tai said he'd come to the park after he finishes somethings in the DigiWorld but he still hasn't come."

Gatomon, her digimon partner, just told her "Don't worry about him I'm sure he's fine and will come sooner or later besides time in the DigiWorld and time in the Real World is different."

While thet were talking, Izzy was busy with his laptop when the screen suddenly glowed, the Digi Gate opened and a wounded, scarred and bruised Wargreymon with cracked armor came out of it. He crashed a few feet away from Izzy. Everyone rushed to his side and helped him .

"Tai…trouble…need…help" was all he could say before he lost consciousness.

Everyone couldn't hear the message clearly, but they all knew one thing, Tai needed their help. They soon tended to Wargreymon's wounds and after a while he woke up disorientated and weak.

"So how are you feeling?" Joe asked him as he finished bandaging his wounds.

"My head's all fuzzy and I can't move my body that much. Wait, where's Tai?!"

Joe was surprised. "Don't you know where he is? You came out of Izzy's laptop alone."

"Damn it!" Wargreymon shouted angrily. "I couldn't take him with me! I've got to go back and help him!" He then tried to get up but was forced back down by the pain.

"You can't just go back now, your wounds are still fresh."

"I don't care! Tai need me right now and nothing you can do can stop me!"

His shout was actually loud enough for all the digidestined to hear. They soon came rushing to him with A LOT of questions but the most predictable question they all asked was…


Wargreymon was somewhat irritated for them to ask so loud. He then asked them to come closer so he can tell them what he remembered.

Back to when Tai and Agumon were attacked

"TAI! Wake up! Please!" Agumon said as he tried to wake up the still body of Tai. He then looked at the attacker, who just started laughing maniacally.

"Looks like everything went according my plan."

"What do you mean? Who are you and what did you do to Tai?"

"None of your concern fool! Now I'm feeling generous", as he chanted some incantations and in a burst of light Agumon digivolved into Wargreymon, "so I'll give you a head start, better hurry cause your wasting time. Oh and one more thing, I've permanently put you in your mega stage cause I don't think you'd last 5 seconds with me without it, you should be grateful."

"You'll pay for this I swear it!" Wargreymon then picked up Tai and flew as fast as he could to find a computer and get help from the others.

"Then again, I never did say how much time I'd give him." He said as he quickly chased them.

As Wargreymon was speeding up, he was surprised to see the attacker appear in front of him. It soon emitted a dark aura…


Dark energies suddenly shot out of his body well aimed at Wargreymon, who in turn tried his best to dodge it but got hit and wounded in some parts of his body. The attack was able to crack a bit of his armor as well.

"Is that the best you can do? I've seen better!"

"Don't get too boastful boy, it may cause your downfall."

After saying this, the beams of energy suddenly stopped came back to the figure and, to the surprise of Wargreymon, turned into tentacles and started whipping him with brute force. He then used his body to shield Tai. The tentacles were too powerful and at the same time too quick to avoid or defend. The figure then made all the tentacles hit Wargreymon at full force causing him to crash to the ground below seriously injured also destroying one of his dramon killers.

"It seems as though you are not as strong as they say. What a pity, I wanted a real challenge. Oh well, I might as well finish this."

The figure then charged up a HUGE ball of energy. While he was charging, the barely conscious Wargreymon was checking if Tai was ok. He also noticed the attack the figure was making. He looked at his surroundings and, by chance, found a TV set. Wargreymon then started crawling torward it and took Tai's digivice from his pocket.

"Damn, I hope this works."

Unfortunately for them, the attacker had seen what Wargreymon was trying to do.

"I won't give you time to do that! DARK DESTRUCTION!"

Wargreymon, seeing that the ball of energy coming to them, started sprinting torward the computer. The ball barely missed them and the impact sent flying a bit off the ground. While in midair, the digivice glowed and so did the TV set.

Back to Present time

"I guess the force of the attack separated us and I was the only one to come back."

"But how did you know the way to my laptop?" Izzy asked.

"I didn't. I just wanted Tai out of there so I guess I was just lucky."

"Guys we have to find Tai." Kari said "Who knows what that thing could do to


"RIGHT!" Everyone shouted

Izzzy had already opened the Digi Gate and the digidestined pointed their digivices torward it and got sucked in a bright light, determined to find their missing friend.